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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

1600 thumbnail picture
Commander Harry Reed on left, commanding officer of HYDROGRAPHER; Lieutenant Commander Kelly Taggart on right, field operations officer.
1601 thumbnail picture
ESSA flyers - Francis D. Moran on left, Raymond Spear center, unknown.
1968 ca.
1602 thumbnail picture
Casper Durgin on left, Philip C. Doran on right. Checking observations during baseline measurement.
1603 thumbnail picture
Unidentified Coast Survey geodetic field crew members in Alaska, ca. 1955.
1604 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of SURVEYOR 1928 ca. Leonard Hubbard, Richard Lukens, Henry Healy, Paul A. Smith, Standing - John Mathisson, Carl Egner, Percy Bernstein, Joseph Partington, Frank Johnson, Franklin Gossett, Dr. Leary.
1605 thumbnail picture
Survey crew comprised primarily of Navy personnel at Honolulu. Eoline Hand is C&GS officer in charge of crew conducting hydrographic surveys off Pearl Harbor. He is tall man fifth from right.
1606 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of PIONEER in westhern Pacific. Sitting L to R - Sam Grenell, unidentified, William Deane, unidentified, Hubert Keith,. Standing, Austin Yeager, fifth from left.
1607 thumbnail picture
Three unidentified officers and Leo Otis Colbert on left. Probably on the C&GS Steamer GEDNEY in SE Alaska. 1910 ca. Unidentified woman was probably an officer's wife as sometimes they were able to sail to remote areas with their husband in both Alaska and the Philippines.
1608 thumbnail picture
Possibly H. W. Rhodes who later went to the Lighthouse Service. Ca. 1910.
1609 thumbnail picture
Three unidentified officers on a C&GS ship. This uniform was used during the period when officers were civilians between the detachment of Navy officers from the Survey in 1898 until 1917 when the field assistants of the C&GS became commissioned officers during WW I. Note U.S. on collar.
1610 thumbnail picture
Early training section 1932 Ca. Lieutenant Fred Peacock second from right in first row. Boatswain Oscar Peterrson back row to Peacock's left.
1611 thumbnail picture
Officer force of geodesy ca. 1937. Clement Garner fourth from right front, William Bowie fifth from right front row. Walter D. Lambert in dark overcoat behind Bowie. Jean Hawley standing to Bowie's left.
1612 thumbnail picture
Geodesy Division of the Coast and Geodetic Survey. William Bowie is standing in the center, with Clement Garner to his right and Jean Hawley to his left. Walter D. Lambert in dark overcoat behind Bowie.
1613 thumbnail picture
Unidentified officers on C&GS ship before the ironing board was invented. The fellow in the top hat was either shanghaied or in the wrong profession.
1614 thumbnail picture
Robert Earle in a rickshaw at a stop at Shanghai while in transit to the Philippines.
1615 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Arnold Karo, commanding officer of the LYDONIA 1940.
1616 thumbnail picture
Wardroom and crew of ship C&GS Ship BOWIE. Lorin Woodcock, X.O., fifth from left standing; Bill Gibson, C.O., sixth from left standing.
1617 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of PATHFINDER, 1949 ca. Robert Knox, C.O., Roswell Bolstad, Dr. Leary, Arthur Wardwell, Edwin Baum, __ Dermody, John Mathisson, Hal Demuth, Max Ricketts, Gordon Scott, __ Jones, Jim Randall, Howard Cole, Frank Johnson.
1618 thumbnail picture
Unidentified chief petty officers and crew of unidentified C&GS ship. 1930 ca.
1619 thumbnail picture
Possibly crew of PIONEER in Aleutians, 1940 ca., showing results of beard-growing contest.
1620 thumbnail picture
Chief Engineer of C&GS Ship BOWIE
1621 thumbnail picture
Unidentified personnel from field party in western United States. 1890 ca.
1622 thumbnail picture
Unidentified personnel and wives.
1623 thumbnail picture
Field party in Alaska, ca. 1915. Leo Otis Colbert on right.
Alaska, Southeast
1624 thumbnail picture
Wire drag party in Maine, ca. 1907. Leo Otis Colbert fourth from left.
1625 thumbnail picture
Dr. Richard B. Perry, marine geologist ca. 1968.
Alaska, Norton Sound 1968
1626 thumbnail picture
Dr. Richard B. Perry, marine geologist ca. 1968 on board Coast and Geodetic Survey Ship SURVEYOR in Norton Sound, Alaska.
Alaska, Norton Sound 1968 summer
1627 thumbnail picture
Colonel H. Arnold Karo, Army Air Forces, commanding officer of St. Louis Aeronautical Chart Plant. Karo was assigned from the Coast and Geodetic Survey to the Army Air Forces for the duration of World War II.
Missouri, St. Louis 1945
1628 thumbnail picture
Commander Myron Graybill, commanding officer of the OCEANOGRAPHER, with Commander Bill Gibson, Executive Officer. Graybill was a naval reserve officer while Gibson was a Coast and Geodetic Survey officer transferred to the Navy during WWII.
California, Long Beach 1944
1629 thumbnail picture
Caaptain Sig Peterson presenting Rear Admiral Harley Nygren with a carved NOAA Corps insignia upon the occasion of Admiral Nygren's retirement.
Maryland, Rockville 1981.
1630 thumbnail picture
Commander George Morris instructing Liberian engineering students in the use of surveying instruments.
Liberia 1955 ca.
1631 thumbnail picture
L to R - Lieutenant Commander Skip Theberge, NOAA Corps, Gary Merrill standing, Steve Lloyd sitting, Glenn Hendrix. Crew of NOAA Launch 1257 at National Marine Fisheries Laboratory pier at Panama City Beach.
1977 October
1632 thumbnail picture
Captain Sig Peterson preparing to make presentation of carved NOAA Corps plaque to Rear Admiral Harley Nygren (out of picture).
1633 thumbnail picture
Rear Admiral Harley Nygren holding NOAA Corps insignia plaque presented to him on the occasion of his retirement.
1634 thumbnail picture
President Dwight David Eisenhour at the 150th Anniversary dinner of the Coast and Geodetic Survey.
1635 thumbnail picture
Ensign John Ellerbee wearing lei at Honolulu.
Hawaii, Honolulu 1930 ca.
1636 thumbnail picture
James Madison Alden, captain's clerk and artist, on the Coast Survey steamer ACTIVE during the 1850's.
1637 thumbnail picture
Glendon Boothe in uniform. Triangulation party of Herman Odessey
South Dakota 1924
1638 thumbnail picture
Fair J. Bryant observer.
1639 thumbnail picture
"Hecht did the honors at station west of Mandan ...." Triangulation party of Wilbur Porter
North Dakota September 4, 1934
1640 thumbnail picture
Francis X. Popper with Army Amphibious engineers. Survey work in support of United States forces
Philippines 1944
1641 thumbnail picture
Ford Kurtz, a young aid, at home in a modified CB&O freight car #25094. Home for a level crew on line from Crawford, Nebraska, to the west
Nebraska, Crawford 1905?
1642 thumbnail picture
Roland D. Horne with his topo crew in camp.
Philippine Islands 1923
1643 thumbnail picture
Commemorative plaque in honor of Colonel E. Lester Jones. From George Washington Post No. 1 of the American Legion. States Colonel Jones's role in founding the American Legion Plaque was placed on the C&GS Ship E. LESTER JONES in 1939
1644 thumbnail picture
Joseph Lushene, Commanding Officer of 16th Field Artillery Observation Battalion . Somewhere in Europe, 1944 or 1945. Photo taken from projected movie image
Europe 1944?
1645 thumbnail picture
Joseph Lushene, Commanding Officer of 16th Field Artillery Observation Battalion . Somewhere in Europe, 1944 or 1945. Photo taken from projected movie image
Europe 1944?
1646 thumbnail picture
Earle Deily, Survey Officer of 17th Field Artillery Observation Battalion. Somewhere in Europe, 1944 or 1945. Photo from 17th FAOB Album
Europe 1945
1647 thumbnail picture
Closing the Falaise Gap. Lieutenant Colonel Earle Deily of the 17th FAOB joins up with Canadian unit. Front page of New York Times, August 1944
France 1944
1648 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Colonel Earle Deily inspecting the remnants of the Maginot Line. 17th FAOB. Photo from 17th FAOB Album
France 1944?
1649 thumbnail picture
Lt. Colonel John C. Bull, survey officer with the 8th FAOB. Image from the 8th FAOB Album.
Europe 1945

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