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NOAA at the Ends of the Earth

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Like strings of pearls, there are hundreds of islands, atolls, and rocks strung across the tropical regions of the World Ocean. Many of these are among the great islands and archipelagoes of the Earth such as the major islands of the Hawaiian and Philippine Islands; others are mere rocks which are the last remnants of once great volcanic islands; and others are patches of sand with a few trees and bushes here and there. NOAA and its ancestor agencies have worked on and amongst many of these islands charting azure seas, observing and protecting the marine birds and mammals who make their homes in these sometimes remote areas, studying pristine reefs in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, and even monitoring changes in our atmosphere such as at Mauna Loa, the largest mountain on Earth. Join the scientists, sailors, and surveyors of NOAA and its ancestor agencies as they visit and work on many of the tropical islands of our planet...

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NOAA At The Ends of the Earth ~ Islands in the Sun

jungle and hut
Equatorial Pacific

ocean and rock
North Pacific

jungle scene
Tropical East

palm trees and surf
South Pacific

island coastal scene
Atlantic and Caribbean

vintage photo of surveyor in Philippines
The Philippines

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September 30, 2009