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NOAA's People Collection
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1400 thumbnail picture
Hundreds of Utah glider pilots rely daily on NOAA's National Weather Service Salt Lake City aviation services, including soaring forecasts and observed surface and upper air wind information. Here at the Flight Park State Recreation Area, hang glider and paraglider pilots such as Lisa Verzella, former NOAA Student intern, take advantage of the consistent south winds in this area.
Utah, Lake Bonneville
1401 thumbnail picture
Staff of the NOAA Weather Forecast Office in Grand Forks celebrating NOAA's 200 years of science and service along the banks of the Red River of the North, at the height of its recent summer crest. L-R: Brad Hopkins, Greg Gust, Jim Kaiser, Brad Bramer, John Hoppes, Ed Schulz and Mike Lukes; front row L-R: Al Voelker, Nancy Godon, Kim Klein; kneeling L-R: Mark Ewens, Dave McShane.
North Dakota, Grand Forks 2007 June 22
1402 thumbnail picture
The Chicago WSFO sends greetings! The office serves 9 million people, the Nation's busiest airspace and shipping on Lake Michigan. L-R: Walter Cowan, Charles Mott, James Bottger, Justin Stachnik, Ken McAdams, Terrie Sheetz, Bill Morris, Nathan Marsili, Paul Merzlock, JoAnna Green, Mark Ratzer, Bill Nelson, Jim Allsopp, Gino Izzi, Ken Labas, Andy Krein, Ed Fenelon, and Tim Halbach.
Illinois, Romeoville
1403 thumbnail picture
NOAA fisheries, Protected Resources Division of the Pacific Islands Region are shown with Monk Seal N9 (sleeping upper right). They hiked out to this remote area of Oahu to find this seal. L-R: en Metz, Chris Yates, Kim Maison, Krista Graham, Jayne LeFors, David Schofield, Stephani Harrison, Lisa Van Atta, and Michelle Yuen.
Hawaii, Oahu
1404 thumbnail picture
Members of NOAA's National Weather Service Alaska Region, National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Region, Office of Atmospheric Research Barrow Observatory man a booth at the Alaska State Fair at Palmer. Paul Huang (L), Geophysicist from the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, and Joe Joe Cannon, Webmaster, Alaska Regional Headquarters (R) manning the booth.
Alaska, Palmer
1405 thumbnail picture
A field crew from NOS National Geodetic Survey conducted a GPS survey of Surface Elevation Tables throughout Southeastern Louisiana, in cooperation with the University of New Orleans, the U.S Geological Survey, and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. L-R: Charlie Geoghegan, Project Manager, Galen Scott, NGS COASTAL Team Lead, Philippe Hensel, elevation dynamics specialist.
Louisiana, Oyster Bayou
1406 thumbnail picture
Rear Admiral Sam De Bow,director of NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations, was on the annual low water tour of the Mississippi River Commission and its inspection of the Missouri River basin. At the request of Tribal Elders, the commissioners led the Grand Entry of the Powwow of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre Tribes on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.
Montana, Fort Hayes
1407 thumbnail picture
Members of NOAA's Office of Coast Survey and National Geodetic Survey, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands' Port Authority and Department of Lands and Resources are shown at the Port of Saipan during an Integrated Ocean and Coastal Mapping project. NOAA participants include: Front L-R Erin Campbell, Cory Allen (with logo), Ed Carlson, and Kurt Brown.
Northern Mariana Islands, Saipan 2007 May
1408 thumbnail picture
Greetings From Puget Sound! En route from surveying the coast of southeast Alaska to a project in the Columbia River, NOAA ship RAINIER took the rare opportunity to see her homeport and Mount Rainier, the inspiration for the ship' s name. The crew and officers celebrated NOAA's 200th with the two RAINIERs.
Washington, Puget Sound
1409 thumbnail picture
NOAA representatives from around the Great Lakes region co-hosted a day-long event with Chicago's Shedd Aquarium as part of NOAA's 200th Celebration. "A Great Day in the Great Lakes" featured day-long NOAA and Sea Grant and a NOAA Green Ship open house. The R/V Laurentian, shown here, is one of three petroleu m-free ships operated by NOAA's GLERL, the only such ships in the Federal fleet.
Illinois, Chicago
1410 thumbnail picture
The NOAA Ship McArthur II watches the remnants of Hurricane Henrietta fade into the distance as it conducts research operations 250 miles SW of Manzanillo, Mexico, in support of NMFS SWFSC Stenella Abundance Research Project Line Transect and Ecosystem (STAR-LITE) Cruise, 2007. Dr. Eric Archer was the chief scientist for this STAR-LITE cruise.
Pacific Ocean, Tropical East Pacific
1411 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve where NOAA researchers recently conducted dart biopsy sampling of bottlenose dolphins. L-R back: Todd Speakman, Karen Coomer, Sarah Howlett, Lori Schwacke, J. D. Dubick; Front L-R: Eric Zolman, Jamison Smith.
Georgia, Sapelo Island
1412 thumbnail picture
Cooperative Weather Observer Mr. Joe Alexander of Burris, Wyoming (right) recently received the prestigious John Campanius Holm Award on behalf of his family from Data Acquisition Program Manager Ralph Estell of NOAA's National Weather Service in Riverton, Wyoming. The Alexander family has provided quality weather observations since 1962.
Wyoming, Riverton
1413 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown off the coast of Praia, Cape Verde, in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean. Pictured is a multidisciplinary group of scientists, students, and volunteers working to acquire oceanic and atmospheric data as part of the PIRATA Northeast Extension, Aerosol and Ocean Science Expedition joint field campaign.
Cape Verde, Praia
1414 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the (corn) field! The Air Resources Laboratory is collaborating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and North Carolina State University in a 3-year project to measure and model ammonia fluxes in forest and agricultural lands. L-R: Mary Hicks, John T. Walker, Lauren Elich, Tilden Meyers, R. Laureen Gunter, and Jesse Bash.
North Carolina
1415 thumbnail picture
The NOAA Ship Rainier docked at NOAA's Western Regional Center (WRC) and held an Open House for the employees of the WRC campus before heading out to sea. On this unusually blustery and gray Seattle day, only the courageous few braved the elements to show their NOAA pride. The WRC hosts the greatest variety of NOAA programs and the most NOAA employees outside of Washington, D.C.
Washington, Seattle, Lake Washington
1416 thumbnail picture
Beginning its second decade of continuous operations the Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) was successfully deployed from the University of Hawai'i Research Vessel Ka'imikai-O-Kanaloa (KOK) in Hawaiian waters off Lana'i. L-R: Terence Houlihan, Darryl Peters, Kent Hughes, Eric Stengel, Yong Sung Kim, Mark Yarbrough, Michael Ondrusek, and Michael Feinholz.
Hawai'i, Lana'i
1417 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NOAA Fisheries Northwest Region.This photo was taken at the first Open Rivers Initiative dam removal project, on the Calapooia River, Oregon. This dam removal, coupled with another downstream, will open up 50 miles of newly accessible salmon and steelhead habitat. L-R: Melissa Jundt, Micheal Tehan, Mike Crouse, Barry Thom, Christy Fellas, and Ben Meyer.
Oregon, Calapooia River
1418 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the San Joaquin Valley of California! The National Weather Service Office in Hanford provides forecasts, advisories, watches and warnings for a large and geographically diverse area of interior Central California. L-R: Chris Stachelski, Steve Mendenhall, James Brotherton, Paul Jones, Kevin Durfee, and Jim Knutson.
California, Hanford
1419 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Cameroon, West Africa! During the week of September 3-7, 2007, the NOS Office of Response and Restoration sent a member to Douala, Cameroon, to co-teach a class on Incident Command System with the U.S. Coast Guard to 30 students from the governments of Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. Students are shown with instructor Mark Dix of OR&R and other instructors.
Cameroon, Douala
1420 thumbnail picture
The National Data Buoy Center commemorates NOAA's 200th celebration with a catfish fry attended by NDBC and its technical services contractor, Science Applications International Corporation. Led by NDBC Director Dr. Paul Moersdorf (2nd from R) and SAIC's Program Manager Ted Neville (t3rd from L) over 100 employees, spouses and children attended and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.
Mississippi, Bay St. Louis
1421 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, Special Operations and Research Division, Desert Rock Meteorological Observatory, which provides meteorological services and support to the NNSA Nevada Test Site. L-R: Marc Pitchford, Karen Balecha, Rick Lantrip, Don Kim, Paul Rogers, Ray Dennis, Darryl Randerson, Don Bullard, Phil Abbott, Kip Smith, Ogie Olanday, and James Wood.
Nevada, Desert Rock
1422 thumbnail picture
Managers from the Weather Service Offices in Micronesia gathered on Guam for a week-long meeting at WFO Guam to discuss regional issues among the offices. L-R: Johannes Berdon (WSO Chuuk OIC), Maria Ngemaes (WSO Koror MIC), David Aranug (WSO Yap MIC), Chip Guard (WFO Guam WCM), Genevieve Miller (WFO Guam MIC), Eden Skilling (WSO Pohnpei OIC), and Reginald White (WSO Majuro MIC).
Mariana Islands, Guam
1423 thumbnail picture
Participants celebrating the launch of a tsunami buoy in the Indian Ocean took time to commemorate NOAA's 200th celebration on the deck of the Indonesian R/V Baruna Jaya III before it left Jakarta in mid-September with the buoy and four NOAA climate buoys on board.
Indonesia, Jakarta
1424 thumbnail picture
The scientists and crew of the NOAA Ship OSCAR DYSON crossed the Arctic Circle during the Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Survey in the Chukchi Sea and Eastern Bering Sea Shelf. To celebrate, everyone got their "Bluenose".
Alaska, Chukchi Sea 2007 September 7
1425 thumbnail picture
Personnel from the NOAA Marine Protected Area (MPA) Center visit the MPA located at the center of the Monterey Day coastline, the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. L-R: Charlie Wahle, Lauren Wenzel, Joe Uravitch, Kirti Datla, Mimi D'Iorio, Kara Meckley, Lisa Wooninck, Mike O'Farrell, BJ Atanasio, Alex Choe.
California, Moss Landing
1426 thumbnail picture
NOAA/NMFS staff members of the SEFSC Engineering Laboratory located in the John C. Stennis Space Center, MS. This laboratory is the oldest tenant agency located at the NASA Stennis facility. L-R: Lee Howard, Walt Gandy (Chief), Rex Herron, Ken Wilkinson, Nelson May, Woody Nero, Charles Thompson, Rebecca Spiker, Ian McCoy, Jeneane Davis, Travis Burke, and Donna Spiers.
Mississippi, Stennis Space Center
1427 thumbnail picture
Greetings from NOAA's National Weather Service office in Lincoln, Illinois! We have been serving a population of approximately 1.6 million people across central and southeast Illinois for the last 12 years. The WFO contributed to the local balloon festival by launching its routine evening balloon and radiosonde which was cheered on by family members and spectators along a nearby highway.
Illinois, Lincoln
1428 thumbnail picture
The habitat and marine chemistry section of Auke Bay Laboratories, Alaska Science Center (NOAA) is collaborating with Norwegian researchers in the study of polar cod. The experiment is in Ny ¸lesund, Svalbard Islands, the fourth northernmost permanently inhabited location in the world. L-R: Arve Kristian, Mark Carls (kneeling) Woytek Moskal, Cedric Couret, and Jasmine Nahrgang.
Norway, Ny Alesund
1429 thumbnail picture
200th Celebration Greetings from the Emerald Isle of Kodiak, Alaska! A group of severely wounded U.S. veterans from the Iraq war and Afghanistan conflict were invited to Kodiak as part of the Wounded Warrior Project's Kodiak Outdoors Program. NOAA personnel and veterans Ryan Pavlu(under NOAA), Brian Neumann, Dan Barnes, and Kevin Pannell (kneeling) and Tom Carpenter (far right standing.)
Alaska, Kodiak
1430 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the NOAA Knoll in Seattle, Washington! The NOAA Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) is dedicated primarily to the enforcement of laws that protect our Nation's living marine resources. Administrative personnel of OLE offices from all over the country met in Seattle to review procedures and policies.
Washington, Seattle 2007 May
1431 thumbnail picture
employees from WFO Fairbanks and NOAA/NESDIS CDAS (Command and Data Acquisition Station) staffed a booth at the Tanana Valley State Fair. A wide ariety of NOAA information was provided to fairgoers including NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards, sustainable fisheries, plus coastal information. L-R: Ed Plumb and Kelly Songster, NWS Fairbanks, and Bonny Pagel, NESDIS Fairbanks.
Alaska, Fairbanks 2007 August
1432 thumbnail picture
To commemorate NOAA's 200th celebration, National Weather Service employees and families from the Nebraska Weather Forecasting Offices in Hastings and North Platte participated in a friendly game of softball. It was hard fought and close but in the end North Platte took home the trophy.
Nebraska, North Platte
1433 thumbnail picture
Employees from NOAA's National Ocean Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, National Weather Service, National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and National Sea Grant College Program teamed up to feature "One NOAA" at the annual North Carolina Seafood Festival in Morehead City.
North Carolina, Morehead City 2007 October
1434 thumbnail picture
NOAA Fisheries Service's Northeast Regional Office hosted a three day public event with the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center celebrating Gloucester's maritime heritage and NOAA's 200th. L-R top: Mark Kurlansky author of "Cod"; Jill Ortiz, Kathie Ciarametaro, Marcy Scott: L-R bottom: Grandson of Susan Johnson, Tim Keeney giving award to Capt. Arthur Wardwell, NOAA Corps (ret.)100
Massachusetts, Gloucester
1435 thumbnail picture
Scientists from NCCOS' Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment, Office of Coast Survey, and NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory collect zebra mussels attached to rocks in Lake Erie for NCCOS' Mussel Watch Program. L-R: Cliff Cosgrove and Dr. Gunnar Lauenstein with Andrew Yagiela on the boat.
Ohio, Peach Orchard Point, South Bass Island
1436 thumbnail picture
The 2007 Humboldt Bay Maritime Expo was held on Woodley Island in Eureka. Thousands of locals and visitors came out for a day of education and fun. The National Weather Service, National Ocean Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, and Sea Grant all participated as part of "One NOAA". L-R: Gerry Wheaton, Jeffrey Lewitsky, Rick Rodgers, Susan Schlosser, and Debbie Richie.
California, Eureka
1437 thumbnail picture
The Knauss Fellows spent a day in the refuge removing invasive species and learning different aspects of the management of Haystack Rock Unit of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.
Oregon, Cannon Beach
1438 thumbnail picture
A warm NOAA Teacher at Sea greeting from a variety of NOAA ships! Twenty-five teachers were sent to sea to work side-by-side with NOAA scientists on cutting- edge research. The teachers were then able to bring what they learned back to their classrooms to share with their students. Since its inception in 1990, the program has introduced over 500 teachers to the ocean science on NOAA ships.
United States
1439 thumbnail picture
The Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary hosted an educator workshop called "Down Under, Out Yonder." Participants were introduced to the biology and ecology of coral reefs through a series of presentations and activities for two days on land, then headed out to the sanctuary for three days of diving.
Texas, Flower Garden Banks
1440 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service in Great Falls, Montana! The National Weather Service in Great Falls, Montana is home to some of the nation's most extreme weather. Lowest temp in continental U.S.-70F at Rogers Pass 1954; greatest 24-hour temperature change of 103 degrees F in Loma from -49 to 54 on 01/14-15/1972. Also (not a record) 143mph gust at Miller Colony on 2/21/2002.
Montana, Great Falls
1441 thumbnail picture
A celebration greetings from the Inland Northwest! A celebration at NOAA's National Weather Service Forecast Office in Spokane attracted 400 visitors. L-R back: Dwight Williams, Ron Miller, Bob Tobin, Steve Bodnar, and Kerry Jones; Middle: Mike Fries, Jeremy Wolf, Vern Ballard, Royce Fontenot, Greg Koch, and Todd Carter. Front: Laurie Nisbet, Chrisha Layh, and Robin Fox.
Washington, Spokane 2007 October
1442 thumbnail picture
An award ceremony for Doug Hollier, National Weather Service volunteer cooperative weather observer. Doug won the prestigious Thomas Jefferson Award, given for unusual and outstanding achievements in the field of meteorological observations. L-R: Jimmy Nunn, Roger Erickson, Andy Patrick, Todd Mogged of NWS Lake Charles; Tim Osborn, NMFS; and Doug Hollier and family.
Louisiana, Lake Charles
1443 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Wellfleet, on Cape Cod Massachusetts! Employees from the Northeast Regional Office of the National Marine Fisheries Service along with HQ staff participated in the 7th Annual Wellfleet OysterFest in October. L-R: Brian Hooker, Paul Perra, Peter Kelliher, David Bean and Carli Bertrand.
Massachusetts, Wellfleet
1444 thumbnail picture
Omaha NWS staff hosted a Cooperative Observer Appreciation Celebration and Awards Presentation with more than 40 observers attending. Holding plaquesL-R: Bob Brehm, Raymond, NE (Holm Award); Jim Perley, Little Sioux, IA (20 years); Daryl Obermeyer, Auburn, NE (30 yrs); and Swede Crosier, Oakdale, NE (Stoll Award 50 years.)
Nebraska, Omaha 2007 September
1445 thumbnail picture
NOAA Fisheries personnel participated in the 5th International Fisheries Observer Conference in Victoria, British Columbia. Nearly 300 delegats from 40 countries attended. L-R: NMFS delegation, Todd Dubois, Dr. James Nance, Samantha Brooke, Kevin Busscher, Amy Martins, Dr. Lisa Desfosse, Dr. John Boreman; (seated from left): Mike Tork and Teresa Turk.
Canada, British Columbia, Victoria
1446 thumbnail picture
Nearly 3,000 educators from around the State of California participated in the participated in the California Science Teachers Association's annual conference. L-R: Claire Fackler, National Marine Sanctuary Program; partner Jessica Neely of PBS-affiliate KQED; Jessica Stock, Cordell Bank NMS; Debra Herring Channel Islands NMS volunteer; and National Park Service partners.
California, Long Beach 2007 October
1447 thumbnail picture
Greetings from National Marine Fisheries Service in New Jersey! New Jersey is home to several thriving commercial fishing ports posting landings of 100 million pounds in 2006. L-R: Alissa Wilson, Anna Macan, Ingo Fleming, Joanne Pellegrino, and Walt Makowski.
New Jersey
1448 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Columbia River estuary! Here you see a crew from the Pt. Adams Biological Field Station in Hammond, Oregon at a beach seine sampling site where we investigate juvenile salmon life histories, habitat requirements, and migratory behavior. L-R: Regan McNatt, Rick Nelson, and Curtis Roegner.
Oregon, Point Adams
1449 thumbnail picture
Valdez is known as the "Snow Capital of Alaska," where seasonal snowfall can exceed 560 inches, more snow than any sea-level station in the United States. Besides normal NWSFO duties, NWS Valdez office serves as the regional hub for the collection of ship observations via satellite telephone. L-R: Rob Brooks, Gordon May, Debra Elliott, OIC, Wendy Zwickl, and Ron Williams.
Alaska, Valdez

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