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Historical Weather Service

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Hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, hail, lightning and flood.... All strike fear and awe into human societies in various parts of the globe. These monsters terrorize cities, whole countries, and even whole regions of continents and oceans. They knock down crops, destroy buildings, sink ships, and raise havoc wherever they pass. And they can kill. View these monsters and learn about their awesome power and their

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Historical National Weather Service ~ Meteorological Monsters Albums

picture of tornado

Text accompanying: Photographic
Views of
the Great Cyclone
at St. Louis,
May 27, 1896.

water spouts


dust storm

The Great Dust
Storm by Woody Guthrie

truck crossing flooded road

The Johnstown

man standing by telephone buried in snow
Winter Storms

wave crashing into ship
Surf's Up

hurricane storm surge

artist drawing of satellite image of hurricane
Visible Satellite Images

grounded ship
Hurricane Camille

radar image of hurricane hugo
Hurricane Hugo

picture of damaged house
Hurricane Andrew

Alexander Hamilton's letter
to his father describing
the August 31, 1772
hurricane which
struck St. Croix

flood scene
Hurricane Katrina

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September 30, 2009