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Restoration Center

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Each year in Louisiana, tens of thousands of acres of wetlands are lost through subsidence, erosion and die-offs. When CWPPRA was signed into law, legislators acknowledged the tremendous challenges facing the State of Louisiana because of coastal erosion and wetlands loss. The RC is one of several federal and state agencies that administer funds and provide expertise for broadscale ecosystem-wide restoration projects to stem habitat losses.

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Restoration Center ~ Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Albums

construction scene
Atchafalaya Sediment Delivery Project

Big Island Mining Project

pier and boat
Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration

people planting grass
Chandeleur Islands Restoration Project

East Timbalier Island Restoration Project

aerial photo of shoreline
Lake Chapeau Sediment Input and Hydrologic Restoration Project

construction scene
Lake Salvador Shoreline Protection Demonstration

spillpipe and water
Myrtle Grove Freshwater Diversion Project

construction scene
Point au Fer Hydrologic Restoration Project

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September 30, 2009