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Restoration Center

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The NOAA Community-Based Restoration Program is simple: strong partnerships are developed to accomplish meaningful, grassroots, habitat restoration activities that simultaneously promote an abiding conservation ethic and the wise stewardship of living marine resources.

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Restoration Center ~ Community-Based Restoration Program Albums

group of people
Adobe Creek
Fish Ladder

construction scene
Argilla Road
Restoration of a Tidally-Restricted Salt Marsh

wetlands scene
Barren Island
Tidal Wetland

people working in creek
Duck Creek
Water Quality and Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration

people planting marsh grass
Eastern Neck
Salt Marsh
Restoration and


people working on river
Elizabeth River

stacked logs
Finney Creek
Community Restoration
for Salmon


wetlands scene
Fort McHenry
Wetlands Restoration

Glade Bekken Stream Restoration

Haskell Slough Salmon Habitat Restoration

man working near creek
Mussachuck Creek
Fishway at Echo Lake

men observing digging operations
North River Smelt Restoration

trash bags
Parker River Anadromous Fish Restoration (Main Street Dam #4)

river scene
Paskamansett River
Fishway Modification

group of people
Pepper Buster and Johnny Mangrove Seed

people working with shovels
Pratt Farm Riparian Restoration

salt marsh scene
Quivett Creek Salt Marsh and Anadromous Fish Restoration

picture of a dam
Roys Dam Fishway

person holding grass
St. Mary's River SAV Restoration

group of students
Tampa Bay High School Wetland Nursery 1

spartina grass
Tampa Bay Wetland Creation - Palmetto Estuary Spartina Planting

Town Brook Herring Run Restoration Project

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September 30, 2009