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art of the noaa photo library

The professional experiences of the Coast Survey, Fisheries, and Weather Bureau officials and employees led them to observe some of the most dramatic natural features, magnificent marine creatures, and atmospheric phenomena occurring on our planet. It is not surprising that a few of these individuals took brush and sketch pad to hand and presented the world they observed by the mediums of paint and pencil.  In many instances professional artists accompanied field survey crews of the Coast and Geodetic Survey and the operations of the Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries.  In other instances, scientists and engineers were outstanding artists who recorded their work as part of day-to-day operations.  And there were the cartoonists who brought light-hearted humor to sometimes difficult jobs.  In today's world we also have computer graphics artists who can magically weave imagery together and create art from mouse and keyboard.   Don't forget to also search out art from the collections of the NOAA Central Library showing artists' conceptions of the natural world through the centuries. All of these art forms can be found in "The Art of the NOAA Photo Library" ...

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Art of the NOAA Photo Library ~ Albums

cartoon of a man by pedersen
"Pete" Pedersen

fish sculpture
Sculpture and

picture of caveman
Book Covers - Embossed and Otherwise

Art in Nature

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