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NOAA's Small World Collection
Catalog of Images

100 thumbnail picture
Shishaldin, Isanotski, and Roundtop Volcanoes lined up in a row on a rare crystal clear Aleutian day.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands
101 thumbnail picture
Birds and crab fishing vessels silhouetted in a spectacular Bering Sea sunset.
Alaska, Bering Sea
102 thumbnail picture
Makushin Volcano smoking away on the west end of Unalaska Island. Seen from a vantage point near Dutch Harbor.
Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Unalaska Island
103 thumbnail picture
The American Falls of Niagara Falls viewed from Canada
New York, Niagara Falls
104 thumbnail picture
The American Falls of Niagara Falls viewed from Canada
New York, Niagara Falls
105 thumbnail picture
Sleeping Bear Point hiking trail
Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
106 thumbnail picture
North Bar Lake Overlook Trail in the fall
Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
107 thumbnail picture
The Herrick Feed Mill at Herrick, South Dakota.
South Dakota, Herrick 2011 May
108 thumbnail picture
Rolled bales of hay west of Brownlee in the sand hills
Nebraska, Brownlee 2010 September
109 thumbnail picture
Blasted tree stumps serve as reminders of the tremendous power of the Mt. St. Helens eruption of May 18, 1980, over 30 years prior to this picture. Note the fallen trees all pointed away from the direction of blast.
Washington, Mt. St. Helens 2010 June 27
110 thumbnail picture
Mt. St. Helens showing its blasted away side and resurgent dome in the center. Thirty years after the May 18, 1980 eruption there still is minimal vegetation covering the most affected slopes of the volcano.
Washington, Mt. St. Helens 2010 June 27
111 thumbnail picture
Mt. Hood, one of the great strato-volcanoes of the Cascade Range.
Oregon, Mt. Hood 2010 June 30
112 thumbnail picture
Snake River Falls south of Valentine, Nebraska.
Nebraska, Valentine 2010 November
113 thumbnail picture
Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, on a fall afternoon.
Virginia, Charlottesville 1958 circa
114 thumbnail picture
Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 1958 circa
115 thumbnail picture
Hot springs at Yellowstone National Park
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 1958 circa
116 thumbnail picture
Birthplace of George Washington
Virginia, Westmoreland County 1958 circa
117 thumbnail picture
Mount Shasta
California, Dunsmuir 1958 circa
118 thumbnail picture
The Devil's Thumb of the Alaska coastal ranges rises above the morning fog of the Inside Passage at Petersburg, Alaska.
Alaska, Petersburg 1958 circa
119 thumbnail picture
From left to right, Shishaldin, Isanotski, and Round Top volcanoes make a grand spectacle.
Alaska, Unimak Island, Aleutian Islands 1958 circa
120 thumbnail picture
Early morning haze gives an ethereal aspect to Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park.
Georgia, Chickamauga 2011
121 thumbnail picture
Early morning valley fog fills the river valleys between Missionary Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains far to the east. Looking east from Lookout Mountain.
Tennessee, Chattanooga
122 thumbnail picture
Early morning advection fog over the Tennessee River below the Market Street Bridge and Walnut Street Bridge.
Tennessee, Chattanooga
123 thumbnail picture
Hang glider launching from Lookout Mountain Flight Park
Georgia, Lookout Mountain
124 thumbnail picture
Moon and Venus Trenton, Georgia. Looking west from Lookout Mountain at sunset.
Georgia, Lookout Mountain
125 thumbnail picture
Site of the movie "Field of Dreams." Enjoying a game of pickup softball on an idyllic summer day. "Shoeless Joe" Jackson is watching from the cornfields.
Iowa, Dyersville
126 thumbnail picture
Baseball is ubiquitous throughout the United States. The softball field at Ruby, Latitude 64 45 North, within a 120 miles of the Arctic Circle. The field is cleared in early summer and by late summer local flora has overtaken the outfield. Long. 155 30 W.
Alaska, Ruby, Yukon River 2011 August
127 thumbnail picture
A glassy Yukon River reflects early morning clouds at Ruby. Looking upriver.
Alaska, Ruby, Yukon River 2011 August
128 thumbnail picture
Looking upriver at Ruby on the Yukon River on a sunny afternoon.
Alaska, Ruby, Yukon River 2011 August
129 thumbnail picture
A beautiful gravesite overlooking the Yukon River at Ruby.
Alaska, Ruby, Yukon River 2011 August
130 thumbnail picture
The E. L. Patton Bridge over the Yukon River along the Dalton Highway. This bridge does double-duty, supporting both car and truck travel between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, Yukon Territory, and also the Alaska Pipeline. This bridge is only 40 miles below the Arctic Circle at Lat. 65 52 N., Long. 149 43 W.
Alaska, Yukon River 2011 August
131 thumbnail picture
A scene along the Yukon River between the Dalton Highway and Ruby. A rainbow over the forest primeval.
Alaska, Yukon River 2011 August
132 thumbnail picture
Canoe trekkers stop along the Yukon River between the Dalton Highway and Ruby to view lichen (orange material) covered rock outcrop.
Alaska, Yukon River 2011 August
133 thumbnail picture
A late night view of beautiful wildflowers along the south bank of the Yukon River during the summertime twenty-four daylight just below the Arctic Circle.
Alaska, Yukon River 2011 August
134 thumbnail picture
A view at Eklutna Lake, a major water source for the city of Anchorage.
Alaska, Anchorage area, Lake Eklutna 2011 August
135 thumbnail picture
A view at Eklutna Lake, a major water source for the city of Anchorage.
Alaska, Anchorage area, Lake Eklutna 2011 August
136 thumbnail picture
A braided stream with a cliff of volcanic ash? or perhaps glacial moraine? on the far bank.
Alaska, western Kenai Peninsula 2011 August
137 thumbnail picture
An early spring view of the bridge over the Mississippi River on U.S. Highway 52 connecting Sabula, Iowa, with Savanna, Illinois.
Iowa, Sabula 2007 March 26
138 thumbnail picture
The Eastern Continental Divide near Cumberland. To the east waters drain into Chesapeake Bay, to the west waters drain into the Gulf of Mexico.
Maryland, Cumberland area 2011 May 4
139 thumbnail picture
The Casselman River in western Maryland.
Maryland, Casselman River 2011 May 5
140 thumbnail picture
A spring along the Youghiogheny River.
Pennsylvania, Rockwood 2011 May 5
141 thumbnail picture
Riverboat days remembered on a barn. The steamboat Liberty was the last steamboat packet that ran in the Wheeling, West Virginia, area. It was built in Clarington, Ohio, in 1912, and dismantled in 1938.
Ohio, Clarington 2011 May 9
142 thumbnail picture
The former State Capitol building at Vandalia.
Illinois, Vandalia 2011 May 21
143 thumbnail picture
A scene in Southern Illinois on the National Road, also known as "The Road That Built the Nation." Thomas Jefferson signed the legislation authorizing construction of the original road in 1806 stretching from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois, later extended to St. Louis.
Illinois, Vandalia area 2011 May 21
144 thumbnail picture
The Mississippi River Bridge at Alton, Illinois, looking west.
Illinois, Alton 2011 May 24
145 thumbnail picture
The Lewis and Clark statue at St. Charles.
Missouri, St. Charles 2011 May 24
146 thumbnail picture
A typical scene along the Katy Trail. Limestone bluffs to the right, river to the left.
Missouri, Hermann area, Missouri River 2011 May 26
147 thumbnail picture
The Katy Depot at Sedalia, built in 1896. The Missouri Pacific Railroad first arrived in Sedalia in 1861 as it was the trail head for the great herds drove north from Texas following the Civil War. The television Rawhide series was based on these cattle drives.
Missouri, Sedalia 2011 May 27
148 thumbnail picture
The county courthouse in Ottawa.
Kansas, Ottawa 2011 May 29
149 thumbnail picture
A reconstructed calaboose at the northern end of the Santa Fe Trail - a and trade route from 1822 onward. Today the Santa Fe Trail is roughly followed by the Santa Fe Trail Scenic Byway.
2011 May 31

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