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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

1150 thumbnail picture
Robert F. A. Studds. As Chief of Party on ELSIE in Cooper River.
South Carolina, Cooper River, Charleston 1928
1151 thumbnail picture
Lawrence W. Swanson.
1152 thumbnail picture
Zera L. Tanner. First commanding officer of Fish Commission Steamer ALBATROSS. Invented many surveying and oceanographic devices.
1153 thumbnail picture
Frank M. Thorn. First non-scientist to head C&GS. Sixth Superintendent of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Former head of Internal Revenue Service.
1154 thumbnail picture
Alvin Thorson. On the SURVEYOR.
1155 thumbnail picture
James C. Tison.
1156 thumbnail picture
Ray Tryon and wife. "In beach costumes".
Virginia, Virginia Beach 1935?
1157 thumbnail picture
Ray Tryon. On the EXPLORER.
1158 thumbnail picture
Clifton Wagner.
1159 thumbnail picture
Dallas Bache Wainwright. The last descendant of Benjamin Franklin to work for the Coast Survey.
1160 thumbnail picture
Commander Richard Wainwright 1817-1862. Brother-in-law of Alexander Dallas Bache. Served many years on Coast Survey. Died from disease on Mississippi River in 1862.
1161 thumbnail picture
Richard Wainwright, Jr. 1849-1926. Nephew of Alexander Dallas Bache. Had run of Coast Survey offices during Civil War. Helped modernize U.S. Navy prior to WWI. Served on the Coast Survey in the 1870's
1162 thumbnail picture
Sam White. As bush pilot. Sam White became one of the top bush pilots in Alaska in the 1940's and 1950's.
1163 thumbnail picture
Henry Laurens Whiting. Considered to be the best of the Nineteenth Century topographers. Served under all Nineteenth Century Superintendents.
1164 thumbnail picture
Charles Wilkes. Close friend of Ferdinand Hassler. Controversial naval officer
1165 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant John Wilkinson. Confederate States Navy blockade runner. Served on Coast Survey prior to Civil War
1166 thumbnail picture
Marshall Vines. General Office Assistant.
1167 thumbnail picture
Ralph W. Woodworth. Chief of East Coast currents party at time of photo. Had distinction of being among first 100 Eagle Scouts in the United States Awarded Legion of Merit for reconnaissance for aeronautical charts during WWII
Massachusetts, Boston 1926
1168 thumbnail picture
Levi Woodbury. Secretary of the Treasury under Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren. Helped nurture the Survey during the 1830's
1169 thumbnail picture
Officers and wives of the GEDNEY.
Alaska, Sulzer 1907
1170 thumbnail picture
Shore party off the TAKU.
1171 thumbnail picture
Sitting - Louis Sengteller (l) and unknown. Standing - E. F. Dickins (l) and Benjamin A. Colonna (r).
1172 thumbnail picture
Sitting l to r - Chisholm, Hennessey, Captain John F. Pratt, Crowell, Dr. Sommer . Standing l to r - Jamieson, Frank G. Engle, Clement L. Garner. Officers on PATHFINDER.
1173 thumbnail picture
Standing l to r - Furman, R. J. Christman, Dr. Thompson, Moreford. Standing (cont.) R. B. Derickson, Eisler, H. W. Rhodes, Alfred P. Giacomini. Sitting l to r - Robert Lee Faris, John F. Pratt, Appleton. Officers on PATTERSON.
1174 thumbnail picture
Standing l to r - Paul C. Whitney, D. R. Jewell, C. C. Craft, J. W. Milburn. Standing (cont.) H. L. Beck, R. J. Christman. Sitting l to r - A. R. Hunter, H. W. Rhodes, John F. Pratt, Alfred L. Giacomini. Sitting (cont.) - G. W. McLaughlin. Officers on PATTERSON.
1175 thumbnail picture
Officers on PATHFINDER on first trip. Captain John Ross in center sitting.
1176 thumbnail picture
Officers of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. Superintendent Thomas Corwin Mendenhall sitting in center. Superintendent flanked by George Davidson (r) and Charles Schott (l).
Washington, D.C. 1893?
1177 thumbnail picture
Muster on the MCARTHUR.
1178 thumbnail picture
Crew of the MATCHLESS. Officers - 1) M. D. Glessner; 2) Marsh; 3) Kenneth T. Adams; 4) H. W. Ferguson.
February 1, 1914
1179 thumbnail picture
Level crew of H. W. Burger. l to r - H. W. Burger, Boone, Libby, Babcock, Lyons, Peterson.
Texas, Pittsburg 1902
1180 thumbnail picture
Officers on the MARINDUQUE. l to r - E. C. Mumau, Surgeon R. Cole, Engineer W.C. Carroll. Captain Paul C. Whitney on right.
Philippines 1912
1181 thumbnail picture
Officers on the MCARTHUR May 1 to June 30, 1915. On left is Captain C. G. Quillian, on right is X.O. John W. Maupin.
Alaska 1915
1182 thumbnail picture
Officers on the MCARTHUR May 1 to June 30, 1915.
Alaska 1915
1183 thumbnail picture
Leveling party of Alvin Thorson. Alvin Thorson is sixth from left kneeling.
1184 thumbnail picture
Who's Who - Cover sheet to 1931 C&GS publication. Shows all former C&GS Superintendents/Directors. Book includes autobiographical sketches of about 200 C&GS employees.
1185 thumbnail picture
Jack Sammons (l) and unknown. On PIONEER.
1186 thumbnail picture
Jack Sammons and R.P. Eyman. On HYDROGRAPHER.
Gulf of Mexico 1927
1187 thumbnail picture
Jack Sammons second from left. Officers off of PIONEER.
Alaska 1938?
1188 thumbnail picture
L to r - Ector B. Latham, Charles Schanck, and Eli Packer. Officers off of HYDROGRAPHER. Traverse work on Florida's west coast.
1189 thumbnail picture
Wiredrag party in Portland, Maine. Back row - Ken Crosby with bow tie, Jack Sammons to his left. Front row - Dragmaster Howard V. Rackliffe with striped tie. Party chief Otis Swainson to Rackliffe's left.
Maine, Portland 1923
1190 thumbnail picture
Ferdinand Hassler, founder and first Superintendent of the Coast Survey.
1191 thumbnail picture
Julius Erasmus Hilgard, 5th Superintendent of the Coast Survey.
1192 thumbnail picture
Sketch of John Ross Key by James McNeill Whistler. Sketched in the Coast Survey office in 1854. Key was a nephew of Francis Scott Key He was a draughtsman in the office at the time of the drawing.
Washington, D.C 1854
1193 thumbnail picture
Alexander Dallas Bache - second Superintendent of the Coast Survey.
1194 thumbnail picture
Joseph Henry - first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Political ally and friend of Alexander Dallas Bache.

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