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NOAA's People Collection
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1200 thumbnail picture
Crew members of NOAA's WP-3D Orion Hurricane Hunter Aircraft join members of WFO Melbourne, the final stop of the 2007 Hurricane Awareness Tour. The 2007 tour attracted over 10,000 visitors from Rhode Island to Florida.
Florida, Daytona Beach
1201 thumbnail picture
Volunteers from the Austin/San Antonio WSFO participated in an Adopt-a- Highway litter program in April to support their community. L-R: Monte Oaks, Jim Ellis, Marianne Sutton, David Schumacher, Bob Fogarty, Dale Lininger, and Jim Ward (retired NWS).
Texas, New Braunfels
1202 thumbnail picture
A magnificent female tiger shark (3 meters length) captured off the Atlantic coast of North Florida during 2006 pelagic longline survey aboard the NOAA Ship Oregon II. The healthy shark was measured, weighed, tagged, an released. Handling the shark are Skilled Fisherman Tim Martin, Chief Scientist Mark Grace, and Shark Specialist Trey Diggers.
Florida, Atlantic coast
1203 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Fisheries Ecosystem Survey Branch (making fisheries surv eys for over 40 years) of the NMFS Woods Hole Laboratory.Front L-R: Robert Gambl e, Stacy Rowe, Melanie Underwood, Lara Jarvis, Jonathan Duquette, Alicia Long, Heath Cook, Peter Chase, Kevin McIntosh. Back L-R: Linda Despres, William Kramer , Nikolai Klibansky, Andrew Hall, Larry Brady, Yvonna Rowinski, Sean Lucey.
Massachusetts, Woods Hole
1204 thumbnail picture
Several members of the Office of Coast Survey ad hoc SPOT (Special Projects Operations Team aboard the NOAA Survey Vessel S3004 during an integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping Project with NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries, and Nationa l Centers for Coastal and Ocean Science. L-R: Mike Davidson, Dave Elliott, Paul Turner, and Caleb Gostnell from NOAA's Office of Coast Survey.
Florida, Key West
1205 thumbnail picture
Scientists and crew aboard the NOAA Ship Nancy Foster after finishing a multi- beam mapping cruise in Coral Habitat Areas of Particular Concern along the Florida coast. Participants included NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program; National Undersea Research Center at UNC-Wilmington; National Institute of Under sea Science and Technology; Office of Coast Survey, and others.
Florida, Atlantic Ocean
1206 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA exhibit area at Nauticus Center at the National Maritime Museum. NOAA personnel showcased NOAA products and services at the 2007 Annual Meeting of State Floodplain Managers. NOAA personnel from the National Geodetic Survey, Coastal Services Center, Office of Communications, and National Weather Service provided information to participants.
Virginia, Norfolk
1207 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Southwest Divisional Office of Law Enforcement and the Conser vation Educations Corps Senior Volunteers! The Conservation Education Corps act as NOAA Wildlife Conservation Stewards to educate the public on California natural resource issues and to raise protection and conservation awareness.
California, Long Beach
1208 thumbnail picture
Aloha from the Hilo Earth Day Fair. Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO) scientists and staff joined other NOAA organizations to celebrate Earth Day 2007, commemorate NOAA's 200 years, and also help celebrate MLO's 50th Anniversary. L-R: Preston Sato, David Nardini, Trevor Kaplan, Director John Barnes, Darryl Kuniyuki, Aidan Colton, Kalei Lau, Steve Ryan, and Paul Fukumura-Sawada.
Hawaii, Hilo
1209 thumbnail picture
NOAA participated in "America's Weekend" marking the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Jamestown and dedicating the inauguration of the Chesapeake National Historic Water Trail. L-R: NOAA Administrator VADM Conrad Lautenbacher, Mary Bomar, Director National Park Service, Alicia Jarboe, Doug Wilson, Captain John Smith- Ian Bystrom, Peyton Robertson, Andrew Larkin, and Brady Phillips.
Virginia, Jamestown
1210 thumbnail picture
NOAA participants in a NOAA day at Riviera Beach Maritime Academy. This event was developed by Joe Shewmaker, an Einstein Fellow in NOAA Office of Education. Pictured aboard the R/V Triton are L-R: LCDR Carl Newman, Joe Shewmaker, LTJG Rebecca Waddington, Jocelyn Karazsia, Hugh Cobb, Robert Molleda, and LTJG Jennifer Pralgo. Joe Shewmaker is also a faculty member of the Academy.
Florida, Riviera Beach
1211 thumbnail picture
Participants in a conference highlighting the 50th Anniversary of the Fargo 1957 tornado held at North Dakota State University. This tornado prompted Dr. Ted Fujita to develop the Fujita Scale which is used to describe the strength of those storms. Dave McShane, MIC of the Grand Forks, NWSFO, is back row left.
North Dakota, Fargo
1212 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration greetings from the NOAA Satellite Operations facility. This new facility is the home to approximately 550 employees of the Operations Control Center which provides command, control, and communication for NOAA satellites and the Defense Meteorological Satellite program. This new building was dedicated on June 11, 2007.
Maryland, Suitland 2007 July 2
1213 thumbnail picture
Fulfilling the National Marine Sanctuaries Act mandate to cooperate with other governments in the protection and management of special marine areas, a NOAA team comprising from L-R George Galasso, Ann Weaver, Bob Steelquist, and Ann Walton, as well as Paula Brown ( R at end) worked with Vietnamese mentors in training a management team for the soon to be designated Phu Quoc MPA.
Vietnam 2007 May
1214 thumbnail picture
Scientists and crew aboard the NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan send greetings from the Farallon Islands off of San Francisco. These scientists from NOAA SWFSC were in the midst of conducting the 25th Annual Midwater Trawl Survey. Back L-R : Ken Baltz, Joao Alves, Keith Sakuma, Kevin Stierhoff, and Jose"Chico" Gomez. Front L-R: Lisa Sheffield, Cathy Preston, and Sophie Webb.
California, Farallon Islands
1215 thumbnail picture
NOAA Administrator VADM Conrad Lautenbacher (R), NOAA Director of National Marine Sanctuary Program Dan Basta (L), and Navy Captain Christopher Murray (C), unveil a NOAA Heritage Marker during the grand opening of the USS Monitor Center at the Mariners' Museum. the marker is set below a steel cradle which removed the Monitor turret from the seafloor.
Virginia, Newport News
1216 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Basic Officer Training Class 111 at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. L-R: Ensigns Russell Quintero, Jonathan Heesch, Nathan Parker, Mark Andrews, Nathan Witherly, Glen Rice, Brian Player, Megan O'Brien, Ronald Moyers, Matthew Griffin, Patrick Redmond, Bennie Johnson, Christine Schul tz, Claire Surrey, Megan Guberski, Faith Opatrny, and CDR Anne Lynch.
New York, Kings Point
1217 thumbnail picture
NOAA NMFS Assistant Administrator Bill Hogarth (first row center) took time out from Regional Fishery Management Councils annual meetings with NMFS to lead over 45 fishery managers from around the country on a restoration and cleanup activity to aid a local fisherman and his family devastated by Hurricane Katrina .
Louisiana, east New Orleans
1218 thumbnail picture
The NOAA Boulder Outreach Coordinating Council and other NOAA personnel shown here worked with artist and meteorologist Ken Leap to implement a sundial sculpture named "Shadows of the Seasons" which serves to explain the tilt of the Earth's axis, climate zones, and seasons.
Colorado, Boulder
1219 thumbnail picture
The Dodge City National Weather Service Forecast Office sponsored an Earth Day poster contest among local elementary schools with the theme "Protecting Our Great Plains." Kindergarten through Fourth Grade winners are shown with NOAA employees from L: Scott Reiter, Rick Sloan, Serri Baker, Rick Leupold, Tim Burke , Jesse Lee, and Larry Ruthi.
Kansas, Dodge City
1220 thumbnail picture
In June the Indianapolis Weather Forecast Office hosted a lightning safety awareness week event on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Shown under the awning are from L: an interested citizen, NWS meteorologists Joseph Nield and Jason Puma.
Indiana, Indianapolis
1221 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration Greetings from the "Biggest Little City in the World." The Reno Weather Forecast Office is responsible for NE California, the Sierras, W Nevada, and Lake Tahoe. L-R: Brian O'Hara, Chris Smallcomb, Mike Reitas, Bubba Cummings, Jessica Keilhorn, Patsy Buckley, Jane Hollingsworth, Gary Barbato, Chris Jordan, Scott McGuire, Shane Snider, Dave Pike, and Duffy Johnson.
Nevada, Reno
1222 thumbnail picture
Six NOAA participants including Pam van der Leeden (2 back row) , Doug Weaver ( blue back row), Michelle Lander (center white) Kalei Shotwell (2nd row red), Larry Swenson (R end 2nd row), and Sam McClatchie (3rd row red, 2nd from left). Participants were being instructed in "Satellite Remote Sensing in Biological Oceanography with funding by the NESDIS Satellite Research and Operations.
New York, Ithaca, Cornell University
1223 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration Greetings from the Eureka NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office. When the Coast Guard towed this malfunctioning wave rider buoy into Humboldt Bay, NWS Hydrologist Carol Ciliberti came up with this innovative transportation mode to move the 300 pound buoy to a more convenient location for shipment to a repair facility.
California, Eureka
1224 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration Greetins from Southern California! Staff of the National Weather Service Forecast Office for Los Angeles region and staff from the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary get together to discuss collaborative efforts and how to serve the public better.
California, Oxnard
1225 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Central Gulf Coast! NOAA's National Weather Service Forecast Office in Birmingham, Alabama represented the NWS offices serving the state at the Alabama Broadcasters Association 2007 Convention. Former NFL quarterback Kenny Stabler and then color commentator for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide joins L-R: Mark Linhares, Scott Unger, Stabler, and John Sirmon.
Alabama, Clear Point
1226 thumbnail picture
The National Weather Service Office in Gaylord, Michigan, sends 200th Greetings! Both the Upper Air Building and NEXRAD radar are shown with L-R: Bruce Smith, Kevin A. Sullivan, David Lawrence, Richard Melton, Scott Rozanski, Gary Campbell , Jeffrey Lutz, Odell Prince, Kevin Farina, Upper Air Balloon, Mary Prentice, Jeffrey Zoltowski, and Robert Weaver.
Michigan, Gaylord
1227 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service Northern Indiana office sends 200th Greetings! The Northern Indiana NWSO set up an information and display booth at the Goshen Freedom Fest. Shown here with a Blackhawk Helicopter crew are L-R: Senior Meteorologists John Taylor and Sam Lashley, along with SCEP Sara Weisser and Intern B.J. Simpson.
Indiana, Goshen 2007 June 30
1228 thumbnail picture
After addressing the Western Governors Conference in Deadwood, South Dakota, NOAA Chief of Staff Scott Rayder joins several of the staff of the Rapid City, SD Weather Service Forecast staff at Mount Rushmore. L-R back: Matt Bunkers, Kelly Whitaker, Scott Rayder, Lynn Maximuk, Joel Cline, and Kandis Boyd. Front L -R: Susan Sanders, Dave Carpenter, and Melissa Smith.
South Dakota, Mount Rushmore
1229 thumbnail picture
Hunkering down from the wind at the 7,600-foot summit of Mt. Ashland, electronics technician Matt Wymore from NWSFO Medford is on-site to ensure the doppler radar there remains operational.
Oregon, Mt. Ashland
1230 thumbnail picture
Electronics technicians David Kauwe, Darren Dixon, Warren Matt Wymore, and Nancy McGlothlan travel by truck-size snowcat or snowmobile nine months out of each year to the Mt. Ashland radar site. The trip is not for the faint-hearted. The radar provides warnings from the rain-forest of the southern Oregon coast, to the high desert of SE Oregon and N Calif. and on to the high Sierra.
Oregon, Medford
1231 thumbnail picture
NOAA librarians take time out from the books to send greetings from the Annual NOAA Libraries Conference. NOAA has 31 libraries encompassing some of the largest environmental science collections on Earth that serve NOAA personnel Antarctica to the Alaskan Arctic and have even provided information to NOAA ships at sea. Janice Beattie, NOAA Central Library Director, in black, front row
Maryland, Silver Spring
1232 thumbnail picture
Promoting environmental literacy is essential to support NOAA's mission. One way NOAA does this is through internship programs that provide the opportunity for young scholars to work with NOAA scientists. In 2007 more than 120 interns came to NOAA through the Ernest Hollings Undergraduate Scholars, Educational Partnership Program (EPP) for undergrads, and EPP for graduate students.
Maryland, Silver Spring
1233 thumbnail picture
NOAA hosted the 5th Annual Women's History Month Training Conference. These attendees from National Weather Service facilities in the western U.S. were able to meet and discuss common interests. L-R: Janet Nix, Tanja Fransen, Linda Cheng, Mary Smith, Carolina Walbrun, Michelle Mead, Dawn Fishler, Maureen Ballard, Sheila Deiotte, Michelle Pezel, and Cindy Bean.
Washington, D.C.
1234 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Fisheries NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) coordinators who met at the David Skaggs Research Center in June. L-R: David Keys (SE), Tony Morton (SW). Tamra Faris (Oregon), David Tomey (NE), Steve Kokkinakis (NOAA HQ), Marilyn Luipold (Pacific Islands), Kathe Hawe (NW), Steve Davis (Alaska), Cristi Reid, Shelby Mendez, and Mitch Bryman (all NOAA HQ.)
Colorado, Boulder
1235 thumbnail picture
Crew of the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown surveying the Western Atlantic Ocean and celebrating NOAA's 200th and the 25th anniversary of observations of the Florida Current and the meridional overturning circulation. These observations have become a cornerstone of the NSF Rapid Climate Change Program.
Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Stream
1236 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NOAA's Integrated Coral Observing Network. Atlantic Oceanographi c and Meteorological Laboratory scientists worked with the World Bank Global Environmental Facility and Caribbean Community Secretariat to install this Coral Reef Early Warning System station. Peter Gayle of the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory and Dr. Jim Hendee of the ICON shake hands on completion of site.
Jamaica, Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory
1237 thumbnail picture
Scientists and crew of the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter completed an intensive SEAMAP winter survey of ichthyoplankton in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Upper left panel front: Pam Pam Bond, Kim Williams, Denice Drass, Christina Schobernd and Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz; Back row - Glenn Zapfe and Alonzo Hamilton.
Florida, Gulf of Mexico
1238 thumbnail picture
Greetings from this year's student scholars assigned to Boulder Labs. From left Melissa Payer, Katherine Pingree, Colleen Heck, Sean Boocock, Greg Seroka, Ilissa Ocko, Adam Greenbaum, Jonathan Splitt, Stavros Calos, Gregory Woodall, Ryan Neely, Stephen Wilfong, and Scott Miller.
Colorado, Boulder
1239 thumbnail picture
Early each summer NOAA Emergency Response Division scientists conduct one or more surveys of shorelines in western Prince William Sound, Alaska, to document recovery following the March 24, 1989, Exxon Valdez oil spill. From left: John Whitney, Alaska Scientific Support Coordinator; John Tarpley, Regional Operations Coordinator; and Alan Mearns, Senior Staff Scientist.
Alaska, Prince William Sound
1240 thumbnail picture
NOAA CoastWatch recently celebrated 20 years of continuous service and commemorated NOAA's 200th Celebration at the 2007 CoastWatch Node Operations Managers Meeting in Annapolis, MD. Though CoastWatch is housed within NESDIS, it is a NOAA-wide program with Nodes in each of the major Line Offices.
Maryland, Annapolis
1241 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service Southern Region Acting Director Steven Cooper gathered his headquarters staff together recently to celebrate their Department of Commerce Bronze Medal. Also on hand, were visiting meteorologists from the People's Republic of China who were there on an exchange program.
Texas, Fort Worth
1242 thumbnail picture
The Physical Oceanography Division of NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory poses for a group photo outside of AOML. Staff came from as far as Spain, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA, Silver Spring, MD, and even summer students from Puerto Rico. The occasion was the annual meeting of the AOML Ship of Opportunity program.
Florida, Miami
1243 thumbnail picture
This group of Americorps volunteers from northern Colorado called the Colorado Range Riders was assigned to help restore a portion of southern Mississippi impacted by Hurricane Katrina. After participating in three days of coastal cleanups and weeks of restoring damaged homes, these hard working young adults were rewarded with an educational kayak tour of the Grand Bay NERR.
Mississippi, Grand Bay Nat. Estuarine Res. Res.
1244 thumbnail picture
Researchers from NOAA's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research have conducted an annual research cruise aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster to Puerto Rico and Isla Vieques to study and monitor seagrass beds with respect to physical disturbances including boat groundings, storms, wave energy, and foraging areas.
Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico
1245 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service Geographic Information Systems users recently gathered at the 27th Annual ESRI International User Conference held in San Diego. Manning the NOAA booth L-R: Kris Lander, Ira Graffman, Keith Stellman, Becky Griffis, Kari Sheets and Jenna Meyers.
California, San Diego
1246 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the only NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office in the southern hemisphere - WSO Pago Pago. From L - Elinor Lutu-McMoore, Meteorological Technician and Carol Maafala-Baqui, Meteorologist.
American Samoa, Pago Pago
1247 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service in North Platte, Nebraska. The NWS folks entered a float in the NEBRASKAland Days Parade in the 2007 parade with the theme "The Tradition Lives On." NWS folks from top left: Bill Taylor, Brian Hirsch, Teresa Keck, Dennis Phillips (as Dorothy) and Jim Sweet as good witch Glenda. NWS children on float and L- Deb Blondin and R- Angela Oder in front.
Nebraska, North Platte
1248 thumbnail picture
Following a severe weather safety presentation by John Paul Martin (Front-far left), Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NOAA's NWSFO in Bismarck, personnel from the Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation join in commemorating NOAA's 200years of science, service, and stewardship.
North Dakota, Bismarck
1249 thumbnail picture
The NWS in Taunton, Massachusetts, hosted the first stop of the 2007 East Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour at Quonset State Airport. Standing in front of the NOAA Hurricane Hunter Lockheed WP-3D Orion Aircraft are L-R: Tracy McCormick, Jeane Wallace, David Vallee, Edward Capone, and Jeff Ouellet.
Rhode Island, Kingston

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