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NOAA's People Collection
Catalog of Images

400 thumbnail picture
RADM (UH) Harley Nygren , RADM (LH) Allen Powell, and CAPT Miller J. Tonkel upon the occasion of RADM Powell's retirement.
401 thumbnail picture
CAPT Miller J. Tonkel, CAPT Raymond Stone, and RADM James Tison upon the occasion of CAPT Stone's retirement.
402 thumbnail picture
CAPT Ralph Sobieralski and CAPT Raymond Stone upon occasion of CAPT Stone's retirement.
403 thumbnail picture
CAPT Raymond Stone with retirement gift of framed photos of all USC&GS ships upon which he served.
404 thumbnail picture
CDR James Randall with radio and CAPT Miller J. Tonkel on bridge of NOAA Ship OCEANOGRAPHER during docking operation.
405 thumbnail picture
CAPT Miller J. Tonkel issuing oath of office to new ESSA Corps ensign.
406 thumbnail picture
First Lieutenant Miller J. Tonkel, USMC, receiving medal in post WW II China. Tonkel had been transferred to Marine Corps from USC&GS in the closing days of WW II.
407 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of USC&GS Ship PATHFINDER with Executive Officer Joseph Partington at head of table.
408 thumbnail picture
CAPT Miller J. Tonkel presenting CAPT Horace Conerly with memento upon the occasion of Conerly's retirement.
409 thumbnail picture
410 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Miller J. Tonkel holding boat sheet with Chief Engineer on left and two unidentified junior officers on board USC&GS Ship PATHFINDER.
411 thumbnail picture
Victor Hensen (1835-1924). Hensen headed the National Plankton Expedition.
412 thumbnail picture
Otto Krummel (1854-1912), a German oceanographer and geographer. Wrote numerous early texts on oceanography.
413 thumbnail picture
Captain Ray Stone giving Chief Electronics Technician Charles Kearse an award as Captain Emerson Jones looks on. On USC&GSS EXPLORER following trip from Seattle to Norfolk, Virginia in 1960.
414 thumbnail picture
Coast and Geodetic Survey officers at Adak
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Adak Naval Base
415 thumbnail picture
Wardroom of PIONEER. Ensign Robert C. Munson, Lieutenant Harley Nygren, Commander William Deane, ____ Public Health Service Doctor, _____, ______. standing l-r in back row. Kneeling - Lieutenant Miller J. Tonkel, ____, l-r.
416 thumbnail picture
Lieutentant Commander Miller J. Tonkel upon in dress whites following graduation from Armed Forces Staff College.
417 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander Miller J. Tonkel, on a pier somewhere in SE Alaska.
418 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander Miller J. Tonkel on PATHFINDER with Pulbic Health Service doctor.
419 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Commander Miller J. Tonkel outside Pop's Bar in Sitka.
420 thumbnail picture
Officers off the PATTON at Sitka
421 thumbnail picture
Public Health Service Doctor ____ outside Pop's Bar in Sitka.
422 thumbnail picture
Commander Joseph Partington and Commander Bill Deane of the PIONEER strolling along the pier at Adak.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Adak 1961 circa
423 thumbnail picture
Crew and officer off the PATTON in a small SE Alaska port.
424 thumbnail picture
Officers and crew of the C&GS Ship FATHOMER
Philippine Islands, Jolo, Sulu 1926
425 thumbnail picture
Geodesist Buford K. Meade (1909-2004) . Served in the Coast and Geodetic Survey and NOAA from 1930 until 1974, retiring while head of the National Geodetic Survey Control Networks Division.
Washington, D.C.
426 thumbnail picture
Crew of the USC&GS FERREL at the launching ceremony
427 thumbnail picture
Stacy Hicks of the USC&GS Tides Division with the Ferrel Tide Prediction Machine
Washington, D.C. 1960
428 thumbnail picture
Susan Tully of the USC&GS Tides Division with a C&GS current bottle which was thrown over board with a note to send back to the USC&GS detailing where and when the bottle was found.
Washington, D.C. 1960 circa
429 thumbnail picture
Members of the San Francisco Weather Bureau Office about 1925. Edward Bowie on the left was in charge of the office. He was a brother of William Bowie of the C&GS. Edward made many contributions to marine meteorology. During WWI he served on the staff of General Pershing in Europe as the chief forecaster for the American Expeditionary Force.
California, San Francisco 1925 circa
430 thumbnail picture
Surgeon Sommer of the USC&GS Ship YUKON on its wintering over railway at Goodnews Bay.
Alaska, Goodnews Bay 1913
431 thumbnail picture
Captain Raymond Stanton Patton and Mrs. Patton on the USC&GS Steamer EXPLORER
Alaska 1913
432 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant (j.g.) Al Thorson and one of Admiral Byrd's dogs
Alaska, Dutch Harbor 1940
433 thumbnail picture
Petty officer Mears and Chief Boatswain Petersen with hash marks on sleeve.
434 thumbnail picture
"Chips", the ubiquitous name for a ship's carpenter, on the winch of the SURVEYOR
Washington, Seattle 1940
435 thumbnail picture
Deck hands on the DERICKSON. Chief Boatswain Peterson second from left
Alaska, Aleutian Islands 1945
436 thumbnail picture
Lieutenant Percy Bernstein on the SURVEYOR
437 thumbnail picture
Deck hand Dusty Rhoades bending an 8-penny spike with his bare hands. Impressive! On the SURVEYOR.
438 thumbnail picture
Commander William Malnate behind alidade, W. W. Gholston standing to right.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands 1945
439 thumbnail picture
Chief yeoman Harold Eby on the DERICKSON
Alaska, Aleutian Islands 1945
440 thumbnail picture
W. W. Gholston, surveyor, on an Attu hillside
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Attu Island 1945
441 thumbnail picture
W. W. Gholston, with Beckie who would sit up for hours like that. At a former Army artillery outpost on Attu.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Attu Island 1945
442 thumbnail picture
Commander William Malnate at navigator's table with Boatswain Peterson in center and Lt. (j.g.) Wilbert Hellman on right.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Attu Island 1945
443 thumbnail picture
Robert White, only administrator of ESSA (1965-1970), and the first administrator of NOAA (1970-1977)
444 thumbnail picture
Richard A. Frank, the second administrator of NOAA (1977-1981)
445 thumbnail picture
John V. Byrne, the third administrator of NOAA (1981-1984)
446 thumbnail picture
Anthony J. Calio, the fourth administrator of NOAA (1985-1987)
447 thumbnail picture
William E. Evans, the fifth administrator of NOAA (1988-1989)
448 thumbnail picture
John A. Knauss, the sixth administrator of NOAA (1989-1993)
449 thumbnail picture
D. James Baker, the seventh administrator of NOAA (1993-2001)

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