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1450 thumbnail picture
A cross-NOAA workshop was held to assess how NOAA uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies in operations and research. The 2-day workshop involved 56 participants from across most line offices and many locations. GPS is mainly used within NOAA for navigational purposes but also for tracking radio sondes, storm damage marking, datum referencing, and numerous other uses.
United States
1451 thumbnail picture
NOAA Ships RONALD H. BROWN and NANCY FOSTER see eye to eye on meeting NOAA's mission! Following their annual Ship Inspection, the two Commanding Officers had a chance to show off their ship handling skills while posing for a photo in Charleston Harbor. Though the two ships share a pier in Charleston, rarely do they see each other due to their demanding schedules.
South Carolina, Charleston
1452 thumbnail picture
The Florida Key's National Marine Sanctuary cruise aboard the NOAA Ship NANCY FOSTER yielded an opportunity to assist other programs in need of valuable data. In coordination with NOAA's Undersea Research Center and the Sanctuary, FOSTER worked to create a 1 meter resolution image of the area surrounding the Aquarius Habitat and then supported coral disease studies in the Sanctuary.
Florida, Florida Keys
1453 thumbnail picture
200th Greetings from Seattle, Washington!The children of the on-site daycare Little Anchor, their teachers and the parents parade through the NOAA hallways on Halloween and are greeted by many of the employees from Fisheries, Weather Service, Law Enforcement, Workforce Management, NOS, Facilities, Security, etc. It's always an annual treat for everyone.
Washington, Seattle 2007 October
1454 thumbnail picture
Cartographers of the Office of Coast Survey's Marine Chart Division, Products Branch gather in Hassler Park to pay tribute to Ferdinand Hassler, first superin tendent of the U.S. Survey of the Coast. L-R: Frank Powers, Paul Spence, Richard Cole (with chart), Patrick Chauvet, Mark Hetrick, Joe Robinson, Mike Gaeta, Holly Johnson, Pramod Singh, John Barber, Dan Morrow, Pearce Hunt, Tangdi Yang.
Maryland, Silver Spring
1455 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Milford, Connecticut! NOAA Fisheries Aquaculture and Enhancement Division scientists Lisa Milke and James Widman are joined by Kirk Shadle and his students from the Bridgeport Regional Vocational Aquaculture School onboard the vessel Catherine Moore during a cruise to deply an experiment that will analyze overwinter mortality of bay scallops.
Connecticut, Milford
1456 thumbnail picture
Personnel and family members from the National Weather Service Office in Grand Junction, Colorado participate in their annual Adopt a Lake clean up program, a service they have participated in since 1992. They clean two lakes at nearly 10,500 feet. L-R: Doug Crowley, Lisa Pringle, Jim Pringle, Matt Figgs, Melissa and Troy Lindquist: front, Weston, Nolan, Zoe, Madison and McKibben Lindquist.
Colorado, Grand Mesa, near Grand Junction 2007 Summer
1457 thumbnail picture
200th Greetings from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center! The CPC can be traced to 1979 as a growing awareness of climate events and their societal influence (such as El NiĄo; the severe winter blocking pattern of 1976; and ozone depletion) peaked the interest of the nation.
Maryland, Camp Springs
1458 thumbnail picture
Close to 100 NOAA's Oceans and Human Health Initiative investigators gathered at the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory field station for their annual meeting. This field station is a renovated 1905 Coast Guard station and the oldest building NOAA operates. Attendees represented the three NOAA OHH Centers and distinguished scholars, external grantees,and advisory panel members
Michigan, Muskegon
1459 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Isla Negra, Chile! Participants from the U.S., Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico attended the First International Workshop on Tools for Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness. L-R: Sonya Padrón, Brad Barr, Anne Walton all of NMSP, Susie Qashu, Elizabeth Taylor, Debra Purce, and Gonzalo Cid of NOS-IPO.
Chile, Isla Negra 2007 October
1460 thumbnail picture
The NOAA Fisheries Laboratory in Panama City, Florida held an open house to commemorate NOAA's 200th Celebration. Personnel from three laboratories of the Southeast Fisheries Science Center participated. Teams from the Galveston, TX Pascagoula, MS laboratories displayed over 100 loggerhead sea turtles and technologies used to prevent sea turtle entrapment in shrimp nets.
Florida, Panama City 2007 June 23
1461 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Navigation Response Team 6, located in Suisun Bay. The team a hydrographic survey around Reserve Fleet vessels. Aging warships and supply vessels are anchored here and maintained by the Dept. of Transportation's Maritime Administration. L-R: Edmund Wernicke, Eric Moore, Laura Pagano.
California, Suisun Bay
1462 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Desert Southwest! The NOAA National Weather Service Forecast Office in Tucson, AZ, is located on the University of Arizona campus and co- located with USGS offices. L-R: Krist'l Palacio, Chris Rasmussen, Glen Sampson, Glenn Lader, Evelyn Bersack, Erik Pytlak, Norm Phelps, and Chad Kahler.
Arizona, Tucson
1463 thumbnail picture
NOAA NMFS Milford Laboratory and partners teamed up to provide a Teacher Research Experience on board the NOAA R/V Loosanof. L-R back: Ann Guerrera, Krista Bauchman, Valerie Cournoyer, Tracy Bennett, and George Sennefelder; L-R front: Lorrie Martin, Alix Brands, Lawrence Poppe, Ivar Babb, Werner Schreiner, and Capt. Bob Alix. On deck: Dann Blackwood.
Connecticut, Milford
1464 thumbnail picture
Greetings from sunny St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands! NOAA's National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science scientists, in cooperation with NPS and USGS, completed the second phase of a study to support management of fishes and habitats. Over 30 hydrophones were planted to listen for the passage of fishes with surgically implanted sonic tags. L-R: Marc Monaco and Alan Friedlander.
U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John
1465 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the National Weather Service in Albany, N.Y. NOAA's Albany Weather Forecast Office is on the campus of SUNY-Albany. L-R Front: Gene Auciello (MIC), John Quinlan, Tom Wasula, Evan Heller, Vasil Koleci, Kim Sutkevich, Peggy Kelly. Back: Kevin Lipton, Brian Montgomery, Steve DiRienzo, Ray O'Keefe, N. Stuart, Warren Snyder, Hugh Johnson, Brian Frugis, R. Kilpatrick
New York, Albany
1466 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Norfolk, Va. Representatives from NOAA's Eastern Region Field offices attended the Delegated Procurement Authority Conference at Nauticus, the waterfront museum in Norfolk.
Virginia, Norfolk 2007 November
1467 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Delaware. NOAA staff from NOS, NWS, NMFS, and NESDIS participated in the 31st annual Delaware Coast Day. L-R: Karrie Carnes, Bruce Moravchik, Colleen Labbe, Casey Brennan, Jim Falk, Gary Szatkowski, Dr. Nancy Targett(dean, Univ. of Delaware) Joe Miketta, Susie Baker, Lee Robertson, Jane Whitcomb, Ben Sherman, Samantha Jacob.
Delaware, Lewes 2007 October 7
1468 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Missouri. The more the merrier - NOAA National Weather Service Central Region employees joined Regional Director Lynn Maximuk (fourth from left , front row) and the 38 Meteorologists in Charge and one Hydrologist in Charge to commemorate NOAA's 200th celebration at the annual regional meeting.
Missouri, Kansas City
1469 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Silver Spring, Md. NOAA celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month with its 2nd Annual Training Conference. The theme of the 2007 conference was "Workers with Disabilities: Talent for a Winning Team." L-R back: Alfred Corea ,Charly Wells. Middle: Sabrina Cook, Michelle Crockett, Alfreda Alexander, Erika Parker. Front: M. Moore, N. Huff, R. Pettis, Q. Spriggs.
Maryland, Silver Spring
1470 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Louisiana. Meteorologist-in-Charge Paul Trotter and Forecaster essica Smith (back) from NOAA's National Weather Service New Orleans/Baton Rouge Forecast Office, along with Hydrologist Gina Tillis-Nash (front) from the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center set up and staffed a booth at Ocean Commotion 2007 sponsored by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program at LSU.
Louisiana, Baton Rouge
1471 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Lonyearbyen, Norway! NOAA along with NASA and other international space agencies through agreements with the Norwegian Space Agency uses the Kongsberg Satellite Services Svalbard Satellite Station for communicating with polar-orbiting satellites. At 78 13 N, it is capable of contact each orbit of a POES. L-R: Jim Valenti, Doug Whiteley, Pete Wilczynski, and John Overton.
Norway, Lonyearbyen
1472 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Skokomish River! Members of NOAA's Fisheries Behavioral Ecology team trained in White Water Rescue as they often travel by boat, kayak , or wading in dynamic rivers of the Olympic Peninsula studying steelhead. L-R back: Jeff Atkins, Barry Berejikian, Chris Tatara, Rick Bush and Rob Endicott. Front: Megan Petrie and Skip Tezak.
Washington, Manchester
1473 thumbnail picture
A warm and windy welcome from NOAA's National Weather Service in Cheyenne! The Cheyenne office provides weather services to more than 245,000 residents and 35,000 square miles. Personnel are shown next to our "Wyoming Wind Sock". L-R: John Griffith, Mike Gillen, Jim House, Jim Robinson, Brian Chapman, Lynn Maximuk, Melissa Goering, Buzz Hutcheon, John Eise, Mike Weiland, Steve Rubin.
Wyoming, Cheyenne 2007 summer
1474 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the attendees of the August 2007 NOAA Leadership Seminar! The NLS is a four-day event for 150 employees from all of NOAA's Line and Corporate Offices from the field and HQ. The target audience for the NLS is GS 13-14s (or equivalents).
Virginia, Warrenton, Airlie Center 2007 August
1475 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio! NOAA's National Weather Service Office worked closely with the Old Womans Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve to install instruments to measure meteorological and hydrological parameters. L-R: Kirk Lombardy, Mike Dutter, Will Kubina, Olga Drabiak, Paul Wolff, Chris Mello, Karen Oudeman, Heather Elmer, Frank Lopez and William Comeaux.
Ohio, Huron 2007
1476 thumbnail picture
NOAA's Real Property Management Division in the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer met in Seattle for its annual training conference. Representatives from all offices; Seattle, Boulder, Kansas City, Norfolk, and HQ in Silver Spring participated.
Washington, Seattle 2007 May
1477 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Minnesota! The co-located NOAA National Weather Service offices of the National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center, the North Central River Forecast Center, and the Weather Forecast Office teamed up to host "Scout Day." More than 300 boy and girl scouts and 200 family members visited the NOAA facility which helped many of them earn their weather merit badge.
Minnesota, Chanhassen 2007 October
1478 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Idaho! NOAA's National Weather Service in Boise sent outreach team members to the mountains for Adopt-A-Highway litter pickup along State Highway 21. The team collected 7 full bags of litter while experiencing the first snowfall of the season. L-R: Patricia Gilson, Bill Wojcik, Simone Lewis, David Groenert, Megan Thimmesch, Valerie Mills, and Coleen Decker.
Idaho, Idaho City 2007 October
1479 thumbnail picture
Greetings from California! Staff members from NOAA's National Weather Service in Sacramento and the California Department of Water Resources, teamed up to organize an exhibit during the 2007 California State Fair featuring NOAA's Science on a Sphere which animates images of current weather around the globe, atmospheric rivers, and other natural atmospheric and oceanic phenomena.
California, Sacramento 2007 July
1480 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Texas! The National Weather Service Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG) supports NASA human spaceflight operations at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. The SMG is shown at the Space Shuttle Mission Control Center. L-R: ammi Barreras, Frank Brody, Kurt Van Speybroeck, Richard Lafosse, Doris Hood, Tim Oram, Steve Early, Mark Wiley, Tim Garner, Brian Hoeth.
Texas, Houston
1481 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Florida! NOAA Fisheries Office for Law Enforcement (OLE) special agent Rich Chesler takes a break from conducting complex criminal and civil investigations to team with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Ryan Smith onboard the NOAA M/V Titusville for a joint patrol off of Cape Canaveral.
Florida, Cape Canaveral
1482 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Hawaii! More than 170 participants from around the world participated in the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) 50th Anniversary of the Global Carbon Dioxide Record Symposium and Celebration. The meeting celebrated Charles David Keeling's first atmospheric CO2 measurements, a half-century ago and discussed the findings of the IPCC report.
Hawaii, Kona 2007 November
1483 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Michigan! Site supervisor and some of the staff of NOAA's Thunder Bay NMS. Their float represents the burning of the ship Monohansett that was lost to fire exactly 100 years prior to the date of Alpena's Holiday Parade. L-R front: Tane Casserley, Joe Geroux and Tera Panknin. Rear L-R: Chuck Bennett, John Jensen, Wayne Lusardi, Jean Prevo, Cathy Green, and supervisor Jeff Gray.
Michigan, Alpena 2007 December
1484 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Maryland! NOAA's Safety and Environmental Compliance Office held their annual safety and environmental professionals workshop in March. SECO is responsible for the occupational health and safety, and environmental compliance programs across NOAA.
Maryland, Silver Spring
1485 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Saudi Arabia! Charlie Paxton from NOAA's Tampa Bay Area National Weather Service office, Jeffrey Stuart from NOAA's National Weather Service International Office, and Richard Crouthamel, a NOAA National Weather Service contractor and employee of the International Environmental Data Rescue Organization installed and ran the Weather Research and Forecasting Model
Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
1486 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! NOAA scientists Tim Fuller-Rowell, Mihail Codrescu, Karen O'Loughlin, David Anderson, Justin Mabie , and Stefan Maus (not shown) attended the Space Weather Science and Education Workshop. NOAA's mission was to promote science education and help developing nations in Africa build infrastructure for environmental research and climate monitoring.
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa
1487 thumbnail picture
Hafa Adai and greetings from where America's day begins! NOAA's Weather Forecast Office in Guam is the only National Weather Service Office west of the International Date Line. It has an area of responsibility larger than the entire continental U.S. L-R: Michael Ziobro, Patrick Chan, Paul Stanko, Carol Baqui, Greg Lonien, Paul Lee, Genevieve Miller, Reggie Howe, and Paul Oudeman.
Mariana Islands, Guam
1488 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Florida. The theme of the 2007 Tampa Bay Area Suncoast Combined Federal Campaign was "From the Heart" and the heroes of the Tampa Bay Area Weather Forecast Office contributed to this campaign wholeheartedly. L-R: Dan Noah, Bud Fislar, Ryan Sharp, Russell Henes, MIC Brian LaMarre, John McMichael, Karen Brown, Anthony Reynes, Tony Harper.
Flordia, Tampa Bay
1489 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Connecticut! Twelve employees of commercial and restoration shellfish hatcheries gathered at NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NMFS ) laboratory in Milford, Conn., for training in the culture of marine microalgae to feed seed clams and oysters in their facilities. Shown is the 2007 class of the Biotechnology Branch's annual Milford Microalgal Culture Workshop.
Connecticut, Milford
1490 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Seattle, Wash! NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center employees celebrated their collective survival of another field season at their biennial Shipwreck & Survival Bash. They poked fun at all the humorous incidents that always accompany field work by sharing some good sea stories and photos from their research cruises.
Washington, Seattle
1491 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Texas! NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service, Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Galveston Laboratory raises captive sea turtles for research and rehabilitates sea turtles injured by fishing and other activities in the Gulf of Mexico.
Texas, Galveston
1492 thumbnail picture
Hello from the Protected Resources Division at NOAA Fisheries Service's Southeast Regional Office in St. Petersburg, Fla.! The Marine Mammal Branch within Protected Resources strives to promote responsible viewing and conservation of wild bottlenose dolphins through the use of eye-catching billboards. L-R: Stacey Carlson, Laura Engleby, and Kristin Thoms.
Florida, St. Petersburg
1493 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Adirondack State Park, Parishville, N.Y.! NOAA's National Weather Service Forecast Office in Burlington, Vt., has installed a new NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards transmitter to serve St. Lawrence and Franklin countie s in a cooperative effort with New York Emergency Management. L-R: Gregory Hanson, Dennis Baron, Leslie Day.
New York, Parishville
1494 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Florida! Personnel from the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center hosted their annual Safety and Aviation conference at MacDill Air Force Base. AOC personnel, RADM Jon Bailey, stakeholders in NOAA aircraft operations, and guest speakers gathered in AOC's hangar with one of the P-3s, the G-IV, and a Shrike to commemorate NOAA's 200th Anniversary.
Florida, Tampa
1495 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Nevada. Elko NOAA WFO personnel gather at Sherman Station, a symbol of the rich heritage of Nevada. The buildings at the station are "turn of the century" landmarks including ranch house, stable, creamery, blacksmith shop, and schoolhouse. L-R: Jonathan McGee, Ray Martin, James Harmer, Gavin Phillips, Larry Whitworth, Jason Grzywacz, Rick Arkell, and Kevin Baker.
Nevada, Elko
1496 thumbnail picture
Greetings from Camp Springs, Maryland. NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), an organization within NOAA's National Weather Service. NCEP is at the central core of national forecasts. Centers represented here are: Office of the director, Central Operations, Environmental Modeling Centers, Clim ate Prediction Center, Ocean Prediction Center, Hydrometeorological Pred. Center
Maryland, Camp Springs
1497 thumbnail picture
Greetings from the Monitoring and Analysis Division in Seattle, Wash.! This Division prepares approximately 375 fishery observers each year for deployment aboard commercial fishing vessels in Alaska - and safety is always the top priority. 2006 participants are shown here being trained in cold water survival skills in Lake Washington.
Washington, Seattle 2006
1498 thumbnail picture
Lt.(j.g.) Andrew P. Seaman (seated) and Cdr. John Adler of NOAA Research's Earth System Research Laboratory, look at how aerosol particle detecting Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) works at the Global Monitoring Division atop the NOAA facility in Boulder, Colorado. The LIDAR reflects off pollutants in the atmosphere and reveals their concentration at different altitudes.
Colorado, Boulder
1499 thumbnail picture
Brooke Bingaman and Dave Soroka from the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Monterey participated in several community outreach programs for local middle and elementary school students. The 29th annual San Jose State University "Expanding Your Horizons" Conference at SJSU attracted 800 young women and 200 accompanying adults. Bingaman made multiple presentations here.
California, San Jose 2007 March

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