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NOAA at the Ends of the Earth

The arctic field party 1949 - 1951 banner

collage with sled dogs, plane and cgs personnel in late 40's, early 50's in arctic
It seems ironic that in the early stages of the Cold War, the United States Government sent surveyors and hydrographic engineers to the coldest reaches of the North American continent. For these men, it was truly a Cold War. Field parties of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey were sent to survey sea routes through the Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort Sea as well as conduct geodetic surveys to help position Distant Early Warning system radars. These men toiled in obscurity beneath the midnight sun in summer and in the Arctic night of winter. This was dangerous difficult work in the interest of national security. Some died in executing the work. This is a visual essay telling the story of the Arctic Field Parties....
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NOAA At The Ends of the Earth ~ The Arctic Field Party 1949-1951

snow scene
The Preliminaries

dog sled
Early Spring

man surveying

man surveying
The Big Meltdown
Late Spring/Early Summer

men on boat
Cruising the Coast

men boarding aircraft
Late Summer
Season's End

harley nygren
The Lineup
A Few of the Players

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