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Meet the Photographers

Meet the Photographers -  Edgar Kleindinst

picture of edgar holding whale skeletonEdgar has been with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center in Woods Hole since 1992. He is employed as a Network Administrator with additional duties as the NEFSC webmaster.

His education is in computer science but he originally came to NOAA from a career in civil engineering and land surveying where he worked for over 10 years designing highways, subdivisions and a portion of the huge $14 billion "Big Dig" project in Boston.

He is married and has lived on Cape Cod since 1973. He is an avid ocean kayaker who designs and builds his own wooden kayaks. Along with his wife he has had a TV show on woodstrip kayak construction and also markets a how-to video out on that subject.

His favorite kayaking spot is the lakes and Baltic ocean around eastern Sweden. He comes from a long line of photographers and always has a camera with him when he travels.

The picture is of him with the skeleton of a Fin whale he found while kayaking the small islands off of Nantucket MA.

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