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NOAA's Fleet Then and Now - Sailing for Science Collection
Catalog of Images

2550 thumbnail picture
Launch ELSIE with house flag. In service 1919 - 1944.
2551 thumbnail picture
Skiff from PIONEER in the Aleutians with an easy landing. Landing party on Sequam Island.
Sequam Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska 1940
2552 thumbnail picture
Launch lowering on the PIONEER.
2553 thumbnail picture
EXPLORER launch 69.
2554 thumbnail picture
Arctic Field Party boats on shore before the ice breaks up. Launches at Nevat Camp. Combined operations party of Hubert Paton.
Nevat Camp, Beaufort Sea, Alaska May 10, 1948
2555 thumbnail picture
Arctic Field Party launch with Shoran antenna. Combined operations party of Robert Earle.
2556 thumbnail picture
Arctic Field Party launches on shore. Combined operations party of Robert Earle.
Alaska, Beaufort Sea 1950?
2557 thumbnail picture
Going to Badoc Island on a bamboo raft.
West coast of Luzon, Philippines
2558 thumbnail picture
Landing at Station MIR2.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands June 12, 1949
2559 thumbnail picture
Nel, Applequist, and Francis Popper unloading hay for horses.
Unalaska Island, Aleutian Islands, Alasaka 1941
2560 thumbnail picture
Landing equipment from a LCVP on the Arctic Coast. Equipment for Arctic field party. C&GS was surveying for DEW Line sites and doing hydrography in Beaufort Sea.
2561 thumbnail picture
Preparing to land at Station Baldy in Quail Bay. Party off of PATHFINDER.
Quail Bay, Kagalaska Island, Aleutians, Alaska 1953
2562 thumbnail picture
Landing on an exposed coast. Party off of SURVEYOR.
Alaska, Baranof Island area 1924
2563 thumbnail picture
Plane table party packing up and going back to ship. Party off of SURVEYOR.
Alaska, Kenai Peninsula area 1927
2564 thumbnail picture
Surf landing west of Icy Point. Party off of SURVEYOR.
North of Cross Sound, Southeast Alaska 1924
2565 thumbnail picture
Landing weasel with native umiak. Party off of PATHFINDER.
St. Lawrence Island, Alaska 1952
2566 thumbnail picture
Getting off of Pelican Cay. Party off of WHITING.
Pelican Cay, U. S. Virgin Islands 1975
2567 thumbnail picture
Launch a skiff at low tide. Party off of LESTER JONES.
Alaska, Kanakanak, Nushagak Bay, Bristol Bay 1948
2568 thumbnail picture
ELSIE III aground on Elsie Shoal.
South of Fernandina Beach, Florida Ca. 1925
2569 thumbnail picture
The ELSIE III motor sailer on a good day.
Florida east coast 1924
2570 thumbnail picture
Recovering the ELSIE III motor sailer after it was swamped during a squall.
Florida east coast 1924
2571 thumbnail picture
Towing the ELSIE III motor sailer ashore.
Florida east coast 1924
2572 thumbnail picture
A sick engine being taken out of NOAA Launch 1257 for a trip to the shop.
Panama City, Florida October 1977
2573 thumbnail picture
Outboard engine problems - some things never change. Party off the LYDONIA.
Jacksonville, Florida 1930
2574 thumbnail picture
NOAA's ark at half tide - this boat hung up while surveying at high tide. Boat was recovered to survey another day.
Stevens Passage area 1980
2575 thumbnail picture
A charter boat used for current surveys in Boston Harbor. Current survey party of Ralph W. Woodworth.
Massachusetts, Boston Harbor 1926
2576 thumbnail picture
Loading a weasel on a umiak. Party off of PATHFINDER.
St. Lawrence Island, Bering Sea, Alaska 1954
2577 thumbnail picture
Checking aids to navigation from Boston Whaler. Party off of PEIRCE during chart evaluation surveys.
Miami, Florida Ca. 1978
2578 thumbnail picture
Zodiac rubber boat off of DISCOVERER. Used to check oceanographic buoys on DOMES studies.
Tropical Pacific Ocean 1976
2579 thumbnail picture
Boston whaler off of RESEARCHER. Used during studies of IXTOC I oil spill.
Mexico, Bay of Campeche 1979
2580 thumbnail picture
NOAA Research Vessel LAIDLY deploying oceanographic buoy.
Great Lakes Ca. 1980
2581 thumbnail picture
The WILDCAT in heavy seas from the stern of the SURVEYOR.
Off Kodiak Island, Alaska 1929
2582 thumbnail picture
The COSMOS in heavy seas off Cape Chacon.
Alaska, Cape Chacon, Southeast Alaska Ca. 1913
2583 thumbnail picture
Boston whaler hopping the wake of a survey launch. Party off of FAIRWEATHER.
Alaska, Cold Bay area, Alaska Peninsula 1985
2584 thumbnail picture
Wiredrag ship HILGARD pitching in heavy seas.
United States East Coast Ca. 1960
2585 thumbnail picture
The end of a survey day. Passing the fathometer records to the survey techs for scanning. Lt. Theberge passing records, Lt. Fred Jones climbing ladder. Operations on NOAA Ship SURVEYOR
Pago Pago, American Samoa January1971
2586 thumbnail picture
Launch hooked and ready for pickup. Coxswain Tosh Kaiura ready to climb ladder to ship. Operations on NOAA Ship SURVEYOR.
Pago Pago, American Samoa January 1971
2587 thumbnail picture
Launch picked up and swinging to cradle. Operations on NOAA Ship SURVEYOR.
Pago Pago, American Samoa January 1971
2588 thumbnail picture
Survey launch being put over side. Operations on NOAA Ship SURVEYOR.
Alaska, Cook Inlet, Kalgin Island 1967
2589 thumbnail picture
PEIRCE launch alongside ready for pickup. Lt. (j.g.) Marty Conricote ready to secure bow hook.
Delaware Bay, New Jersey side 1985
2590 thumbnail picture
PEIRCE launch approaching ship for pickup.
Delaware Bay, New Jersey side 1985
2591 thumbnail picture
Leave party returning to ship. Off of C&GS Ship PIONEER.
Alaska, Ketchikan 1941
2592 thumbnail picture
Launch returning to the PIONEER.
Alaska, False Pass or Isanotski Strait, SW Alaska 1925
2593 thumbnail picture
Launch coming alongside EXPLORER.
Alaska, Chitka Cove, Amchitka Island, Aleutian Is. 1949
2594 thumbnail picture
Towing 2000 gallon freshwater floatation cell back to ship. Party off of EXPLORER.
Alaska, Amchitka Island, Aleutian Islands 1950
2595 thumbnail picture
Launch approaching ship with shore party. Party off of PATHFINDER.
Alaska Bering Sea, St. Paul Is, Pribilof Islands 1953
2596 thumbnail picture
Lowering away with boat filled with Shoran gear for station installation. Party off of PATHFINDER.
Alaska, Cape Kutuzof, Bristol Bay 1960
2597 thumbnail picture
Boston whaler approaching WHITING. Seaman Lavin on bow, Lt. Bradford Meyers at controls.
Georgia coast 1974
2598 thumbnail picture
Securing Boston Whaler for pickup. Lt. (j.g.) Ed Gullickson on bow hook.
Georgia coast 1974
2599 thumbnail picture
Picking up skiff on FAIRWEATHER.
Alaska, Cold Bay area, Alaska Peninsula 1985

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