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Photo Library Collections

  • National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection - Images of tornadoes, other severe storms, and scientific equipment from the NOAA's NSSL in Norman, Oklahoma. Many of these images were acquired at significant risk to the photographers.

  • National Weather Service (NWS) Collection - Images that document the work of the National Weather Service and its service to communities across America. View historical tornadoes and hurricanes, rare weather phenomena, the evolution of equipment that allows our meteorologists observe and predict the weather and then communicate their warnings and predictions to the citizens of our land.

  • Voyage to Inner Space -- Exploring the Seas With NOAA Collection - Spectacular views of ocean creatures and their habitats, erupting seafloor volcanoes, chemosynthetic vent communities, and modern technologies. Trace the evolution of our knowledge of the oceans through images from historic expeditions as well as the growth in knowledge of the nature of the seafloor from historic maps, profiles and diagrams.

  • Sailing for Science -- Then and Now Collection - Ships and boats of the NOAA of today and those of its ancestor agencies, including the many historic ships that had been operated by the Coast and Geodetic Survey and the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries.

  • Historic Fisheries Collection - Etchings, colored plates, and photographs documenting Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century U.S. fisheries work and species of marine mammals, fish, and shellfish.

  • Flying With NOAA Collection - Buckle your seat belts and join NOAA's pilots as they journey among the clouds. It might get a little rough as they journey into hurricanes, seek out thunderstorms, and make sure the de-icing systems are working for winter cyclones as they intentionally fly into weather systems to conduct research so others may fly safely.

  • NOAA In Space Collection - Images giving a pictorial history of NOAA's satellite program, including remarkable satellite imagery of storms, weather systems, and other phenomena; satellites and their launches; and the ground stations that make it possible to capture vast amounts of data produced by the satellites and help produce weather forecasts and warnings for our Nation.

  • Paths Less Taken -- NOAA At the Ends of the Earth Collection - Share the wonders of our planet as scientists, sailors, pilots, divers, and other members of the NOAA family lead you on a journey to the ends of the Earth. Over 1800 images ranging from Antarctica to the Arctic and halfway between.

  • It's A Small World Collection - This collection features images from far away and exotic locations such as the People's Republic of China, the Red Sea region, the catacombs of Lima, and other places where NOAA personnel work and visit.

  • NOAA's Ark Collection - Images documenting a virtual boatload of fins, fur, and feathers. Whales, seals, sea lions, sea birds, and also the occasional bird, mammal, and reptile that live in our coastal regions, have found its way into this collection.

  • Coral Kingdom Collection - Spectacular photos of Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, far western Pacific, Caribbean, and Red Sea reefs are found in this collection. Also disturbing images of coral reef bleaching, dead and dying reefs, and trash-strewn reefs that help document coral reefs under stress. Included are some of the first reef images from the United States – drawings from Louis Agassiz’s 1851 expedition for the Coast Survey to the Florida Reef.

  • Sanctuaries Collection - Images from the Nation's National Marine Sanctuaries - areas that have been set aside because of their natural beauty, diversity of marine life, unique habitats, or cultural treasures.

  • National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERR) Collection - Explore the 27 reserves and experience the splendor and tranquility of our nation's estuaries.  View the marine life and terrestrial flora and fauna that make each of these reserves unique study areas that help scientists and policy makers understand and protect the thousands of acres of estuaries that are found along our shores.

  • America's Coastline Collection - Images of America’s coastline from Northern Alaska to Maine. Also included are early artists and surveyors views of our Nineteenth Century coastline.

  • NOAA Restoration Center Collection - View over 1600 images that document NOAA's Restoration Center as it works to restore damaged areas along America's coastline from the coral reefs of the Caribbean to salmon streams of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Fisheries Collection - Join America’s fisheries scientists as they work to protect our fisheries by studying marine ecoystems with their various fish species, types of habitat, and the fishing techniques used to harvest the bounty of the sea. Also view images of people enjoying the popular pastime of recreational fishing.

  • Geodesy Collection - Join NOAA as it surveys the United States and, at least in the case of the satellite triangulation program, the whole Earth.

  • Coast & Geodetic Survey Collection - Images documenting the work and accomplishments of the oldest science agency of the U.S. Formed in 1807, the Coast and Geodetic Survey surveyed a Nation determining the positions of over 1,000,000 points that serve as the backbone of our national mapping and surveying, produced billions of copies of nautical charts that have guide mariners in and out of our ports since the 1840’s, pioneered geophysics in the United States, and mapped our continental margins.

  • Treasures of the Library Collection - Images that include works of art, early scientific and surveying instruments, nautical charts and shore views from the Nineteenth Century, mythical and real beasts of land and sea, and views from the far ends of the Earth as first seen by European explorers.

  • Art of the NOAA Photo Library Collection - Images of art residing in the Photo Library including etchings, paintings, embossed book covers, sculpture, as well as the patterns, reflections, and textures found in nature and the daily work of NOAA.

  • NOAA People -- Portraits in Time Collection - Images of NOAA’s ancestors at work, at play, formally posing, and not so formally posing.  These are some of the men and women who built the foundation of the NOAA of today.

  • Beginnings and Endings Collection - Nearly 150 selected images showing sunrises, sunsets, moonbeams and even a little moonshine.  Antarctic, Arctic, tropical, and many points in between are encompassed in these spectacular images.  

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