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Historical C&GS | Geodesy

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man hikingThe 'Getting There' Collection contains over 300 images depicting the methods and problems of "getting there". The "there" refers to the workplace of the geodetic surveyors. "There" were the mountaintops, the swamps, the deserts, the forests, the tundra, the plains ... wherever their work took them to observe angles and azimuths, measure distances, and determine elevations. "Getting There" could involve walking and climbing mountains with staggering loads of surveying equipment; riding on wagons, ox-carts, or dogsleds; pumping hand-cars over tens of miles of railroad; motoring across America in primitive trucks before most roads were paved, or in many cases where there were no roads; getting stuck in snow, mud, sand, or dust; riding boats and rafts in wild rivers or through uncharted seas; or flying early float-planes and helicopters with the attendant danger of flying in rugged, mountainous areas.

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Historical C&GS ~ Geodesy Albums - Getting There

man hiking
On Foot

horses and wagon
On Horseback,
Dog Sled

men and velocipede
By Velocipede

early auto
By Truck and
Other Land Vehicles

men in boat
By Boat and

early airplane and pilot
By Aircraft

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September 30, 2009