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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

450 thumbnail picture
Conrad Lautenbacher, the eighth administrator of NOAA (2001-2008)
451 thumbnail picture
Jane Lubchenco, the ninth administrator of NOAA (2009-2013)
452 thumbnail picture
Rear Admiral James C. Tison, USC&GS, Dr. Robert White, Vice Admiral Arnold Karo, and Dr. George P. Cressman, the top management team at the formation of ESSA, the Environmental Science Services Administration, the forerunner of NOAA.
1965 August
453 thumbnail picture
Vice Admiral Arnold Karo and ESSA Administrator Dr. Robert White receive their respective commissions upon the formation of ESSA from the then Secretary of Commerce John T. Connor.
454 thumbnail picture
Carl Mast as member of Army Corps of Cadets at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, prior to graduation and entering USC&GS.
455 thumbnail picture
Carl Mast as young USC&GS officer.
1929 ca.
456 thumbnail picture
Ensign Carl Mast as young USC&GS officer.
457 thumbnail picture
Carl Mast and another young USC&GS officer on the USC&GS Ship DISCOVERER.
458 thumbnail picture
LCDR Carl Mast post WW II.
459 thumbnail picture
CDR Carl Mast in late 1940's.
460 thumbnail picture
CAPT Carl Mast presenting award to member of office staff in Kansas City Regional Office.
461 thumbnail picture
CAPT Frank Johnson, CAPT Carl Mast, RADM (LH) Charles Pierce (sitting), CAPT Ira Rubottom, and CDR Gerald Short.
462 thumbnail picture
Albert Theberge of NOAA Central Library, Dr. Igor Smolyar of NODC, and Janice Beattie, Director NOAA Central Library, accepting donation of Russian language oceangraphy books from Dr. Smolyar.
463 thumbnail picture
Janice Beattie, Director of NOAA Central Library, Albert Theberge and Anna Fiolek of NOAA Central Library, and Dr. Igor Smolyar of NODC, upon occasion of Dr. Smolyar presenting Russian language oceanography books to NOAA Central Library.
464 thumbnail picture
Craig McLean on right, Deputy Assistant Administrator of NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research.
465 thumbnail picture
Officer complement of the old Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship EXPLORER. L-R: Dr. Clarke, Richard R. Lukens, Captain W. C. Dibrell, Oliver J. Bond, Jr., Herbert Pierce, Paul M. Trueblood, and A. R. Hunter. On the occasion of the EXPLORER sailing from Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii.
1911, March 1
466 thumbnail picture
Captain Bainbridge off the USC&GS Ship EXPLORER.
467 thumbnail picture
Caspar Durgin
468 thumbnail picture
Chief Radioman Ray Helwig with large halibut caught in Aleutian Islands on fishing expedition.
469 thumbnail picture
Commander Carl Mast on left congratulating Captain Albert Hoskinson on right on the occasion of his retirement. Hoskinson received the "Legion of Merit" medal for his setting up and running of the artillery survey school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, during WW II.
470 thumbnail picture
Art Monk on left and Boatswain Ivan Olsen on right at Shoran station on Attu.
471 thumbnail picture
1951 officer complement of Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship PATHFINDER. Rear row L-R: Ens. Demuth, Ens. Lippold, Lieut. Tonkel, Chief Engineer Jones, Lieut. Cmdr . Tribble, Capt. Pierce, Lieut. Cmdr. Ulm, Chief QM Larsen. Front row L-R: Ens. Arnold, Ens. Watkins, Lieut. Cmdr. Rusty Russell, Lieut. Cole, Lieut. Cmdr. John Bull.
472 thumbnail picture
Jerry Randall as coxswain on launch off USC&GS EXPLORER.
473 thumbnail picture
Jerry Randall changing anchor light on USC&GS Ship EXPLORER.
474 thumbnail picture
Jerry Randall on USC&GS Ship EXPLORER about 1946.
475 thumbnail picture
Ray Ellis (L) and Jerry Randall (R) enjoying the sun probably in western Aleutian Islands.
476 thumbnail picture
Last licensed mate on USC&GS ships - Wilhelm "Willie" Weidlich on old EXPLORER circa 1935.
477 thumbnail picture
Last licensed mate on USC&GS ships - Wilhelm "Willie" Weidlich off new EXPLORER at Attu, 1946. Posing by the only tree on Attu.
478 thumbnail picture
Dr. Sylvia Earle speaking at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.
2008 June 27
479 thumbnail picture
Personnel off the USC&GS Ship SURVEYOR. Altizer, Lieutenant Glenn W. Moore, Woodrow Gholston, and Hopkins taking a dip in a frigid river near Cape Fairweather.
Alaska, Cape Fairweather area 1940 summer
480 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander Ray Schoppe, commanding officer of USC&GS Ship SURVEYOR, measuring horizontal sextant angle during inshore ship hydrographic operations.
Alaska, Cape Fairweather area 1940 summer
481 thumbnail picture
Model for the sculpture "The Thinker." Burt Hopkins, crewman on USC&GS Ship
Alaska, Cape Fairweather area 1940 summer
482 thumbnail picture
Burt Hopkins in the canoe he paddled from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska. Apparently he was hired onto the SURVEYOR in Juneau.
Alaska, Cape Fairweather area 1940 summer
483 thumbnail picture
McMillin and Altizer at Strawberry Camp.
Alaska, Cape Fairweather area 1940 summer
484 thumbnail picture
Rear Admiral Christian Andreasen, NOAA Corps (ret.) was elected President of the International Hydrographic Organization upon retirement and after fulfilling his term became Hydrographer of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.
485 thumbnail picture
NOAA Corps flight crew preparing for flight into Hurricane Ike. Commander Mark Nelson, Lieutenant Commander Albert Girimonte, and Lieutenant Commander Carl Newman as seen from L to R.
486 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander Tim Gallagher on NOAA P-3 hurricane mission.
487 thumbnail picture
Flight Director Barry Damiano on NOAA P-3.
488 thumbnail picture
Unidentified hurricane researcher on NOAA P-3 Orion hurricane research aircraft.
489 thumbnail picture
Dr. Frank Marks on right - Director of the Hurricane Research Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratories. Left-unidentified.
490 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander, now Captain, Carl Newman, NOAA Corps, veteran of over 230 hurricane penetrations.
491 thumbnail picture
Dr. Richard Spinrad, then Assistant Administrator of NOAA Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, now NOAA Chief Scientist, at the controls of a NOAA P-3 on a mission into Hurricane Ike.
492 thumbnail picture
L-R: Allen Shimada of NOAA NMFS OST, Dr. Don Kobayashi of PIFSC, and unidentified.
493 thumbnail picture
Captain Chris Mooers briefing Dr. Jane Lubchenco, NOAA Administrator, on the operations of the NOAA Ship PISCES.
494 thumbnail picture
Charles M. Bache
495 thumbnail picture
Alexander Dallas Bache as a young man.
496 thumbnail picture
Alexander Dallas Bache when Superintendent of U.S. Coast Survey.
497 thumbnail picture
Edmund Blunt, First Assistant of the U.S. Coast Survey. Born 1770, entered on duty in 1833 with Ferdinand Hassler.
498 thumbnail picture
Charles O. Boutelle. Age 65.
499 thumbnail picture
Charles O. Boutelle. Age 65.

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