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NOAA's Small World Collection
Catalog of Images

150 thumbnail picture
U.S. Highway 50 extending seemingly to infinity in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in central Kansas.
Kansas, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 2011June 1
151 thumbnail picture
Lower Fox Creek School in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. This one-room school was built of locally quarried limestone in 1882.
Kansas, Strong City area 2011June 1
152 thumbnail picture
The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve headquarters building, a fine old ranch house built of locally quarried limestone. This house was completed in 1881. The ranch was named Spring Hill Ranch for the springs found here. The house was built into the hillside, taking advantage of the earth's natural insulation.
Kansas, Strong City area 2011June 1
153 thumbnail picture
Amber waves of grain on a Kansas wheat field. A soft hiss comes from the fields in the big winds.
Kansas, Hesston area 2011June 1
154 thumbnail picture
Dorothy's tin man - the world's best mailbox.
Kansas, Buhler 2011June 2
155 thumbnail picture
The grain elevator at Amy. These are often seen in the distance towering above the plains.
Kansas, Amy 2011June 5
156 thumbnail picture
The Central Plains Wind Farm near Leoti, a 99MW operation. Wind is plentiful in Kansas.
Kansas, Leoti 2011June 6
157 thumbnail picture
The high plains of eastern Colorado. The landscape changes from well-manicured wheat fields ot sage brush and yucca.
Colorado, east of Eads 2011June 7
158 thumbnail picture
A farmer's field east of Denver. The structures are the Denver International Airport control tower and the main terminal building. An airplane is on final approach on the right of the picture.
Colorado, Denver International Airport 2011 June 10
159 thumbnail picture
The mountains appear looming over the plains. Greenery is evident everywhere as opposed to the semi-arid plains of eastern Colorado. The Front Range of the Rocky Mountains and the Flatirons loom ahead as Boulder, Colorado is approached from the east.
Colorado, Broomfield, East Baseline Road 2011 June 10
160 thumbnail picture
The Flatirons and foothills of the Rocky Mountains are seen from the front yard of a Boulder resident.
Colorado, Boulder 2011 June 10
161 thumbnail picture
The road down the west side of Cameron Pass with the Crags overlooking the switchbacks on the Highway 14. Also known as Nokhu Crags.
Colorado, Cameron Pass 2011 June 15
162 thumbnail picture
Cattle grazing in North Park
Colorado, North Park 2011 June 116
163 thumbnail picture
A vista in the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge.
Colorado, North Park 2011 June 116
164 thumbnail picture
A storm over Split Rock, one of the great landmarks on the Oregon and Mormon Trails. A Pony Express Station was nearby. The cleft in the high peak in the left center of the photo gave rise to the name "Split Rock."
Wyoming, Split Rock 2011 June 19
165 thumbnail picture
A sweeping view looking to the west from U.S. Highway 287 about thirty miles southeast of Lander. Note what appears to be a red-painted grave marker. If so, a beautiful final resting spot. The Wind River Range is in the distance.
Wyoming, SE of Lander 2011 June 20
166 thumbnail picture
The Wind River Valley, south of Dubois. A contrast in colors between the red and white rock strata and the green irrigated hayfields.
Wyoming, S of Dubois 2011 June 21
167 thumbnail picture
U.S. Highway 287 heading up Togwotee Pass with plentiful snow on the second day of summer. The cliffs are of waterlaid volcanic conglomerate, heralding the proximity to the Yellowstone area. Togwotee Pass is 9658 feet high.
Wyoming, approaching Grand Teton National Park 2011 June 23
168 thumbnail picture
The Grand Teton come into view heading down the west side of Togwotee Pass on U.S. Highway 287. A 6% downgrade for 6 miles equates to about a 1900-foot drop in elevation.
Wyoming, approaching Grand Teton National Park 2011 June 23
169 thumbnail picture
Jackson Lake with the Grand Teton Mountains coming down to the water's edge.
Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park 2011 June 23
170 thumbnail picture
Old Faithful Geyser erupting. Known for its predictability, Old Faithful sends boiling water to a height of 106 to 185 feet about every 90 minutes.
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 2011 June 24
171 thumbnail picture
Grand Prismatic Spring in the Midway Geyser Basin. This spring is the third largest hydrothermal spring in the world, approximately 250 X 300 feet in size and about 160 feet deep. The water temperature is 160 F (70 C). The colors on the edges of the spring are due to thermophile microbial mats that grow in the mineral-rich waters.
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 2011 June 24
172 thumbnail picture
A fly fisherman enjoys a glorious summer day on the Firehole River.
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 2011 June 28
173 thumbnail picture
Upper falls of the Yellowstone River flexing its muscle with early summer snow- melt runoff.
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 2011 June 28
174 thumbnail picture
The Obsidian Cliffs. Stone from these cliffs is found as far east as the Hopewell Mounds in Chillicothe, Ohio, dating to 400 A.D. indicating extensive pre-historic native American trade routes across North America.
Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park 2011 June 28
175 thumbnail picture
Quake Lake, formed on August 17, 1959, from a great landslide damming the Madison River following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake known as the Hebgen Lake Earthquake. A scene along U.S. Highway 287 in SW Montana.
Montana, Madison River Valley 2011 June 29
176 thumbnail picture
Horses grazing in beautiful pasture along the Madison River Valley.
Montana, Madison River Valley 2011 June 29
177 thumbnail picture
A cattle ranch in the Madison River Valley accentuated by a striking mountain peak.
Montana, Madison River Valley 2011 June 29
178 thumbnail picture
Looking into the Madison Valley from an un-named pass between Ennis and Twin Bridges.
Montana, Ennis area 2011 June 30
179 thumbnail picture
Robber's Roost, a roadhouse which was the hangout for Montana's most notorious criminal gang - the "Innocents" - led by Henry Plummer, the sheriff of Bannack and Virginia City. Most of the gang, including Plummer, were killed by the Vigilantes in 1864.
Montana, Virginia City area 2011 June 30
180 thumbnail picture
Beaverhead Rock, which Sacajawea, the guide of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, recognized as the landmark for the summer hunting ground of her people, the Shoshone.
Montana, Twin Bridges area 2011 July 1
181 thumbnail picture
Mowing the grass - Montana style. Haying is a major cash crop as summers are too short for other crops.
Montana, Dillon area 2011 July 1
182 thumbnail picture
The old cattlemen would have rolled over in their graves - sheep and goats are plentiful in the intermontane valleys of southwest Montana.
Montana, Dillon area 2011 July 1
183 thumbnail picture
The view looking down into the Big Hole Valley along State Road 278 with the Bitterroot Mountains overlooking the valley.
Montana, Jackson Hot Springs area 2011 July 1
184 thumbnail picture
Big Hole Battlefield. Site of the Nez Perce encampment in 1877. The village is marked by bare lodgepoles. The Nez Perce could not bury their dead, and the site is a graveyard. Looking north from State Road 43.
Montana, Big Hole Battlefield 2011 July 3
185 thumbnail picture
Area of the Big Hole Battlefield. At right the Army attacked at first light and was driven back to the grove of trees at left center, where they were pinned down for the night while the surviving Nez Perce withdrew. Looking north from State Road 43.
Montana, Big Hole Battlefield 2011 July 3
186 thumbnail picture
Swallows over the Big Hole River.
Montana, Sula area 2011 July 3
187 thumbnail picture
Trapper Peak, at 10,157 feet (3,096 meter) highest peak in the Bitterroot Range. Seen from U.S. Highway 93 near Conner.
Montana, Trapper Peak 2011 July 4
188 thumbnail picture
Part of the Fourth of July parade in Darby, Montana.
Montana, Darby 2011 July 4
189 thumbnail picture
Road sign on U.S. Highway 12 in the Lolo Pass area. Lewis and Clark passed by the Lolo Pass area in September 1805.
Montana, Lolo Pass area 2011 July 7
190 thumbnail picture
Only 77 miles of winding road ahead on this stretch of U.S. Highway 12 in eastern Idaho.
Idaho, near Powell along the Lochsa River 2011 July 8
191 thumbnail picture
Concern with winding road has been replaced with concern for rockfalls along this stretch of U.S. 12 in eastern Idaho.
Idaho, near Powell 2011 July 8
192 thumbnail picture
The Mocus Point suspension foot bridge into the Clearwater National Forest.
Idaho, along U.S. Highway 12 2011 July 8
193 thumbnail picture
Big water on the Lochsa River
Idaho, along U.S. Highway 12 2011 July 8
194 thumbnail picture
Looking down the to the Clearwater River from halfway up Harpster Grade east of Grangeville.
Idaho, along U.S. Highway 13 2011 July 9
195 thumbnail picture
Looking out towards Camas Prairie from U.S. Highway 95 between Grangeville and White Bird.
Idaho, along U.S. Highway 95 2011 July 10
196 thumbnail picture
Looking down into White Bird Canyon. The Seven Devils are snowcapped and on the horizon.
Idaho, White Bird area 2011 July 10
197 thumbnail picture
A remarkable number of switchbacks grace U.S. Highway 95 on the descent down into White Bird Canyon. White guardrails are visible on some of the switchbacks.
Idaho, White Bird area 2011 July 10
198 thumbnail picture
The Salmon River Canyon with a touring cyclist enjoying a beautiful day.
Idaho, White Bird area 2011 July 10
199 thumbnail picture
Fishermen line the bank of the Little Salmon River
Idaho, Riggins area 2011 July 11

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