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Paskamansett River Fishway Modification

The Paskamansett River historically supported large herring runs. Until the 1960’s, the herring extensively used the upstream spawning grounds. During the mid-1970’s, a sharp decline in herring occurred; many people thought the herring disappeared. The decline may be associated with two important local occurrences, rapid urbanization and construction of the dam and fish way. During the 1970's and 1980's the up gradient of Russell’s Mills Pond was stocked with adult blueback herring. In addition, attempts were made to improve the fish way by adding vertical baffles to reduce water velocity. Adult herring have returned to the river since 1997 but none have been documented above the dam. In an effort to reestablish fish passage, the existing fish way at Russell’s Mills Dam was modified by cutting out a section of the lower fish way, excavating the channel to 24 inches, and reinforcing the structure with steel mesh or rods.
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Last Updated:
September 30, 2009