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flying with noaa

Welcome to "Flying With NOAA."

Buckle up your seat belts and join NOAA Corps pilots, NOAA's flying scientists, and the crews that "keep 'em flying." Fly in the awesome grandeur of the eye of a hurricane, study thunderstorms and other dangerous weather phenomena, traverse steep mountain canyons during snow-water content surveys, and skim the waves while studying marine mammals and other marine resources. View the coast during photogrammetric missions. Hop into NOAA helicopters as they transport scientists and surveyors over the face of North America as well as fly off the decks of NOAA ships in support of Pacific fisheries studies, marine mammal studies, and many other types of projects far at sea. Experience the alien world of Arctic ice with NOAA scientists as NOAA helicopters transport them far out on the ice packs of the Bering Sea and Beaufort Sea. Join us and take a close-up look at these exciting missions while "Flying with NOAA."

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Flying With NOAA ~ Albums

  p3  aircraft
The Heavies

sky scene with clouds



man working on aircraft
Hanging Out
at the Hangar

view from cockpit
View from
the Cockpit

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September 30, 2009