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Historical C&GS | Nautical Charting

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Mountains in the sea rivaling the Rocky Mountains, canyons as grand as the Grand Canyon, deep trenches paralleling continental margins and island arcs that are the deepest places in the oceans -- all these and more have been revealed by science and survey ships plying the world ocean.

In the waters of the United States, the vast majority of canyons, basins, banks, and seamounts were discovered by Coast and Geodetic Survey ships engaged in bathymetric mapping projects. The great salt domes and the bizarre basin topography of the Texas-Louisiana slope were first discovered by C&GS ships conducting systematic mapping operations.

Come share in these discoveries and learn about the wondrous features of our continental slopes and the deep sea floor.

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Historical C&GS ~ Nautical Charting Albums
Bathymetry - Mapping the Features

Drawing of men on Albatross using early  scientific equipment.

man constructing model of ocean floor
1920 - 1985

graphic output showing bathymetric profile

3d model of monterey bay
Case Study
Monterey Bay
1770 - 1990

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