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1150 thumbnail picture
Frozen spray coats the NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson, shown here preparing to anchor in Makushin Bay, Alaska. The ship came in to "break ice" off the superstructure as to much ice coating the ship can affect its stability. L to R: Rick Saladin , Patrick Kriegh, Travis Long, Nathan Thomas, and Bruce Knoepke.
Alaska, Makushin Bay
1151 thumbnail picture
Members of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council celebrate their 30th anniversary and NOAA's 200th anniversary. The council has promoted environmentally responsible fishing by banning trawls, drift gillnets, and other destructive fishing gears and has employed side-setting circle hooks and other methods to reduce protected species interactions.
Hawaii, Honolulu
1152 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service WFO in Paducah, Kentucky, sponsored a Severe Weather Seminar titled "Infamous Tornadoes" at John A. Logan College featuring Dr. Charles A. Doswell (hat), NSSL, and Ron Przybylinski, Science and Operations Officer, St. Louis WSFO (2nd from left, top).
Illinois, Cartersville
1153 thumbnail picture
Crews of NOAA Ships Oscar Elton Sette and Hi'ialakai join Rear Admiral Samuel P. Debow, Jr., Director of NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations. Debow is on right wearing lei.
Hawaii, Pearl Harbor
1154 thumbnail picture
NOAA Corps officers and civilians of NOAA's Office of Marine and Aviation Operations take a break to tour Treasures of NOAA's Ark at Seattle's Pacific Science Center. From left: Doug Smith, Mitch Luxenberg, Capt. Jon Rix, RADM Richard Behn, Capt. Emily Christman, Steve Manzo, Doug Friske, and Capt. Jack McAdam.
Washington, Seattle
1155 thumbnail picture
NOAA Teacher-in-the-Air Jessica Schwartz joins crew of NOAA Gulfstream IV jet for studies of North Pacific winter storms. Top photo l-r: Gordon Kitson, Martin Mayeux, LCDR John Longenecker, Paul Flaherty, Mark Rogers, Cindy Dettmer, Chuck Rasco, Paul Fuentes, Jessica Schwartz, David Brogan, CDR Jeff Hagan, and LCDR Gregg Glover.
Hawaii, Honolulu
1156 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service personnel from Pocatello team up with Air Resources Lab Field Research Division to showcase weather instruments at outreach booth. L-R: Dennis Finn, Richard Eckman, Donna Harris, Jason Rich, Shane Beard, Dean Hazen, Kirk Clawson, Neil Hukari, tom Strong, Rick Dittmann, and Spot.
Idaho, Pocatello
1157 thumbnail picture
NOAA NESDIS employees Al Williams (seated) and Tom Boyd monitoring GOES-11 spacecraft from the NESDIS Satellite Operations Center.
Maryland, Suitland
1158 thumbnail picture
Alaska National Weather Service employees Louise Fode, Todd Foisy, Larry Hubble, and Tom Dang visit the containership M/V Midnight Sun. This ship is a top-scoring vessel in the Alaska Region Marine Observation Program and the NWS Voluntary Ship Observing Program.
Alaska, Anchorage
1159 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologists spread the word about severe weather safety at the 40th Annual Wisconsin Governor's Conference on Homeland Security. L-R: Todd Shea, Johnnie L. Smith (Administrator, Wisconsin Emergency Management), Todd Krause, Carol Christenson, and Anton "Rusty" Kapela.
Wisconsin, La Crosse
1160 thumbnail picture
Crew aboard the National Marine Fisheries Service vessel Noctiluca observing a "spy hopping" Southern Resident killer whale. L-R: Deborah Giles, Erin Ashe, Dr. Dawn Noren, Jaclyn Daly, and Dara Rehder.
Washington, San Juan Islands
1161 thumbnail picture
"Saludos" to NOAA on its 200th Celebration from Dr. Pablo Clemente-Colon, Puerto Rico born chief scientist of the U.S. National Ice Center. Dr. Clemente- Colon is making a final adjustment to an ice beacon deployed on a multi-year ice floe. Bruce Elder, a research scientist with the U.S. Army's CRREL, looks on, while helicopter pilot Lambert De Gavere returns to helicopter.
Alaska, Beaufort Sea
1162 thumbnail picture
200th celebration greetings from the NOAA Office of General Counsel for Enforcement and Litigation shown here during a training conference at NMFS SWFSC . This office is NOAA's chief prosecutor and pursues hundreds of enforcement cases each year. In fiscal year 2006, the office recovered $3.7 million in fines and forfeited assets.
California, La Jolla
1163 thumbnail picture
Aloha from Maui! The NOAA Pacific Services Center coordinated the 5th Pacific Risk Management 'Ohana (PRiMO). PRiMO is an interagency working group that strives to enhance community resilience by developing and disseminating risk management related information products and services. The meeting was co-hosted with the Pacific Disaster Center.
Hawaii, Maui, Kihei
1164 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service Incident Meteorologists (IMETs) at their annual workshop held in Boise, Idaho. IMETs work in the field side-by-side with firefighters and other emergency personnel during major wildfires on Federal lands and for other incidents.
Idaho, Boise
1165 thumbnail picture
The Tradition Continues! NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program continued the 200-year tradition of mapping by participating in the groundbreaking Secrets of the Gulf Expedition. L-R: Lt(j.g.) Lindsay Kurelja, Jennifer Morgan, Ensign Kyle Byers, Kelly Drinnen, Sanctuary Sam (NMSP Spokes-Sealion), Lou Cafiero, George Schmahl, Shelley Du Puy, and Emma Hickerson.
Texas, Galveston
1166 thumbnail picture
NOAA's Office of Education captured this fieldwork led by Dr. Joseph Love, a faculty researcher within the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center at UMD Eastern Shore. L-R: Danielle Taylor, Dr. Joseph Love, Ryan Corbin , Greg Oliver, Brandon Fortt, and Reginald Black. The students are sampling for fishes in the surf zone of Assateague Island.
Maryland, Assateague Island
1167 thumbnail picture
Commander Mike Bernacchi (right), commanding officer of the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Alexandria, and a shipmate join NOAA's 200th celebration from atop the world, after the submarine sail broke through the ice at the North Pole. The submarine was there with a Royal Navy submarine for "Ice Exercise 2007" in support of a University of Washington ice camp in the Beaufort Sea.
Arctic Ocean, North Pole
1168 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service Training Center. The center provides classes in Administration, Aviation Weather Prediction, Advanced Weather Interactice Processing System (AWIPS) Convection and Severe Weather, Fire Weather, Hydrometeorology, Hydrology and related topics. Dave Cokely, James Kaplafka, and Jerry Griffin celebrated their milestones within NWS as well.
Missouri, Kansas City
1169 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Located in the heart of tornado alley, the NOAA organizations here are focused on severe weather. The National Severe Storms Laboratory of OAR and NWS Storm Prediction Center, Weather Service Forecast Office, Warning Decision Training Branch, Radar Operations Center are all at the National Weather Center at OU.
Oklahoma, Norman, University of Oklahoma campus
1170 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Ship John N. Cobb, NOAA's last wooden hull ship, and a vessel whose career spanned over 1/4 of NOAA's 200 years of science and service. Ship was conducting studies of red tree corals. L-R: Kris Cieciel, Robert Stone , Jennifer Mondragon, Lt. Chad Cary, David Taylor, Bill Lamoreux, LCDR Peter Fischel, and Sam Hardy.
Alaska, Tracy Arm, South Sawyer Glacier
1171 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and the Asheville Chapter of the American Meteorological Society hosted a series of three lectures on Climate Change as part of NOAA's 200th Celebration. 3 NCDC scientists presented lectures . L-R: Dr. Tom Peterson, Dr. Tom Karl, NCDC Director, and Dr. David M. Anderson. Over 300 attended from U.S., China, France, Germany, Japan, and other nations.
North Carolina, Asheville
1172 thumbnail picture
NOAA's 200th Celebration sponsored school tours at the National Space Symposium and held an art contest for area school children themed "200 years of Exploring Your World." L-R: Jane Whitcomb, Sam Jacob, Tony Comberiate, NESDIS AA Mary Kicza, Toni Parham, Nina Jackson, Patricia Huff, NOAA Administrator Conrad Lautenbacher, Renee Leduc Clarke, Karrie Carnes, Adele Stevens, and Ed Erwin.
Colorado, Colorado Springs
1173 thumbnail picture
NOAA's 2007 Women's History Month Training Conference Committee at the 5th Annual event having the theme "Generations of Women Moving History Forward." L-R:- Robbie Tyler, Alfreda Alexander, Charly Wells, Alfred Corea, Michelle Crockett, Salim Abddeen, Hope Hasberry, Rosemary Pettis, Carolyn McDonald, Toni Hollingsworth. Sit- Marian Katz, Sabrina Cook, Patricia Taylor, Carol Summers.
Washington, D.C.
1174 thumbnail picture
Members of NOAA's National Geodetic Survey Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) program members on the rooftop of NOAA's David Skaggs Research Center. L-R: Jim Tomlin, Giovanni Sella, Ernie Joynt, David Gietka, Pamela Fromhertz, Sue McLean, Francine Coloma, Bill Denig, and Rob Prentice.
Colorado, Boulder
1175 thumbnail picture
As part of the 200th Celebration "Discover 200 Years of NOAA" held at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, NOAA leadership took part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Richard C. Shelby Center for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management. Bearing golden shovels are Ryan Welch (Senator Shelby's office), Tim Keeney, George Crozier, Capt. Rick Brown, and Dr. Rick Spinrad.
Alabama, Dauphin Island
1176 thumbnail picture
NOAA employees from around the Gulf of Mexico participated in the "Discover 200 Years of NOAA" community festival at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Participating NOAA offices included" Pascagoula Lab, Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, NMFS Panama City Lab, National Weather Service, NOAA Restoration Center, Office of Coast Survey, and Weeks Bay Estuarine Research Reserve.
Alabama, Dauphin Island
1177 thumbnail picture
Dave Reynolds, Meteorologist in Charge at the NWS WSFO in Monterey, presents Clorene Akers with the Benjamin Franklin Award for 55 years of voluntary weather observation. Ms. Akers just turned 93 and still manages 85 head of cattle on the ranch where she has lived since 1933.
California, San Benito County
1178 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Diving Program headquartered at the NOAA Diving Center. NDP trains, certifies, and equips NOAA divers to perform the variety of tasks out underwater to understand, manage, and conserve our nation's marine resources . Divers Lt. Stephanie Koes, Bill Gordon, and Lt. Earl Spencer are in the Dive Center's 30-foot tall, 40,000 gallon training tower.
Washington, Seattle
1179 thumbnail picture
The National Weather Service participated in the Beaufort South Carolina Marine Corps Air Station Blue Angel Air Show which attracted 100,000 visitors. NWS meteorologists Wendy Moen and Robyn Van Dyke in front of USMC F/A-18's and the NWS outreach tent located just feet away from the runways with the Blue Angels flying by.
South Carolina, Beaufort
1180 thumbnail picture
The first retreat of the NOAA North Atlantic Regional Team (NART), a cross- section of NOAA leaders collaborating and seeking innovative solutions to environmental issues facing NOAA, took place at the National Weather Service's Eastern Region Headquarters.
New York, Bohemia
1181 thumbnail picture
Alaska Fisheries Science Center's National Marine Mammal Laboratory conducted research on four species of arctic ice breeding seals in the NE Bering Sea off NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson. L-R: John Jansen, Heather Zeil, John Goodwin, Shannon Fitzgerald, Dan Savetilik, Josh London, and Peter Boveng.
Alaska, Bering Sea
1182 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Chignik International Airport. NOAA anthropologists were conducting field research to better understand the effects of fisheries policies and Steller sealion protection measures on small Alaskan fishing communities. Waiting for the next plane out of town are L-R: Dr. Palma Ingles, NMFS, graduate student Amanda Poole, and Dr. Jennifer Sepez, NMFS AKFSC.
Alaska, Chignik
1183 thumbnail picture
Participants in a NOAA-funded marine debris removal project off the northern Oregon coast. Derelict trawl nets had been lost in close proximity to undersea fiber-optic cables that carry vast amounts of digital data across the Pacific. Personnel from NOAA, Oregon Sea Grant, Coast Guard, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Lincoln County, and Oregon Public Broadcasting participated.
Oregon, offshore
1184 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Mississippi River from members of the Mississippi River Commission and visiting NWS personnel from the Memphis NWSFO. RADM Sam Debow, NOAA Corps was the NOAA representative to the commission in 2007. L-R: COL Charles Smithers, Kristin Scotten (NWS), Danny Redd, Zwemer Ingram (NWS), RADM Debow, BG Robert Crear, and Gene Rench (NWS)
Tennessee, near Memphis
1185 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Ship Hi'ialakai as it is making its first voyage across the International Dateline on a cruise from Hawaii to Wake Island where work was done chronicling fish and reefs with underwater photography and videography.
Pacific Ocean, between Honolulu and Wake Island
1186 thumbnail picture
The NOAA NMFS Southeast Regional Office unveiled their new address, 263 NOAA Place, with the help of NOAA Administrator VADM Conrad Lautenbacher and Regional Administrator Dr. Roy Crabtree. L-R: Phil Steele, Monica Smit-Brunello, Dr. Crabtree, Becky Stanley, Kim Amendola, Cheryl Franzen, and VADM Lautenbacher.
Florida, St. Petersburg
1187 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC). Staff with one of the largest Shortraker Rockfish ever seen. Caught in the Bering Sea in the 2007 winter and donated to AFSC for research the fish weighed 62 pounds, was 112 cm in length, and study of otoliths (ear bones) the fish was determined to be 90 to 115 years old, having lived through half of NOAA with never having been caught.
Washington, Seattle
1188 thumbnail picture
Celebrating 200 years of science and service by dedicating NOAA's 200th operational tide gage, part of the National Water Level Observation Network, at the Mobile State Docks. L-RL: Gina Stoney, Darren Wright, Jack Dunnigan (NOS Asst. Admin), Tom Landon, Mike Szabados (Director of CO-OPS). Brad Wynn, Rick James, Kate Bosley, Heidi Keller, and Bruce Servary (top).
Alabama, Mobile
1189 thumbnail picture
Personnel from NOAA's Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service teamed up to promote the Sanctuary's Seabird Colony Protection Program at the 2007 Pacific Coast Dream Machines event. L-R: Gerry McChesney, USF&WS, Kelly Higgason, and Karen Reyna, both from NOAA's Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary office.
California, Half Moon Bay
1190 thumbnail picture
Peter Jung, Senior Hydrologist, and William Gartner, Forecaster, staff a booth at the Open House hosted by the co-located NWS Forecast Office and Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center facility in State College, Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania, State College
1191 thumbnail picture
The BEST Scientists on Ice - The Bering Ecosystem Study (BEST) aims to understand the Bering Sea ecosystem and the potential consequences of sea ice loss that is accompanying global warming. Scientists from NOAA NMFS, NOAA OAR, University of Washington/JISAO, and Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory accompanied this April 2007 cruise of the USCG icebreaker Healy.
Alaska, Bering Sea
1192 thumbnail picture
As part of NOAA's year-long 200th celebration, WFO Missoula held two Open House events. The Missoula NWSFO staff is shown here standing in front of a "Slurry" bomber on Neptune Aviation's airfield which is used to drop fire retardant on wildfires. L-R: Ray Nickless, Peter Felsch, Bruce Bauck, Michelle Mead, Bryan Henry, Steve Sigler, Bob Nester, Eugene Petrescu, and Mike Johnson.
Montana, Missoula
1193 thumbnail picture
Bill Thomas (L) , Director Pacific Services Center, and Manning Taite (R), Environmental Literacy Coordinator, (PSC) are shown at the 50th Hawai'i State Science and Engineering Fair with the winner of NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award," Christopher Hakoda, a 9th Grade student at Mililani High School on O'ahu. His project was "Reducing Tsunami Inundation and Run-up."
Hawaii, Oahu, Honolulu
1194 thumbnail picture
Refitting team of the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer beneath the bow of the ship in shipyard. The Okeanos Explorer, former Navy vessel Capable, was being refitted as the only ship in the Federal fleet dedicated to ocean exploration. It joined NOAA's fleet in 2008.
Washington, Seattle
1195 thumbnail picture
Repesentative Vern Ehlers (L) accepted a recent invitation to visit the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Grand Rapids. He is shown with Daniel Cobb, Meteorologist-in-Charge of the Grand Rapids facility.
Michigan, Grand Rapids
1196 thumbnail picture
Officials from NOAA's National Weather Service Grand Rapids Forecast Office, Michigan State Police and Michigan Emergency Managers Association at ceremony recognizing East Grand Rapids, Michigan, as the first StormReady community in Kent County. From R: in brown, NWS MIC Dan Cobb, East Grand Rapids Mayor Cindy Bartman, WZZM Chief Meteorologist George Lessons, and other officials.
Michigan, East Grand Rapids
1197 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Newport, Rhode Island. The officers and crew of the NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow led the Naval Station Newport annual shoreline cleanup onMay 21 . L-R: Pete Gamache, ENS Patrick Sweeney, Mike Murray, Ava Dent, CDR Stephen Beckwith, and LCDR Scott Sirois.
Rhode Island, Newport 2007 May 21
1198 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service meteorologists teamed with scientists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory to exhibit at Alaska's premier aviation event, the Alaska State Aviation Trade Show and Conference. L-R: Brad Sipperley, Hydrometeorologic al Technician, WFO Fairbanks; David Hadley, Lead Forecaster, Alaska Aviation Wea ther Unit; and Kristine Nelson, MIC, Center Weather Service Unit-WFO Fairbanks.
Alaska, Anchorage
1199 thumbnail picture
NWSFO Amarillo personnel serving the citizens of the Texas Panhandle area. L-R L-R front: Glen Woodall, Rich Wynne, Chris Kimble, Tabatha Tripp, Ed Andrade, Sc ott Plischke, Mike Johnson, Dave Wilburn. Back L-R: Jose Garcia, Roland Nunez, J .J. Brost, Steve Bilodeau, Ken Hunter, Steve Drillette, Lance Goehring, Ken Schn eider, David Hennig, John Cockrell, Jason Jordan, Oferal Wise, Matthew Kramar.
Texas, Amarillo

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