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Submission Page FAQs

Who can submit their images to the photo library?

NOAA staff who have produced images while carrying out their work with NOAA.

NOAA staff should submit images that they created in the course of their duties at NOAA and are subsequently free of copyright and are in the Public Domain. NOAA contractors should consult their Contracting Officer’s Representative to determine whether images taken by them on assignment with NOAA have copyright restrictions. NOAA retirees may also submit images, if those images were captured while on duty at NOAA.

What types of images are accepted to the Photo Library?

The NOAA Photo Library aims to present images of NOAA's work and history; submitted images should show NOAA work, e.g., staff in the field, work aboard ships, weather and ocean observations and other active scenes.

Do not submit portraits, group pictures from office events, or images that form a data collection. The Central Library reserves the right to not accept photographs that do not meet the criteria for inclusion.

In summary, the following factors should be considering before submitting images:

  1. Images should be produced by NOAA Staff in the course of their duties.
  2. Images submitted to the Photo Library must be in the Public Domain.
  3. Only digital images will be accepted by the NOAA Photo Library.
  4. Only JPEGs or TIFFs will be accepted to the NOAA Photo Library. Video files are not accepted.
  5. Submit images with the highest resolution available.
  6. Sets of images that can be considered datasets should not be submitted to the Photo Library. Submit them to NCEI S2N or contact ncei.archive@noaa.gov

Videos are not accepted.

How do I submit my images

There are two submission methods:

Submission Form (Google Form): The submission form is available to anyone with a noaa.gov email address.

Email: You are also able to submit to the NOAA Photo Library via photolibrary@noaa.gov. Email is the best method if you are submitting a batch of images.

  • For single images sent via email, 1) include the Photo Library’s Excel submission template 2) along with the attached image. Use the spreadsheet to provide information associated with the submitted image. Further details are provided within the spreadsheet
  • For batches of images sent via email, 1) include the Photo Library’s Excel submission template; 2) the images within a folder via a Google Drive Folder or an attached folder containing the images. Use the spreadsheet to provide information associated with the submitted images. Further details are provided within the spreadsheet.

Have more questions?

Email: photolibrary@noaa.gov

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