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NOAA's Geodesy Collection
Catalog of Images

1050 thumbnail picture
Hewlett-Packard Model 3800 electronic distance measuring device. Approximately 2-mile range.
1051 thumbnail picture
Monroe Rivers after a long hard day of observing.
1052 thumbnail picture
Observer looking at control panel of Cubit Tape DM-60 electronic distance measuring instrument.
1053 thumbnail picture
Leveling and centering retro-prism for reflecting light from electronic distance measuring instrument.
1054 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant John Oswald preparing project sketch in Triangulation Party G-19 office trailer.
1055 thumbnail picture
TMT - trailer-mounted tower - light and mirror tower. Leonard Bergman driving . Note telescoping tower ready to erect and extend to 100-feet above survey mark.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1056 thumbnail picture
Control panel for TMT - trailer-mounted (light and/or mirror) tower.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1057 thumbnail picture
Movable arm at top end of TMT used to center light and/or mirror over survey mark.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1058 thumbnail picture
TMT being erected by Leonard Bergman. Donnie MacFarland standing to left.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1059 thumbnail picture
TMOT - truck-mounted observing tower - with Leonard Bergman. Round instrument plate at end of 50-foot tower.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1060 thumbnail picture
Preparing to erect TMOT.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1061 thumbnail picture
TMOT going up with railing already in place.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1062 thumbnail picture
TMOT in vertical position prior to extension.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1063 thumbnail picture
TMOT at beginning of extension.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1064 thumbnail picture
TMOT with instrument stand protruding during first stages of erection.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1065 thumbnail picture
TMOT, Leonard Bergman constructing the outer tower to support the observer. TMT observering stand height was 50-feet.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1066 thumbnail picture
Leonard Bergman during construction of TMOT outer tower. Note ladder leg to right. TMOT observering stand height was 50-feet above ground.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1067 thumbnail picture
TMT on left, TMOT on right. These towers were set up during an open house at Cabool, Missouri.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1068 thumbnail picture
TMT - this tower was set up during an open house at Cabool, Missouri.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1069 thumbnail picture
Swedish Pole, telescoping pole to elevate light and/or mirror 70 to 90 feet over survey mark.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1070 thumbnail picture
Closeup of moveable arm that mounts at top of Swedish Pole. This arm rotates and translates to enable centering of the light and/or mirror over the survey mark. Note small control boxes that control movement.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1071 thumbnail picture
Swedish Pole being erected from stand on back of small truck.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1072 thumbnail picture
Swedish Pole extended and supported by guy wires. Note one person could erect this device in approximately 1-hour and show a light 90-feet above a survey mark.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1073 thumbnail picture
Swedish Pole with 10 prisms and strobe light above. The 10 prisms were used to reflect light from an electronic distance measuring instrument. The reflectors are 90-feet above the ground.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1074 thumbnail picture
Lois Leigh, wife of party chief Lt. George Leigh, with a picnic supper at the base of a Swedish Pole in the Missouri Ozarks.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1075 thumbnail picture
Four-foot wooden stand with pee-wee light on top. Note Sears Tower in background. National Geodetic Survey Triangulation Party G-19.
Illinois, Chicago 1977
1076 thumbnail picture
Display of various signal lights and other equipment for an open house. Wild T- 2 theodolite is set up on the right.
Missouri, Cabool area 1978
1077 thumbnail picture
Earthquake movement as manifested by offset in center line of roadway.
1078 thumbnail picture
A mirage on Cook Inlet.
Alaska, Cook Inlet 1976 Ca.
1079 thumbnail picture
Observer, recorder, umbrella man, and back sight rod over mark in trailer park.
1080 thumbnail picture
Starting the day's leveling operations.
1081 thumbnail picture
Instrument man leveling instrument during leveling operations.
1082 thumbnail picture
Instrument man observing during leveling operations.
1083 thumbnail picture
John T. Smith, Jr., Chief of the Photogrammetric Operations Branch.
Maryland, Rockville 1980 ca.
1084 thumbnail picture
Rod man and level rod on overhead cable support anchor.
1085 thumbnail picture
James Lindly observing and Leo Gittings recording leveling observations.
1086 thumbnail picture
Leo Gittings recording leveling observations.
1087 thumbnail picture
Ross Mackay observing astronomic latitude and longitude with Wild T-4 Theodolite. Richard Cohen, Chief of Party.
Georgia, Swainsboro 1979 March
1088 thumbnail picture
Richard Cohen recording astronomic observations with Wild T-4 Theodolite.
1089 thumbnail picture
Thirty-seven foot tower on hill-top in Connecticut.
1090 thumbnail picture
Lois and Eric Leigh tending light at Bald Hill, Connecticut. Wife and father of party chief, Lieutenant George Leigh.
Connecticut 1979
1091 thumbnail picture
Digging out snow to find the mark for observing an astro station in winter.
1092 thumbnail picture
Leveling operations. Davey Crockett is on the gun while Anita Whitis is recording.
Niagara Falls, New York 1977 August
1093 thumbnail picture
Testing of special motorized leveling project. Anita Whitis was the instrument operator.
Virginia, Corbin 1978 November
1094 thumbnail picture
Anita Whitis running the "gun" on the North Portico of the White House during leveling operations.
Washington, D.C. 1978 July
1095 thumbnail picture
Anita Whitis being filmed by news crew while conducting leveling operations on the North Portico of the White House.
Washington, D.C. 1978 July
1096 thumbnail picture
Anita Whitis running the "gun" on a low shot. By Anita's admission, "OOPS! Never, ever set an instrument up for a shot like this." The level is a self-leveling Ni-1 instrument.
Niagara Falls, New York 1977 August
1097 thumbnail picture
Anita Whitis with two rodmen and recorder during White House leveling operations .
Washington, D.C. 1978 July
1098 thumbnail picture
Anita Whitis testing the prototype motorized leveling unit at Corbin, Virginia, in December 1978.
Virginia, Corbin 1978 December
1099 thumbnail picture
Chief of leveling party, Dan Frazier, working in the office.

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