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NOAA In Space Collection
Catalog of Images

600 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Gloria made landfall three times before diminishing over New England. It reached Category 4 intensity early in its life, then skirted the coastline of the U.S. Here it is shown skirting the New Jersey coastline.
1985 September 28
601 thumbnail picture
GOES-East image showing a Nor'easter producing rain and strong winds over parts of the Northeast United States and eastern Canada. Further south, Tropical Storm Paula has weakened to a depression and is located just north of central Cuba.
2010 October 15
602 thumbnail picture
This image from the GOES-East full hemisphere infrared scan shows an extremely large and intense storm system that has rolled across the plains and into the Great Lakes and Mid-west regions over the last twelve hours. The storm brought heavy precipitation and winds and generated many tornado warnings stretching from Michigan to Tennessee.
2010 October 26
603 thumbnail picture
Tropical Storm Shary, a small system is seen south southwest of Bermuda. A strong tropical wave that looks like an already developed storm is east southeast of the Windward Islands. This system had an 80 % chance of developing into a tropical storm within the next 24 to 48 hours.
2010 October 29 1445Z
604 thumbnail picture
A storm system moving away from the Northeast United States. This system produced showers and strong winds over southern New England.
2010 November 10
605 thumbnail picture
A knife-edge squall line extends across the Southeast United States. This image was observed from GOES East.
2010 November 26
606 thumbnail picture
A composite image of 2010 hurricanes. Although a quite active season, no major landfalling hurricanes affected the United States. There were nineteen named storms during the year, making 2010 the third most active season on record, tying 1887 and 1995.
607 thumbnail picture
NOAA-19 satellite model. This satellite carries AVHRR, AMSU, HIRS, MHS, SBUV, and SEM sensors for detecting a myriad of atmospheric, oceanic, and terrestrial properties on Earth.
608 thumbnail picture
Graphic indicating weeks of coral heating stress in the South China Sea and other areas of southeast Asia.
609 thumbnail picture
Extratropical cyclone off the SE coast of Australia.
610 thumbnail picture
Satellite sensor derived sea surface temperature anomalies
2009 July 1
611 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Alex moving toward landfall 130 miles to the south-southeast of Brownsville, TX. Maximum sustained winds were 70 knots with gusts to 85 knots . Alex was the first June hurricane since 1995.
2010 June 30
612 thumbnail picture
Description not available.
613 thumbnail picture
Pacific Ocean showing surface water temperature anomalies.
614 thumbnail picture
First GOES-15 full disk image.
2010 April 6 1733 UTC
615 thumbnail picture
Coral reef watch coral bleaching thermal stress outlook graphic.
2010 September 21
616 thumbnail picture
NOAA coral reef watch satellite coral bleaching alert area.
2010 September 20
617 thumbnail picture
Launch of NOAA-N Prime from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
2009 February 6
618 thumbnail picture
Remarkable cellular cloud pattern taken from NOAA or ESSA satellite.
619 thumbnail picture
Tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico.
620 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Mitch near its peak intensity with maximum sustained winds at 180 mph (285 km/hr). A few days later after making landfall in Central America nearly 11,000 people were confirmed dead and almost as many reported missing making Mitch the second-deadliest hurricane on record, only surpassed by the Great Hurricane of 1780.
1998 October 26
621 thumbnail picture
Dedication ceremony for Wallops Island GOES receiving station.
622 thumbnail picture
Dr. Robert White, ESSA Administrator, speaking at dedication of Wallops Island satellite receiving station.
623 thumbnail picture
Dr. Robert White and Dr. George Cressman at ribbon cutting ceremony for Wallops Island satellite receiving station.
624 thumbnail picture
Unknown dignitary speaking at dedication of Wallops Island satellite receiving station.
625 thumbnail picture
Dr. George Cressman, head of the Weather Bureau, speaking at the dedication of the Wallops Island GOES receiver.
626 thumbnail picture
Federated States of Micronesia $2.00 stamp highlighting role of weather satellites in monitoring sea surface temperatures and observing and predicting El Nino events.
627 thumbnail picture
First GOES-14 full disk visible image
2009 July 27

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