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The Coral Kingdom

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Jimmy Buffett songs, sandy cays and azure waters, gentle trade winds blowing – all are part of our image of south Florida. But perhaps the most significant feature of south Florida is the Florida Reef – home to thousands of species, a barrier to the great storm waves spawned by the West Indian hurricanes, and destination for thousands of fishermen and scuba-divers. Playground, classroom, and source of livelihood – all of these competing and sometimes conflicting uses characterize our Florida Reef. Enjoy the spectacular imagery of the Florida Reefs on the NOAA Photo Library. Be sure to view Louis Agassiz's drawings of coral species
from the first study of the Florida Reef in 1851 and read about his work at Learn more about the challenges facing the Florida Reefs today and other reef ecosystems around the World from NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary at ...

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The Coral Kingdom ~ Florida Reef



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Historical Images
from the First
Florida Reef Study

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