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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

450 thumbnail picture
Conrad Lautenbacher, the eighth administrator of NOAA (2001-2008)
451 thumbnail picture
Jane Lubchenco, the ninth administrator of NOAA (2009-present)
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Description not available.
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Description not available.
454 thumbnail picture
Event marking signing of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument Memorandum of Agreement in the office of Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle. From L to R: Michael Snyder, NOAA Policy Advisor; Randy Kosaki, Emily Fielding, and Malia Chow of NWHI staff; NOAA Administrator Conrad Lautenbacher; Aulani Wilhelm, NOAA Superintendent, and Sean Corson, NWHI; Michael Tosatto, NMFS
Hawaii, Oahu, Honolulu 2006 December 6
455 thumbnail picture
Producers of Treasures of NOAA's Ark 2007. Center is Fox News Reporter Holly Morris. NOAA personnel L to R: Dennis Feltgen, NWS; Gina Stoney, NOS; Lynette Joynes, CAO; Peter Fricke, NMFS; Linda Taylor NOS; Sasha Pryborowski, NOS; Morris; David Hall, NOS; John Nyberg, NOS; Cheryl Oliver, NOAA Preserve America; Bill Zahner, NMFS; and Sharon Sirkis, NOS.
Maryland, Silver Spring
456 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NOAA NMFS West Coast Ground Fishery Observers. Immersion suit training. L to R: Eli Coplen; instructor John LaFargue; Steve Todd; Matt Drum; Chad Ivany; Michael Gonzalez; and instructor Johnathan Cusick.
Oregon, Yaquina Bay 2006 Circa
457 thumbnail picture
NOAA Education Office with imagery and data visualization demonstration at Department of Commerce Hoover Building. L to R: Alyssa Gundersen, Jon Lilley, Einstein Fellow Judy Reeves; Kim Benson; Carrie McDougall, John McLauglin, Bob Hansen, Marlene Kaplan, Pam Polmateer, and Peaches Hodge.
Washington, D.C.
458 thumbnail picture
NOAA marine ecologist Dr. Lisa Ballance of NMFS SWFSC at her workplace in Antarctica studying killer whales.
Antarctica, Ross Sea
459 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the bridge of the NOAA Ship GORDON GUNTER tied up in Majahul, Mexico. L to R: 3rd Mate Judah Ropiak, Ens. Ryan Wattam, CDR James Meigs, Ens. Victoria Zalewski; Lt (jg) Tony Perry III, Lt (jg) Natasha Davis, and Lt. Michael Ellis.
Mexico, Majahul
460 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Tampa Bay where local NOAA staff joined with habitat restoration partner Tampa Bay Watch for two days of oyster-reef building. Staff helped deploy 22 tons of oyster shell in 1,500 30-lb bags and built 330 linear feet of new oyster bars.
Florida, Tampa Bay
461 thumbnail picture
Retracing George Davidson's footsteps on Point Conception are film team members Director John Brooks, NOAA NMS West Coast Region Maritime Heritage Coordinator Robert Schwemmer, and assistant cameraman Josh Brooks.
California, Point Conception
462 thumbnail picture
Staff of Mount Holly WSFO after completing a renovation of its operational area. For this they received the NWS Eastern Region Team of the Month for February 2007. Rear L to R: Larry Robinson, Michael Gorse, Dean Iovino, Valerie Meola, and Keith Pugh. Front L to R: Michael Conrad, Larry Nierenberg, and Ray Kruzdlo .
New Jersey, Mount Holly
463 thumbnail picture
SWFSC personnel studying the endangered coho salmon and steelhead in coastal California's Santa Cruz Mountains. Sean Hayes on left holds a female about to head out to sea with an archival tag. Andy Jones and Sarah Rick hold adults about to be released upstream to begin their spawning run.
California, Santa Cruz Mountains
464 thumbnail picture
The NWS team in Bismarck celebrates some balmy weather with tropical attire following a winter season of blizzards, winter storms, and bitter cold. They wrote "We want to show folks how we surf in ND." Front L-R: Bill Abeling, Vic Jensen, Todd Hamilton, Nadine Glur, Charlene Prindiville, Rich Leblang, Len Pete rson. Back L-R: Becky Selzler, Janine Vining,Jim Meyer, Dave Derung,Paul Waliser
North Dakota, Bismarck
465 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NMFS Alaska Region staff in Juneau. Shown as they battled high winds and blowing snow to display the 200th banner are L-R: Clay Robidoux, Scott Balovich, Ron Antaya, Marina Lindsey, Sheela McLean, and Pete Jones.
Alaska, Juneau
466 thumbnail picture
Medford NWSFO personnel at U.S. Coast Guard Lifeboat Station Coos Bay after experiencing an hour waves and hazardous bar crossing conditions. This gave new insight into producing better marine forecasts - and also produced various shades of green complexions. L-R: Ryan Sandler, Frederic Bunnag, Mike W. Johnson, Katie, Burtis, and Sven Nelaimischkies.
Oregon, Coos Bay
467 thumbnail picture
Field crew members of NOAA NOS COOPS prepare to clean and inspect the underwater portion of the tide station at Westport. Data from the station support the Seattle/Tacoma NWSFO, the Tsunami Warning Progam, and commercial and academic users. L-R: Steve Hudziak, Andy Moss, Rolin Meyer, and Andy Moss (again).
Washington, Westport
468 thumbnail picture
NOAA Grand Rapids NWSFO Mark Walton manning a booth at the "Quiet Waters Symposium" in Lansing. The focus was on human-powered outdoor recreational equipment and activities. The exhibit highlighted NOAA Weather/All Hazards Radio and NOAA's 200th Celebration. Mark Walton delivered a presentation about weather safety for canoeists and kayakers.
Michigan, Lansing
469 thumbnail picture
Director of NOAA's National Weather Service, Brig. General David Johnson, USAF (ret.), visits the West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska. Top L-R: Michael Burgy, John Carrick, General Johnson, Justin Ferris, Laura Furgione, Paul Whitmore, David Hale, Paul Huang, Bruce Turner. Bottom L-R: Bill Knight, Heather Crowley, Guy Urban, Chris Strager, Cindi Preller, Kandis Boyd.
Alaska, Palmer
470 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the beach at Barrow, Alaska.
Alaska, Barrow
471 thumbnail picture
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary dive team members are displaying the NOAA 200th banner during a REEF fish survey in the waters off Anacapa Island. Team members shown are Chris Mobley, Laura Francis, John Brooks, Danielle Lipski, Rocio Lozano-Knowleton and behind the camera Robert Schwemmer.
California, offshore Anacapa Island
472 thumbnail picture
Personnel of the OMAO Marine Operations Center-Pacific proudly display the NOAA 200th Banner outside the headquarters building of the Marine Center. This was the primary NOAA West Coast ship base and ship support center.
Washington, Seattle, Lake Union
473 thumbnail picture
Personnel from the NWSFO in Corpus Christi, Texas, helping install a temperature sensor and a rain gauge for new volunteer Cooperative Observers at their home in Sinton, Texas. L-R: Steve Smart, Hydrometeorological Technician and Nick Hampshire, an intern in the Student Career Experience Program.
Texas, Sinton
474 thumbnail picture
Personnel of the NOAA Fisheries Large Whale Disentanglement Program helping disentangle an endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. The animal had ghost fishing gear wrapped around both flippers and encircling its entire body. On the bow is Dr. Stormy Mayo, Center for Coastal Studies; with the cutting tool, Jamison Smith of NMFS; and the coxswain is Chris Slay, Coastwise Consulting.
Florida, offshore Jacksonville
475 thumbnail picture
NOAA Corps Refresher Training Class firefighting module. Rear L-R: LT Hector Casanova, CDR Don Haines, CDR Todd Schattgen, LCDR Rick Brennan, LT Jake Yoos, LT Monty Spencer, LCDR Brian Wagonseller, LCDR Joe Pica and LCDR Cecile Daniels. Front L-R: LT Dan Simon, LCDR Rick Fletcher, LT Stephanie Koes, LT Sarah Mrozek, LT Natasha Davis, LTJG Kelley Stroud.
New York, Long Island, Kings Point
476 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Long Beach, California NOAA Southwest Regional Office. Exhibit hosted at the Fred Hall Fishing Tackle and Boat Show. Here Gabrielle Dorr of NOAA NMFS SW regional office and Marty Golden of the NOAA Recreational Fishing Services Team work at the NOAA exhibit.
California, Long Beach
477 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the project inspection team for the newly constructed Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, the new home of the NWFSC Auke Bay Laboratory. Shown from left: Tom Martin, Judi Jzyk, Mark Eberling, Rino Balatbat, Ken Bircher, and Tino Escalona.
Alaska, Juneau
478 thumbnail picture
Chesapeake office of NOS COOPS with Jack Dunnigan, blue shirt middle boat, NOS Assistant Administrator.
Virginia, Chesapeake
479 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Geodetic Survey performing cooperative gravity measurements with Cayman Islands Lands and Survey Department. Daniel Winester of NOAA/NGS on left and Colin Rankin of Cayman Islands Lands and Survey Department.
480 thumbnail picture
The Scripps Institution of Oceanography R/V Roger Revelle nose-to-nose with an Antarctic iceberg. NOAA researchers David Wisegarver, Eric Wisegarver, Dana Greeley, Robert Castle, Geoff Lebon, and Esa Peltola were participating in a NOAA/NSF sponsored cruise as part of the CLIVAR/CO2 Repeat Hydrography Program.
Southern Ocean
481 thumbnail picture
NOAA researchers (from left) Amy Uhrin, Giuseppe DiCarlo, and Erika Hansen taking a lunch break from counting eelgrass flowers in the vicinity of Cape Lookout Lighthouse. They are affiliated with NOAA's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research (CCFHR) based out of Beaufort, North Carolina.
North Carolina, Cape Lookout
482 thumbnail picture
By coincidence, Juneau Alaska was hit by 200 inches of snow during NOAA's 200th Anniversary Year. Employees of the Juneau National Weather Service Forecast Office stand in front of Mendenhall Glacier, near Juneau. That winter they helped save lives and property when forecasting avalanches, 50-foot waves, and 100 mph winds.
Alaska, Juneau
483 thumbnail picture
NOAA personnel including representatives of the NOAA Office of Education, National Weather Service, National Ocean Service, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, and National Environmental Satellite, Data Information Service surrounded ocean explorer Dr. Bob Ballard (striped tie) at National Science Teachers Association Conference that hosted over 10,000 teachers.
Missouri, St. Louis
484 thumbnail picture
Members of NOAA's National Geodetic Survey at fillming of documentary on the 200 year history of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. NGS employees in the tent are historic re-enactors Joe Evjen, Bill Stone, and Casey Brennan, while Ocean Media Center employees (l to r) Paul Hillman and John Brooks are on outside. The theodolite in the tent is "Old 188", used during the 1800's.
485 thumbnail picture
Boy Scout Troop 27 sends greetings from the Pueblo, Colorado, National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office (WFO). WFO staff members Eric Petersen, Makoto Moore, and Mike Nosko gave a tour of the facility and helped members of Troop 27 attain their Weather Merit Badge.
Colorado, Pueblo
486 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan off the coast of California. Fisherman Joao Alves looks on as Southwest Fisheries Science Center scientists Sue Manion and Ron Dotson deploy a bongo net on the ship's Winter California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI). CalCOFI is one of the longest ongoing fisheries investigations conducted by NOAA.
California coastal waters
487 thumbnail picture
Crew members of the NOAA Ships Miller Freeman and Oscar Dyson pose on the bow of Miller Freeman. While conducting echo-integration trawl survey for walleye pollock in the eastern Bering Sea, theyencountered heavy icing conditions and proceeded to Unalaska to escape freezing spray and a brief respite from pounding seas.
Alaska, Unalaska
488 thumbnail picture
NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory Technician Emrys Hall just after arrival at the South Pole Station on a ski-equipped New York Air National Guard LC-130. This was the first flight of the year to arrive. ESRL has two people stationed at South Pole year-round to maintain continuous records of atmospheric variables .
Antarctica, Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
489 thumbnail picture
Frozen spray coats the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson, shown here preparing to anchor in Makushin Bay, Alaska. The ship came in to "break ice" off the superstructure as to much ice coating the ship can affect its stability. L to R: Rick Saladin , Patrick Kriegh, Travis Long, Nathan Thomas, and Bruce Knoepke.
Alaska, Makushin Bay
490 thumbnail picture
Members of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council celebrate their 30th anniversary and NOAA's 200th anniversary. The council has promoted environmentally responsible fishing by banning trawls, drift gillnets, and other destructive fishing gears and has employed side-setting circle hooks and other methods to reduce protected species interactions.
Hawaii, Honolulu
491 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service WFO in Paducah, Kentucky, sponsored a Severe Weather Seminar titled "Infamous Tornadoes" at John A. Logan College featuring Dr. Charles A. Doswell (hat), NSSL, and Ron Przybylinski, Science and Operations Officer, St. Louis WSFO (2nd from left, top).
Illinois, Cartersville
492 thumbnail picture
Crews of NOAA Ships Oscar Elton Sette and Hi'ialakai join Rear Admiral Samuel P. Debow, Jr., Director of NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations. Debow is on right wearing lei.
Hawaii, Pearl Harbor
493 thumbnail picture
NOAA Corps officers and civilians of NOAA's Office of Marine and Aviation Operations take a break to tour Treasures of NOAA's Ark at Seattle's Pacific Science Center. From left: Doug Smith, Mitch Luxenberg, Capt. Jon Rix, RADM Richard Behn, Capt. Emily Christman, Steve Manzo, Doug Friske, and Capt. Jack McAdam.
Washington, Seattle
494 thumbnail picture
NOAA Teacher-in-the-Air Jessica Schwartz joins crew of NOAA Gulfstream IV jet for studies of North Pacific winter storms. Top photo l-r: Gordon Kitson, Martin Mayeux, LCDR John Longenecker, Paul Flaherty, Mark Rogers, Cindy Dettmer, Chuck Rasco, Paul Fuentes, Jessica Schwartz, David Brogan, CDR Jeff Hagan, and LCDR Gregg Glover.
Hawaii, Honolulu
495 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service personnel from Pocatello team up with Air Resources Lab Field Research Division to showcase weather instruments at outreach booth. L-R: Dennis Finn, Richard Eckman, Donna Harris, Jason Rich, Shane Beard, Dean Hazen, Kirk Clawson, Neil Hukari, tom Strong, Rick Dittmann, and Spot.
Idaho, Pocatello
496 thumbnail picture
NOAA NESDIS employees Al Williams (seated) and Tom Boyd monitoring GOES-11 spacecraft from the NESDIS Satellite Operations Center.
Maryland, Suitland
497 thumbnail picture
Alaska National Weather Service employees Louise Fode, Todd Foisy, Larry Hubble, and Tom Dang visit the containership M/V Midnight Sun. This ship is a top-scoring vessel in the Alaska Region Marine Observation Program and the NWS Voluntary Ship Observing Program.
Alaska, Anchorage
498 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologists spread the word about severe weather safety at the 40th Annual Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Homeland Security. L-R: Todd Shea, Johnnie L. Smith (Administrator, Wisconsin Emergency Management), Todd Krause, Carol Christenson, and Anton "Rusty" Kapela.
Wisconsin, La Crosse
499 thumbnail picture
Crew aboard the National Marine Fisheries Service vessel Noctiluca observing a "spy hopping" Southern Resident killer whale. L-R: Deborah Giles, Erin Ashe, Dr. Dawn Noren, Jaclyn Daly, and Dara Rehder.
Washington, San Juan Islands

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