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NOAA In Space Collection
Catalog of Images

400 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Hugo approaching the South Carolina coast.
1989 September 21 2100 UTC
401 thumbnail picture
Dust or smoke over the Yucatan Peninsula.
1982 April 4 1347 UTC
402 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Gladys as seen from Apollo 7 in its 99th revolution of the Earth. Photographed from an altitude of 99 nautical miles.
1968 October 17
403 thumbnail picture
ATS-3 full disc image. Forerunner of GOES satellite system.
1968 January 21 1800 GMT
404 thumbnail picture
Water vapor imagery as seen from GOES.
1982 August 1
405 thumbnail picture
Frontal systems racing across the North Pacific. The one on the left is catching up with and overrunning the trailing front associated with the low pressure center on the right. An ESSA 9 polar-orbiting satellite image.
1969 April 21 0130 GMT
406 thumbnail picture
GOES water vapor imagery over United States and much of western hemisphere.
1991 November 12
407 thumbnail picture
SMS-II full disc infrared image showing parade of tropical storms marching to the west across the eastern Pacific Ocean.
1976 September 26 1945
408 thumbnail picture
Ship contrails off the California coast are visible on the right margin. Cloud streets trending NE-SW off Baja California and southern California.
Year ? November 28
409 thumbnail picture
Large cyclone south of the Aleutian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean.
No date given
410 thumbnail picture
Low pressure center over the northeast Pacific Ocean.
Year ? June 4
411 thumbnail picture
A large extratropical cyclone in the northeast Pacific approaching the U.S. northwest coast. Ship contrails are apparent off the coast of California.
Year ? April 3 2145 UTC
412 thumbnail picture
Satellite view of cloud pattern. Location and date unknown.
413 thumbnail picture
Strong frontal system off the United States East Coast.
Year? April 1 2030 UTC
414 thumbnail picture
Frontal system extending from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf Coast.
Year? April 14 2230 UTC
415 thumbnail picture
Large thunderstorms probably over the Central United States plains.
Year? May 18 2344 UTC
416 thumbnail picture
Two large storms in the northeast Pacific Ocean.
1979? February 12 2145 Z
417 thumbnail picture
A view of Earth from space as envisioned in L'Atmosphere by Camille Flammarion, 1872.
418 thumbnail picture
An image of a cloud covered United States as well as much of the eastern Pacific Ocean. Perhaps this image is on the same day but a different pass than image spac0422. Note a somewhat distorted full moon in this image.
1979 February 12 1700
419 thumbnail picture
Cloud cover in the Caribbean sea and to the north of Cuba. Cuba is plainly visible in the middle to center right as is the Yucatan Peninsula to the west.
1977 January 20 0147 GMT
420 thumbnail picture
Hurricane Andrew GOES 7 imagery on top of image with a simulated increase in resolution as predicted following the launch of GOES I.
1992 August 24 2030 Z
421 thumbnail picture
A remarkable image of two frontal systems converging south of the Aleutian Islands. This image is convincing testimony as to why the Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea are known as the "The Home of the Winds."
1969 April 22 0030 GMT
422 thumbnail picture
Looking down on cloud streets and a honeycomb pattern in cumulus. Area unknown.
1973 April 28
423 thumbnail picture
A very strange assemblage of clouds as seen from satellite. Date and location unknown.
424 thumbnail picture
A vortex and frontal band in the North Atlantic Ocean.
1965 February 16
425 thumbnail picture
A remarkable vortex south of Greenland with trailing front and cloud streets to the south. The trailing front appears to have waves along it to the NW.
1973 March 28
426 thumbnail picture
The Florida Peninsula with Lake Okeechobee. Huge thunderstorm complexes with tops blowing to the west are seen in the Bahama Islands.
1973 July 6
427 thumbnail picture
Wave pattern in clouds south of Cape Cod.
19?? March 22
428 thumbnail picture
A very sharp frontal system extending from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico.
19?? January 14 1800
429 thumbnail picture
False gray scale temperature deriving heights of cloud tops. The black areas off Georgia are probably large thunderstorm complexes. A large comma shaped storm with associated frontal system covers much of the mid-section of the USA. Probably a then experimental project.
19?? June 20
430 thumbnail picture
Smoke from Wyoming forest fires is trailing southeast after passing over the Mid-Atlantic States.
1988 September 12 130100
431 thumbnail picture
Wyoming forest fires. A frontal system with well-developed thunderstorms is seen over Nebraska.
1988 September 7 233100
432 thumbnail picture
Strong tropical wave over the Cape Verde Islands. This is probably an image from and early TIROS satellite.
433 thumbnail picture
Super Typhoon Oscar SE of Japan near peak intensity.
1995 September 15 0038 GMT
434 thumbnail picture
Super Typhoon Kent ENE of Luzon and threatening Taiwan. Ultimately it made landfall in China.
1995 August 29 0049
435 thumbnail picture
Snow pack on the Sierra Nevada of California. NOAA-3 imagery.
436 thumbnail picture
GOES imagery of Hurricane Hugo passing over U.S. Virgin Islands.
Caribbean Sea 1989 September 17 1931 UTC
437 thumbnail picture
GOES image of tropical wave in Caribbean and Tropical Storm Hugo in the Atlantic.
Caribbean Sea 1989 September 13 1600 UTC
438 thumbnail picture
Super Typhoon Ward south of Japan. Fortunately it recurved to the east before striking any Japanese island.
1995 October 20 00:24 GMT
439 thumbnail picture
Ship tracks? Aircraft tracks? as seen from satellite? Note there are two objects in the image - middle left apparently traveling to W (left). Center upper right object is traveling to SE (assuming image is oriented to N).
440 thumbnail picture
Satellite infrared view of Hurricane Andrew making landfall south of Miami.
Florida 1992 August 24 0831 UTC
441 thumbnail picture
Satellite infrared view of Hurricane Andrew after it had crossed over the Florida Peninsula and entered the Gulf of Mexico.
Florida, Gulf of Mexico 1992 August 24 1825 UTC
442 thumbnail picture
Weather patterns, ice cover, the Aleutian Islands, and western Alaska.
443 thumbnail picture
Weather patterns, ice cover, the Aleutian Islands, and western Alaska. Image
444 thumbnail picture
Products of the NOAA/Navy Joint Ice Center in 1982. The center has evolved into the National Ice Center.
445 thumbnail picture
Infrared imagery of Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico
446 thumbnail picture
Infrared imagery of Gulf Stream off the Virginia Capes
447 thumbnail picture
Sea surface temperature anomalies from March to August 1997 showing evolution of major El Nino.
448 thumbnail picture
Water vapor imagery over western United States from GOES
1982 August 1
449 thumbnail picture
Satellite launch

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