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Elliot Bay/Duwamish River NRDA Restoration - General

Elliott Bay is a 21-square kilometer urban bay in central Puget Sound. The major commercial district of Seattle is located on the southeastern shore of the bay. The inner bay receives fresh water from the Duwamish River and most of the storm-water runoff from 67 square kilometers of highly developed land in metropolitan Seattle. The Elliott Bay/Duwamish River environment contains several Environmental Protection Agency Superfund sites and other hazardous waste programs, including Harbor Island, Wyckoff/Eagle Harbor, Boeing Plant 2, and the Lower Duwamish. On March 19, 1990, the United States filed suit against the City of Seattle and the King County Department of Metropolitan Services (now Department of Natural Resources) to recover damages for natural resource injuries caused by the release of hazardous substances through the sewer and storm drain systems into the Bay and River. The parties to the lawsuit ultimately reached a settlement and agreed to a consent decree that created a process to cooperatively restore injured natural resources in Elliott Bay and the lower Duwamish River. The main elements of the settlement include sediment remediation, habitat development, and source control. Additional in-kind services have been allocated to make real estate permanently available for restoration projects.

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September 30, 2009