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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

1350 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NOAA's Integrated Coral Observing Network. Atlantic Oceanographi c and Meteorological Laboratory scientists worked with the World Bank Global Environmental Facility and Caribbean Community Secretariat to install this Coral Reef Early Warning System station. Peter Gayle of the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory and Dr. Jim Hendee of the ICON shake hands on completion of site.
Jamaica, Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory
1351 thumbnail picture
Scientists and crew of the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter completed an intensive SEAMAP winter survey of ichthyoplankton in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Upper left panel front: Pam Pam Bond, Kim Williams, Denice Drass, Christina Schobernd and Joanne Lyczkowski-Shultz; Back row - Glenn Zapfe and Alonzo Hamilton.
Florida, Gulf of Mexico
1352 thumbnail picture
Greetings from this year's student scholars assigned to Boulder Labs. From left Melissa Payer, Katherine Pingree, Colleen Heck, Sean Boocock, Greg Seroka, Ilissa Ocko, Adam Greenbaum, Jonathan Splitt, Stavros Calos, Gregory Woodall, Ryan Neely, Stephen Wilfong, and Scott Miller.
Colorado, Boulder
1353 thumbnail picture
Early each summer NOAA Emergency Response Division scientists conduct one or more surveys of shorelines in western Prince William Sound, Alaska, to document recovery following the March 24, 1989, Exxon Valdez oil spill. From left: John Whitney, Alaska Scientific Support Coordinator; John Tarpley, Regional Operations Coordinator; and Alan Mearns, Senior Staff Scientist.
Alaska, Prince William Sound
1354 thumbnail picture
NOAA CoastWatch recently celebrated 20 years of continuous service and commemorated NOAA's 200th Celebration at the 2007 CoastWatch Node Operations Managers Meeting in Annapolis, MD. Though CoastWatch is housed within NESDIS, it is a NOAA-wide program with Nodes in each of the major Line Offices.
Maryland, Annapolis
1355 thumbnail picture
NOAA's National Weather Service Southern Region Acting Director Steven Cooper gathered his headquarters staff together recently to celebrate their Department of Commerce Bronze Medal. Also on hand, were visiting meteorologists from the People's Republic of China who were there on an exchange program.
Texas, Fort Worth
1356 thumbnail picture
The Physical Oceanography Division of NOAA's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory poses for a group photo outside of AOML. Staff came from as far as Spain, Seattle, WA, San Diego, CA, Silver Spring, MD, and even summer students from Puerto Rico. The occasion was the annual meeting of the AOML Ship of Opportunity program.
Florida, Miami
1357 thumbnail picture
This group of Americorps volunteers from northern Colorado called the Colorado Range Riders was assigned to help restore a portion of southern Mississippi impacted by Hurricane Katrina. After participating in three days of coastal cleanups and weeks of restoring damaged homes, these hard working young adults were rewarded with an educational kayak tour of the Grand Bay NERR.
Mississippi, Grand Bay Nat. Estuarine Res. Res.
1358 thumbnail picture
Researchers from NOAA's Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research have conducted an annual research cruise aboard NOAA Ship Nancy Foster to Puerto Rico and Isla Vieques to study and monitor seagrass beds with respect to physical disturbances including boat groundings, storms, wave energy, and foraging areas.
Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Rico
1359 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service Geographic Information Systems users recently gathered at the 27th Annual ESRI International User Conference held in San Diego. Manning the NOAA booth L-R: Kris Lander, Ira Graffman, Keith Stellman, Becky Griffis, Kari Sheets and Jenna Meyers.
California, San Diego
1360 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the only NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office in the southern hemisphere - WSO Pago Pago. From L - Elinor Lutu-McMoore, Meteorological Technician and Carol Maafala-Baqui, Meteorologist.
American Samoa, Pago Pago
1361 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service in North Platte, Nebraska. The NWS folks entered a float in the NEBRASKAland Days Parade in the 2007 parade with the theme "The Tradition Lives On." NWS folks from top left: Bill Taylor, Brian Hirsch, Teresa Keck, Dennis Phillips (as Dorothy) and Jim Sweet as good witch Glenda. NWS children on float and L- Deb Blondin and R- Angela Oder in front.
Nebraska, North Platte
1362 thumbnail picture
Following a severe weather safety presentation by John Paul Martin (Front-far left), Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NOAA's NWSFO in Bismarck, personnel from the Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation join in commemorating NOAA's 200years of science, service, and stewardship.
North Dakota, Bismarck
1363 thumbnail picture
The NWS in Taunton, Massachusetts, hosted the first stop of the 2007 East Coast Hurricane Awareness Tour at Quonset State Airport. Standing in front of the NOAA Hurricane Hunter Lockheed WP-3D Orion Aircraft are L-R: Tracy McCormick, Jeane Wallace, David Vallee, Edward Capone, and Jeff Ouellet.
Rhode Island, Kingston
1364 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Habitat Conservation Division of the NOAA Fisheries Alaska Region which supports a small team of scientific scuba divers to investigate habitat conditions in near shore locations throughout Alaska. The team is shown here from L-R: John Hudson, Sue Walker, Katharine Miller, Jennifer Mondragon, Erika Ammann, Elizabeth Calvert, and Linda Shaw.
Alaska, Alexander Archipelago
1365 thumbnail picture
NOAA Fisheries volunteers helped 25 kids from Ross Elementary School learn about the glorious fun that is boating and fishing at Constitution Gardens on the National Mall. Volunteers include L-R: Liz Fairey, Maile Bliss, Mark Oswell, Dianna Avery, Anne Isham, Mark Oswel, Arminta Brown, Shirley Lucas, Stephie Bost, Terry Sheriff, Chris German, Brad Gentner, Jim McCallum and Forbes Darby.
Washington, D.C.
1366 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration greeting from the Hague, Netherlands! U.S. delegates from NOAA Fisheries Service presented listing proposals to protect sawfish, pink and red corals, and the Banggai cardinalfish from unsustainable international trade at 14th Conference ... Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. L-R- Andy Bruckner, David Cottingham, Nancy Daves, Ryan Wulff and John Carlson.
Netherlands, The Hague
1367 thumbnail picture
The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council being observed by aliens at Cape Hatteras. L-R: Wayne Smith, Richard Lawrence, David Alberg, Tane Casserley, Jeff Johnston, (front) Krista Trono, Don Reynolds, Susan Langley, Dr. Tim Runyan, and Channing Zucker.
1368 thumbnail picture
The Northwest Fisheries Science Center Marine Biotoxin program and University of Washington scientists together with UCAR SOARS and Hollings Summer Interns aboard the NOAA Ship McArthur. L-R: Stuart Hyde, Alisha Fernandez, Nicolaus Adams, Jim Johnson, Tom Conneley, Keri Baugh, Natalie Tsui, Shelly Nance, and Anthony Odell.
1369 thumbnail picture
Decked out in NOAA logowear and commemorating the 200th Celebration, 58 NOAA employees headed to Baltimore to root for the hometeam -- and the Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox 2-0!
Maryland, Baltimore
1370 thumbnail picture
After a fifteen-year hiatus the Sturgeon Generals have returned! NMFS SW Regional Office, Law Enforcement, and General Counsel have teamed up to join the Long Beach Thursday Night Softball League.
California, Long Beach
1371 thumbnail picture
Fish in Space? Well, not quite. However, NOAA Fisheries Service personnel, from across the country, did gather with staff members of the Space Environment Center. With the Space Environment Center graciously allowing the use of their facilities, the Fisheries Permit Team was able to hold their annual meeting and reduce overall travel cost. Truly, one NOAA indeed!
Colorado, Boulder
1372 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Many NOAA employees joined a group of key partners from the American Association of State Climatologists for their annual national meeting. State Climatologists are important NOAA partners in observing , explaining and forecasting the climate of the United States.
Idaho, Coeur d'Alene
1373 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration greetings from the R/V David Starr Jordan. The photo was taken just prior to hauling in the final set of the annual juvenile pelagic shark survey. Top L-R: Eric Lynn, Ann Coleman, Lyndsay Field, Anne Allen, Noah Ben- Aderet, Kena Romo-Curiel, Jose Coito, Elizabeth Eubanks, Chico Gomez, Victor Pinones, Jeff Graham: L. Laughlin, H. Marshall, D. Kacev, R. Vetter.
California, Channel Islands, S of San Clemente Is.
1374 thumbnail picture
The NOAA CFO Office held a team building exercise with its staff from the Finance and Budget Offices at East Point Park in Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.
1375 thumbnail picture
Aloha from the Pacific Island's Fisheries Science Center Marine Debris Program! Twenty four metric tons of abandoned lines and ghost nets were collected from the waters of Laysan Island, Kure Atoll and Pearl and Hermes Atoll in he Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) over sixteen days of field operations.
Hawaii, Northwest Hawaiian Islands
1376 thumbnail picture
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary celebrated 15 years with an Ocean's Fair at the Coastal Discovery Center at San Simeon Bay, cooperatively managed by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and California State Parks. The staff volunteers and exhibitors who organized the Ocean's Fair are pictured here .
California, San Simeon
1377 thumbnail picture
Some of the NOAA Research leadership and management took a break during the annual OAR Management Conference held in July at the National Weather Service Center. L-R: Mark Brown, Kevin Kelleher, Dianne Burgess, Capt. Wade Blake, Dr. Richard Spinrad, Craig McLean, Barry West, Joseph Klimavicz, Karen Kohanowich, Dr. Sandra Knight, Randee Exler, and Nancy Huang.
Oklahoma, Norman
1378 thumbnail picture
NOAA Port Agent Joanne Pellegrino, stationed in Toms River, New Jersey, removes an otolith (ear bone) from a Golden Tilefish, as part of a biological sampling exercise. Port Agents visit docks, where fish are off loaded by commercial fishers, to take samples, measure and weigh the fish.
New Jersey, Toms River
1379 thumbnail picture
he NOAA 200th Celebration was commemorated at the 10th Annual Kauai Family Ocean Fair at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge this summer. Overlooking the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, the refuge is an important partner in education, outreach, and monitoring. NOAA personnel and other participants are shown.
Hawaii, Kauai
1380 thumbnail picture
Representatives from OAR's Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory and Argo Program Office participated in a workshop in Accra, Ghana, designed to promote Argo capacity building for Atlantic nations in Arfica. Argo is a broad-scale, global array of floats that measure temperature/salinity in ocean and are major part of the Global Ocean Observing System.
Ghana, Accra
1381 thumbnail picture
When the WFO Mount Holly NJ radar's bull gear failed, it was up to engineer's from NOAA's Radar Operational Center to get the system up an running, normally a 7-10 job, but finished here in 6 days. L-R: Jimmy Roper, Ray Lena, Matt Lynch, Bobby Harp, Mike Shattuck and Terrell Ballard.
New Jersey, Mount Holly
1382 thumbnail picture
After an All-Hands meeting at NOAA Fisheries' Southeast Regional Office, employees gathered to commemorate NOAA's 200 years of science, service, and stewardship.
Florida, St. Petersburg
1383 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, home of the Seminoles, the FSU Department of Meteorology, and - most importantly, the co-located National Weather Service WFO Tallahassee. L-R: Bob Goree, Ron Eimiller, Irv Watson, Bob Duggan, Alex Gibbs, Kelly Godsey, Tony Freeman, Mike Jamski, Mark Wool, Paul Duval, and Joel Lanier.
Florida, Tallahassee
1384 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Chicago! The Nation's Port Meteorological Officers gathered at the Argonne National Laboratory to discuss the state of the U.S. Voluntary Observing Ship Project and commemorate NOAA's 200th Celebration. NWS Cline Award recipient Amy Seeley is pictured in left center with plaque.
Illinois, Chicago
1385 thumbnail picture
National Weather Service San Diego has been working with Dr. Chung-Sheng (CS) Wu of NWS' Meteorological Development Laboratory to help better forecast the occurrence of rip currents. L-R: Senior Lifeguard Dave Brown, Ed Clark, Jim Purpura, Ivory Small, Lifeguard Sgt. Rob Viera, Lifeguard Rory Allen , Marine Safety Captain Larry Giles, Dr. Wu, Jennifer Chase, and Noel Isla.
California, Encinitas
1386 thumbnail picture
Representatives from the NPOESS Integrated Program Office Management Operations Division recently visited Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to learn more about our Air Force partners, the satellite and how the satellite will be launched into orbit. The group took a moment for a photo at the Delta Rocket Launch Facility.
1387 thumbnail picture
Scientists from NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory participated on NASA's Tropical Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling mission (TC4) . Holger Voemel, Karl Froyd, Troy Thornberry, Geoff Dutton, Fred Moore, Jim Elkins , Dave Fahey, RuShan Gao, Laurel Watts, Ryan Spackman, and Joshua Schwarz.
Costa Rica, San Jose
1388 thumbnail picture
National Status & Trends Program scientists from NOAA's Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment pose with their collaborators aboard the fishing "Columbia", including a representative of the Alaskan Native village of Port Graham. L-R: Tim Roberston, Kimani Kimbrough, Ian Hartwell, Herman Moonin, John Crosbie, Everett Anderson, and Glenn Seaman (kneeling).
Alaska, Port Graham
1389 thumbnail picture
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Region handles the management responsibilities mandated by the Fur Seal Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act regarding fur seals and NMFS property in the Pribilof Islands. L-R: William Jones, Suzanne Johnston, John Lindsay, and Jay Ver Hoef.
Alaska, St. Paul, Pribilof Islands
1390 thumbnail picture
The Communication and Education Division of the National Ocean Service teamed up with the Des Moines' National Weather Service at the Iowa State Fair to highlight NOAA as part its 200th Celebration. L-R: Jim Girardi, Brenda Brock- MIC Des Moines, Brad Filbach, Jeff Johnson, Terri the Robot, Tom Cox, NOS, Lynn Maximuk-Central Region Director, Mario Bory, Craig Cogil, and Bridget Moe.
Iowa, Des Moines
1391 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the hydrologic community of NOAA's National Weather Service! In July the third biennial Hydrologic Program Managers Conference was held at the NWS Training Center in Kansas City.
Missouri, Kansas City
1392 thumbnail picture
The Officers and Crew of NOAA Ship ALBATROSS IV wish all of NOAA a happy 200 Years of Science and Service to our Nation. The ALBATROSS provides operational support to the Northeast Fisheries Science Center as a fisheries research platform. Master Stephen Wagner on left.
Massachusetts, Woods Hole
1393 thumbnail picture
Celebration greetings from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, from the NOAA Ship Henry B. Bigelow at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. L-R: Frank Almeida, Gary Reisner, Nancy Thompson, Maureen Wiley, NOAA RADM Jonathan Bailey, Steve Murawski, Rory Sheehan of Congressman William Delahunt's office, Mike Bancroft, Chuck Byrne, and Commander Stephen Beckwith, commanding officer.
Massachusetts, Buzzards Bay
1394 thumbnail picture
Hello from DASS, the Documentation and Supplies Services division of NOAA's Seafood Inspection Program, which distributes supplies to Consumer Safety Officers, provides support to the Seafood Inspection Program, and other tasks related to Seafood Safety. Back L-R: Susan Reppel, Judy Stone, and Lenora Williams. Seated L-R: Jill Hyland and Janette Hamilton.
Mississippi, Pascagoula
1395 thumbnail picture
The National Coastal Data Development Center (NCDDC) supports ecosystem stewardship by providing access to the Nation's coastal data resources. The images represent the recovery process that still continues two years after Hurricane Katrina devastated our area.
Mississippi, Stennis Space Center, Bay St. Louis
1396 thumbnail picture
Employees from NOAA Fisheries Service's Northeast Regional Office get together to celebrate NOAA's 200 years of science and service. The Northeast Regional Office is responsible for fisheries management, habitat protection and restoration, protected resources management, fisheries statistics and state/federal programs from Maine to North Carolina.
Massachusetts, Gloucester
1397 thumbnail picture
At the recent NOAA Fish Fry "Kansas Style" (burgers and brats) the staff of the Goodland WSFO checked out a tractor from Yost Farm Supply as neighboring farmers prepare for wheat harvest on the High Plains.
Kansas, Goodland
1398 thumbnail picture
NOAA Fisheries Service Advanced Sampling Technologies Working Group is leading research into a non-lethal and more efficient method of assessing fish stocks. The ASTWG, a coordinated effort among all NOAA Fisheries Science Centers, sponsored the acquisition of a small, portable, instrumented AUV. L-R: Josiah Renfree, Steve Sessions, Randy Cutter, and David Demer.
California, La Jolla
1399 thumbnail picture
Greetings from OMAO's Marine Operations Center - Atlantic and NOS's Atlantic Hydrographic Branch! This is the proud homeport of NOAA Ships RUDE and THOMAS JEFFERSON, hydrographic survey vessels. The marine center also supports NOAA ships RONALD H. BROWN, ALBATROSS IV, HENRY B. BIGELOW, DELAWARE II, NANCY FOSTER,GORDON GUNTER, and OREGON II.
Virginia, Norfolk

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