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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

300 thumbnail picture
Unidentified Coast and Geodetic Survey triangulation party member on way to Alaska.
1924 ca.
301 thumbnail picture
George ___, ??, and Riz Risvold on the way to Alaska for triangulation work on party of Bill Scaife.
1924 ca.
302 thumbnail picture
Floyd Risvold thinking over whether he really wants to pet a wildcat kitten.
303 thumbnail picture
Assistant Charles O. Boutelle of the United States Coast Survey, hydrographer and confidant to Admirals Du Pont and Dahlgren with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War.
304 thumbnail picture
Newspaper article on Ernest Lester Jones.#1
305 thumbnail picture
Newspaper article on Ernest Lester Jones.#2
306 thumbnail picture
Newspaper article on Ernest Lester Jones.#3
307 thumbnail picture
Article on Ernest Lester Jones, "Friend of the Underdog." Left side.
308 thumbnail picture
Article on Ernest Lester Jones, "Friend of the Underdog." Right side.
309 thumbnail picture
Carl Risvold in his early years in the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. Mr. Risvold spent much of his career in surveying the western states and Alaska.
Montana, Helena Butte area 1920 ca.
310 thumbnail picture
Carl Risvold on right. Looks like reconnaissance in their best duds.
Montana, Helena Butte area 1920 ca.
311 thumbnail picture
Crew of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship LYDONIA in 1933. Image no. pers0317 has key to names of all crew and officers including George Cowie, Walter Bainbridge, Harry Reed, Ken Crosby, and marine engineers Overton and Conover.
Virginia, Norfolk
312 thumbnail picture
Key to all personnel in image pers0316. Note three occurrences of the name Willis. Their relatives and descendants sailed with C&GS ships and then NOAA ships through at least three generations.
313 thumbnail picture
Attendees at C&GS Topographical Conference of 1892, Henry Whiting Chairman. Includes Dallas Bache Wainwright, John W. Donn, William Hodgkins, John Flemer, Herbert G. Ogden, William Dennis, Cleveland Rockwell, C.T. Iardella, Augustus Rodgers, and Richard Meade Bache.
Washington, D.C.
314 thumbnail picture
Captain Gilbert T. Rude, Chief Division of Coastal Surveys, and Rear Admiral Jean H. Hawley, Assistant Director of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, inspect work of Assistant Cartographic Engineer Byron P. Roberts.
Washington, D.C.
315 thumbnail picture
Charles Anton Schott, Chief Geodesist, Mathematician, and Magnetician of the Coast and Geodetic Survey for much of the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. He was a charter member of the National Academy of Sciences. Schott was also considered to be the first statistical climatologist by Cleveland Abbe.
316 thumbnail picture
Henry Mitchell, pioneer physical oceanographer engaged in studies of harbors and estuaries. Brother of famous astronomer Maria Mitchell. Henry was a member of the National Academy of Sciences.
317 thumbnail picture
Alexander Dallas Bache, Second and arguably greatest of the Superintendents of the Coast Survey. He expanded the operations of the Survey to cover the whole U.S. coastline, began geophysical operations in the Coast Survey, was a founder and first president of the National Academy of Sciences, and made the Coast Survey a strong arm of Union mapping and intelligence during the Civil War.
318 thumbnail picture
Geodesist John F. Hayford of the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.
319 thumbnail picture
Cover to Who's Who in the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. Sketches of all superintendents and directors of C&GS since its inception on the cover.
320 thumbnail picture
Third Assistant Engineer Tom Garten exploring Ragged Point off the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship PATHFINDER.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Kagalaska Island 1953
321 thumbnail picture
Unidentified crewman returning to PATHFINDER in bow of whaleboat.
Alaska, Pribilof Islands, St. Paul 1953
322 thumbnail picture
Jack Scherting in front of the Bailey Board on the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship PATHFINDER.
323 thumbnail picture
Fisheries scientist Bell Shimada holding what appears to be a penguin. Bell was a pioneer in approaching fisheries science from an overarching ecological viewpoint.
324 thumbnail picture
Fisheries scientist Townsend Cromwell standing above and behind scientists while launching scientific gear.
325 thumbnail picture
Fisheries scientist Bell Shimada making up lines for catching fish for further study.
326 thumbnail picture
Fisheries scientist Bell Shimada.
327 thumbnail picture
Ernest Lester Jones, father of the NOAA Corps.
328 thumbnail picture
Ernest Lester Jones, father of the NOAA Corps.
329 thumbnail picture
Major Edward Bissell Hunt, one of the great intellects of the Nineteenth Century .
Washington, D.C.
330 thumbnail picture
John Finley Park, author of one of the first scientific studies of tornadoes, while governor of Zamboanga, Philippine Islands, about 1910.
Philippine Islands, Zamboanga
331 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of the Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship EXPLORER.
Alaska, Adak?
332 thumbnail picture
Crew of SHORAN shore camp off EXPLORER.
Alaska, Bering Sea
333 thumbnail picture
Captain George Anderson and native of St. Paul, Pribilof Islands.
Alaska, St. Paul Island
334 thumbnail picture
A Coast and Geodetic Survey crew that worked along the ALCAN Highway.
335 thumbnail picture
President George W. Bush with NWS Deputy Director John Jones to left and Department of Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans to right visiting NOAA HQ to deliver message on global change.
2002 February 14
336 thumbnail picture
Deputy Assistant Administrator of Fisheries John Oliver shaking hands with President George W. Bush on occasion of the President's visit to NOAA HQ.
2002 February 14
337 thumbnail picture
Christening ceremony of NOAA Fisheries Research Vessel PISCES. L to R John Oliver, President of Halter Shipyard, NOAA Administrator Conrad Lautenbacher, unidentified, unidentified, Rear Admiral John Bailey, Commander Phil Gruccio, and unidentified Navy Chaplain.
338 thumbnail picture
Bill Read, Director of the National Hurricane Center.
2008, January 25.
339 thumbnail picture
Dr. Gordon Lill, Deputy Director of the National Ocean Survey, and head of the American Miscellaneous Society, the founding group of the Deep Sea Drilling Project.
340 thumbnail picture
Dr. Steve Hammond of OAR, PMEL, NOAA Vents Program
341 thumbnail picture
William C. Haines, Weather Bureau employee, senior meteorologist on first and second Byrd Antarctic Expeditions. He was one of two Weather Bureau employees who were the first NOAA ancestor agency employees to winter over in Antarctica. His nickname was "Cyclone." He accompanied the second Byrd Antarctic Expediton and was awarded a special Congressional Medal.
342 thumbnail picture
H. T. Harrison, junior meteorologist on the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition. He wintered over with William C. Haines on the first Byrd Antarctic expedtion, thus making him one of the first two NOAA ancestor agency employees to winter over on the Antarctic continent.
343 thumbnail picture
William Bolhofer in Vietnam. His Vietnam experiences inspired him to become a meteorologist.
344 thumbnail picture
Dr. Igor Smolyar of NODC.
345 thumbnail picture
John J. Bachtel, old-time Coast and Geodetic Survey field man while helping train CPS-98 personnel in the American Southwest during WWII. CPS-98 was unique as it was a group of drafted conscientious objectors that were assigned to the Coast and Geodetic Survey.
1945 Circa
346 thumbnail picture
General Guillaume Henri Dufour (1787-1875), Swiss geodesist, topographer, and cartographer. A contemporary of Ferdinand Hassler, founder of the U.S. Coast Survey.
347 thumbnail picture
Otto Krummel, German geographer and oceanographer (1854-1912.)
1900 Circa
348 thumbnail picture
Victor Hensen, German pioneer in the study of oceanic plankton (1835-1924.)
1900 Circa
349 thumbnail picture
Autographed portrait of Senator Scoop Jackson with inscription: "To Arnold Karo, with deep appreciation for all your help. From his friend Scoop"
1965 Circa

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