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Restoration Center

damage assessment restoration program banner

The Damage Assessment and Restoration program brings together restoration scientists and managers and a legal team to ensure that natural resource losses are compensated for and that injured marine resources are restored after oil spills, toxic releases or ship groundings.Regional restoration planning complements other tools like conservation, habitat enhancement and protection and, taken together, provide a comprehensive solution that will allow us to tackle watershed-wide habitat problems. The Restoration Center endorses and is active in regional and watershed restoration planning and implementation. As the Restoration Center expands its programs and its role in regional and ecosystem restoration, its goal is to be in a position to conduct broad-scale ecosystem restoration planning and implementation with its national, regional and local partners in all important coastal, estuarine and anadromous fish habitats throughout the United States and its territories.

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Restoration Center ~ Damage Assessment Restoration Albums

Apex Houston -
Common Murre
Restoration Project

marsh scene
Army Creek Landfill -
Army Creek Marsh Restoration

mine scene
Blackbird Mine -
General Images

underwater reef scene
Columbus Iselin
Coral Reef Restoration

dock scene
Dixon Bay Oil Spill -
General Images

river scene
Elliot Bay/
Duwamish River
NRDA Restoration -

river scene
Elliot Bay/
Duwamish River
NRDA Restoration -
Herring's House
Habitat Restoration

river scene
Elliot Bay/
Duwamish River
NRDA Restoration -
Turning Basin No. 3

dock scene
Exxon Bayway Oil Spill -
Staten Island
Salt Marsh Restoration

Fortuna Reefer -
Mona Island Emergency Coral Reef Restoration

crowd of people
Greenhill Oil Spill -
East Timbalier Island

mine scene
Iron Mountain Mine -
General Images

marsh grass
Lake Barre -
East Timbalier Island

harbor scene
New Bedford Harbor
Superfund Site

North Cape Grounding -
General Images

river scene
Presidente Rivera -
General Images

Tampa Bay Oil Spill -
Boca Ciega Bay
Clean-up Project)

oil spill tampa beach
Tampa Bay Oil Spill -
General Images

people on beach
World Prodigy Grounding - General Images

crane moving cobble
World Prodigy Grounding - Lobster Restoration

people in water planting grass
World Prodigy Grounding - Narragansett Bay
Eelgrass Restoration

World Prodigy Grounding - Quahog Spawner Sanctuary

salt marsh aerial view
World Prodigy Grounding - Sachuest Salt Marsh Restoration

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September 30, 2009